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I'm so excited!

Why am I so excited?Because I'm writing again and living my live as normally - which is pretty oxymoronish for how my life is - as possible. And it feels so good!My family is good. My doggie is good. Our home is good, even if messy, and we finally have fresh paint on the walls. It was amazing when that new layer of color went on. I no longer felt as if I were living in someone else's house. All that old, stale energy was sealed off. Our home is now filled with sunshine, laughter, and all good things.Even when the storms threatened. Two. Back to back. I will probably never name a character Laura or Marco unless I plan to do unspeakable things to them. My heart goes out to all who were in their paths #2020 for sure 😖On to a happier subject, I'm writing everything! Pardon the exclamation marks, but I am excited about all of this.Gracie is moving along at a fast clip. I'm thrilled about that. I should finish the first draft of her current adventure before much longer. Th…

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