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Before I really begin, here's a pre-first-thing. A photo of the entrance to Bindsell City Park across from the Blanco County Courthouse in Blanco, Texas. The pre-first-thing is because I really love this blog template, but I always need to post a square image before any other so that it fits nicely on the opening screen. It's rarely a problem except in certain instances... like this month's blog.

I love going up to Blanco on Saturday or Sunday. It's only about an hour away. But I've never mustered up enough courage to venture down this path. In person, it gives me the creeps.

Now we can move on to first things first (except for the pre-first-thing). Bluebonnet Ballerina is on sale for $0.99 today through midnight Sunday, October 7.

If you missed the pre-order special, now's a good time to get your Kindle copy.

The next item is that while I know it's October and a whole lot of you are pumpkin-spicing everything and anticipating riots of red, yellow, and ora…

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