The House Witches Mystery Series

 A women's paranormal mystery series set in the fictional Norman County, Texas, featuring two sisters, Charli and Brielle Quinn, who own House Witches Cleaning. The promise to clean like magic!

 They are:

  üBest friends

  üWork partners                                                                         


  üWitches… wicked good witches

. . .


First Book in the House Witches Mystery Series

Practical Magic meets Bewitched


Charli Quinn and her sister Brielle own House Witches Cleaning and promise to clean like magic. They may not be your everyday, run-of-the-mill witches, but they are… something.

 When Charli finds the husband of one of their clients dead, the wind warns her to beware the man with eyes of green. As the sisters search for the ominous man, they find themselves in danger and rely on their real magic to outsmart the killer.

 Along the way, Charli and Brielle have help from a group of fairies, and even a talking cow. And Charli falls head over broomstick for a tall, sexy deputy with dreamy blue eyes who saves her from being hijacked by a water sprite.

 Of course, it wouldn’t be Texas without tacos.