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What's for Dinner?

  One more Top 10 blog because I'm seriously behind in getting everything done on my book that will release-- I hope --on September 25. It's the second House Witches Mystery, and y'all will be hearing about it soon enough. I'll just say that Brielle is more in charge in this one. I have no other news, except it's still blazing hot here in my little spot of Texas. We've had 96-110 degree sunny weather and no rain since July 4. We're all a little fried and frazzled. I may not get to your blogs today, but I will aim to visit by the weekend. And I'll see you all back here in October. So here we go. I have much recent experience with this Top 10: Top 10 Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes. Not guaranteed to be especially healthy or inexpensive. But they are quick and easy :) meatball subs pizza on Brooklyn Bred or pre-made crust any type of meat/protein with a rice mix skillet meal and served in a bowl or with a salad pre-formed turkey patties with green sauce and

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