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February is for Lovers

Did you miss me? More likely you didn't realize I didn't show up in January. I got a great start on a new series and some serious revisions and editing done on a new Gracie book. The title is still up in the air, but I'll be sharing it and telling you about this new book as soon as possible. Look for it to be available in the late spring to early summer time frame. This is what the completed manuscript looks like. You all know about the KISS principle, right? Keep It Simple, Stupid. That's my new motto for my blog this year. So with that in mind... Top 10 Things to Do with your Significant Other during a Pandemic 10. Give each other a pedicure. If Jesus could wash feet, so can you. 9. Give each other a manicure. Let him have a practice run with the nail polish first. 8. Gently trim each other's hair. Bangs may not be a good option. 7. Teach him to bake a cake. And let him clean up. 6. Teach her to check the oil. And let her clean up. 5. Plan a post-covid getaway or

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