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Cozy On Up To This... Or Not

 I have a problem.  When I write, I don't seem to be able to stick to one genre. Or at times, even two.   The overall mystery genre is filled with several sub-genres, and I sure can't stick to one of those. Here's a perfect example:  Jalapeno Cupcake Wench - Amazing Gracie Trilogy Book 1 A reviewer named Shelby says:  Mostly this is a solid cozy with some romance and worth reading if you’re into the genre.   Same book, from a different reviewer named Sabine:  First a warning to my cozy mystery friends at Goodreads. Despite the look of the cover this is not a cozy! There is also a sex scene in it. There are other reviews for all three trilogy books with comments scattered from cozy to thriller. The words, scenes, plot, and story are identical, but the readers are different. Labeling the story, especially when more than one genre and/or subgenre are mixed and blended, seems to be in the mind of the reader. If you've read any or all of the Gracie stories, where do the book

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