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 Here it is, five o'clock Tuesday afternoon, and I just realized tomorrow is Blog Day. So let me tell you about my year. The month we just finished up. September was wild and wooly for me. Normally when I release a new book, I have everything ready a month ahead of time. With this one, I barely slipped in under the wire of having things ready a week ahead. During the entire writing, editing, pre-production, and Amazon-related duties, everything under the sun happened to keep me from doing things on my schedule for days - and sometimes weeks - at a time. This was both in real life and within my own little writing universe. Somehow, everything came together. It was a miracle. A mini-miracle for sure, but nonetheless, it counts. The book went live on September 25. It's the best release I've had so far. And I thought the last one was pretty darn good. Amazon even awarded it a little red banner. And the book already has a few good reviews. Now I'm wondering if in the past I

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