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Life's Not Always Sunshine and Roses

Sometimes it's sunflowers!
It's been soooo gray and dreary here in San Antonio most of the winter, I decided to provide my own little bit of sunshine. Enjoy!

The title of this post is a metaphor, too, I think. I'm bad with those. My editor will tell you. And guess what? She just happens to be my special guest this month.

Some of you may recall my search for her a couple of years ago. Of course I didn't know who it would be at that time.

Anyway, I'm happy to introduce you to the editor I chose for The Amazing Gracie Trilogy - Susan Helene Gottfried at West of Mars.

Susan is amazing in her own right. She gets what I write. She knows her stuff. She makes me think. And she's fast. Or should that be quick? LOL!

Today she's talking about one of the things she sees a lot of from writers. And I'm certain she could make that sentence much better :)

She also makes me sound a lot cooler than I really am. I'll try to use her words as inspiration.

Here's Su…

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