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Books, Books, Books!

Lots to share this merry month of May, so I'll just get right to it - right after I share our roses with you. They've been absolutely gorgeous.

To begin, more than the weather is heating up. Contemporary romance author Tara Watson is here to share her new release, Last Call. I started reading and kept right on. Fun book with lots of heat.

Newly-single attorney Gwen Cooper’s list of things that make her happy is pretty simple:
  1. her teenage sons
  2. her stilettos
  3. finally taking control of her own life

While texting the first on the list to warn them she’s missed her flight home, she plows into a hot-shot movie star, has a lukewarm latte dumped down her blouse, and snaps a heel off item number two. When the actor shows up at the hotel bearing an apology of replacement Louboutins, she should be wondering how he got her room number. Instead, she’s simmering over his well-tailored suit and conjuring more sinful ways for him to make things up to her. And why not? The notori…

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