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That would be the USCGC Susquehanna.

The United States Coast Guard Cutter Susquehanna.

Oh, this is AJ, btw.

In our story of SOLOMON'S COMPASS, Taylor Campbell is captain of the Susquehanna

Carol said I have to tell you that in the real world there is no Coast Guard cutter named Susquehanna, but like the Point Boats on P Day, it is an amalgamation of the 13 Famous Class cutters.

One of the Famous Class cutters is the Campbell. As in Taylor Campbell. Carol also said I have to tell you that choosing Taylor's last name was no accident. This is the Campbell.

The Famous Class cutters all have the same construction, meaning all of them look like this one, from the Wiki Commons, being replenished by a Navy helicopter.

You can find more information and a list of the Famous Class cutters here. And more information about the Campbell here. They all have interesting histories, but the Campbell's is especially interesting.

Since it's A-Z and you may only have time for pictures, check these on the USCGC Mohawk page. The Mohawk is one of the Campbell's Famous Class sister ships - like the Susquehanna.


So there is a real ship The Campbell? Carol tied it together nicely.
I love all the meaning in the names and the fact they were chosen so carefully!
Anonymous said…
I am enjoying this every day, thanks Carol excellent writing.

How interesting about the names. I had no idea.
Teresa Coltrin said…
Love the names. Would like to be in the Coast Guard but I'm sure I'm too old.
Clarissa Draper said…
I love the look of the ship. It looks really tiny until you see the people on it.
Julie Luek said…
A friend's daughter is one of the top helicopter pilots for the Navy. I've learned so much and have gained so much respect for her abilities talking with her mother. You did great research for your book.
Julie Flanders said…
Interesting that Taylor's name comes from a real cutter. Love those kinds of details. :)
DWei said…
I know nothing about boats at all. Seriously, it's limited to boat, sailboat, rowboat, and aircraft carrier. :(
C. Lee McKenzie said…
Interesting how you've chosen the names for your book. I love the name Susquehanna.
Carol Kilgore said…
Alex, there's been more than one CAMPBELL. The current one in the photo is WMEC 909, homeported in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Elizabeth, one day Carol sat us down and told us all the stories behind our story. We tried to be a little nicer to her after that.

Thank you, Yvonne. We're glad you like what's going on here at the Tiki Hut.

Carol was especially close to this story, Theresa. She thinks that's probably the reason it took her so long to write it.

You have to be between the ages of 17 and 27 to join the Coast Guard, Teresa. They will extend the age limit to 32 for a few special programs, both officer and enlisted.
Linda Kage said…
I'm in awe of all this Coast Guard knowledge you have! Thanks for passing on a bit of it to us!
Carol Kilgore said…
Clarissa, the Famous Class cutters are 270 feet long, have a 38-foot beam, and a draft of 14 feet.

It's amazing what all the services do and the opportunities they offer, Julie L. Carol said thank you.

Julie F, Carol said you'll still find true details in her next book, but probably not like that.

DWei, we can't all know about everything. I can list a lot of things I know nothing about.

Lee, Carol told me many Coast Guard cutters have been named after rivers, especially East Coast rivers. So she chose a river name she liked that hadn't been used.

Linda K, Carol's laughing. She said that's what happens after being a Coastie Spouse for a while.
Robin said…
This is so interesting. Thank you for sharing this information. And I really like how thoughtfully Carol chose her names:)
L.G. Smith said…
Cool way to choose the character's name. I like when names have some relevance like that. :)
Bish Denham said…
The USCGC Sector is responsible for all calls in Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands. St. Thomas used to have it's own cutter, but after a hurricane when it got washed up on land, it was never replaced. It was nice knowing we had help right there. Now help has to come all the way from PR.
Jan Newman said…
That's a great name for a Coast Guard cutter. These are seriously beautiful, functional ships. How could you resist setting a novel on or about or around one?
Carol Kilgore said…
Carol here. AJ had an important call, that led to another one. And then he had to leave for a bit.

Robin and Luanne - Glad you like the name choices.

Bish - I just looked on the USCG site. The cutter down there is in San Juan, but there are two two 25-foot rapid response boats in St. Thomas, according to the site. Those little orange-rimmed boats can go really fast and reach a problem in a hurry. Plus the air station in Borinquen, PR. Like everyone else, the Coast Guard is strapped for funds.

Jan - Obviously, I couldn't resist :)
Laura Eno said…
Carol sounds like she's been bossing you around today, AJ. ;)

I like the blending you've done. The name might not be real but the details are so it seems like the real deal - like what you did with the town.
Jeff Hargett said…
Poor AJ, always having to say what Carol tells you to say has to be tough. It's okay though. We writers are rather demanding like that. At least she let you give some good info! :)
VR Barkowski said…
Do you know why they use the names over as with the CAMPBELL? My father worked on aircraft carriers and they do the same thing: Coral Sea, Hancock, Enterprise, etc. I'm sure there's a reason, but it's never made sense to me.

VR Barkowski
Helena said…
I am so impressed with the serious research and reality-based details you've given Compass. Heck, I had to look up cutter just to see the exact definition.
Michael Di Gesu said…
My uncle was a coast guard for many years and later on became a tugboat Captain for cruise ships in NY harbor.

I love the look of these vessels and how agile they are in getting their job done by getting where they need to be at a moments notice.
AJ, I would be surprised if ANY part of Solomon's Compass was an accident. Carefully researched, carefully planned, carefully constructed...
Carol Kilgore said…
AJ here. Sorry it's so late. Everything in the world seemed to happen this afternoon, then there was a big pile-up on the highway. Afterward, I had to run my boat over to the marina and fill it up. I'm going out early in the morning.

Nah, Laura, she was helping me. I didn't know all those answers. Glad you like her blending.

LOL, Jeff! See my answer to Laura right above this one. We have a good working relationship.

I don't have any idea, VR. I remember Carol saying the Famous Class of cutters were all named in honor of other cutters that had been involved in something historic. So I'm guessing that's probably the #1 reason. I think she said this is either the fifth or sixth USCGC Campbell.

Helena, I'll make sure Carol sees your comment.

Carol lived in New York a few times. She loved living there. I'll tell her about your uncle. Small world.

I'm sure you're right, EC, except each one of us provided at least one unexpected thing each that threw her for loops. We loved doing that and watching her squirm.
Very cool.

Campbell is an excellent name.

Anonymous said…
Now this is something that you dont get to read everyday! Thanks, Carol. Great job! http://www.palapastructures.com/
Carol Kilgore said…
Thanks for stopping by, Amanda.