Meet Carol

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

This is not my official bio. You can find that elsewhere. It's me chatting with you over a cup of coffee on the patio. Or perhaps something stronger--depending on the time of day.

My name is Carol Kilgore. I write novels set in Texas. They are, I hope, filled with mystery, suspense, and romance: Crime Fiction with a Kiss.

I write because stories pile up in my head, and writing is the only way to get them out and keep them straight. Story people--you call them characters--don't like to wake up in someone else's world.

Besides writing and running this blog, I also like to cook. I especially like to cook things that feed a lot of people. Since only two humans live here, that's sometimes a problem.

My superpower is making a mess. I make the best messes ever. Out of anything. Everyone says so.

Due to a recent move from San Antonio, my husband and I now live in the Houston area with a super-smart blue heeler who proclaims himself Boss of Our Pack.

Carol Kilgore.
With Dogs.
Mess Maker.

That's me. I'm looking forward to getting to know you.

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Photo Credit:
Chelsea Young
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