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Caution: Writer at Play

Truths and consequences of being a writer - in no particular order:

I have a thing for alliteration. I'm working on it.Writing is the hardest job I've ever had.My quirky side gets to come out and play every day.I get zero time off.It's often more difficult to make decisions In Real Life because more possibilities present themselves automatically without me trying to think of them.I have no idea how characters get in my head.Writing is the funnest job I've ever had.My intuition about people I meet face-to-face has become nearly spot-on. At times, it's scary. Then to keep things real, I'll be way off on someone. Or two in a row.I love learning the story.If I go too long without writing, I get really cranky.Writing isn't work as long as you love doing it.I often stare at people and don't realize I'm doing it at first.When I'm researching, my tangents have tangents and those take me to some amazing places. They also take me offtrack. I love research …

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