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Maybe. Maybe not.

 Our Boogie's first Gotcha Day was a couple of weeks ago. He got a new toy, a little white squeaky sheep, but he loves nothing better than to go for rides. Car rides are a very close second to food for him. So on his day, we took him for a good long ride out on country roads. He got to see and smell all kinds of things: cows, wildflowers, more cows, a long freight train, and did I mention cows! I'm very thankful we didn't encounter a snake along the way. It's high season for them here now, but Boogie must have kept them all away. After we returned, my neighbor told me she'd found two in her backyard. As for me, I'm working on completing the last of the edits for my upcoming release. I was hoping to be done by now, but it appears I edit as slowly as I write. However, it's not always me lost in thought or a daydream. The other day, I was happily making really great progress when I heard a loud crash and breaking glass. Boogie did a little freak-out at my feet

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