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My Little Corner of Texas

I had a lot of Real Life going on in March separate and apart from the COVID-19 disaster. As a result, my brain couldn't come up with a real honest-to-God blog topic.

Since all my books are set in Texas, I decided to share some of the Texas items that are in our home. I don't know about other states, if you incorporate state-like items in your decor, but many Texans do. We have other things, too, but our home has a decidedly Texas flavor.

Here's a shot of our mantel. As you can see, a mix of stuff. But the Lone Star flag is the most prominent.

No Texas home - or blog post :) - would be complete without bluebonnets and these are ours, in a watercolor given to me by my sister. This hangs in our living room, between two windows and across from the mantel.

Next up is cotton, which grows throughout most of the state. These are not real cotton stalks, but they're a good lookalike from the craft store. Real cotton is not as uniform, dirtier looking, and has debris embedded in…

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