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Size Ain't Everything

  Since all my books are set around the great state of Texas and many of you have never actually been here - not even passing through one of our airports - I decided to talk about one aspect of it this month.   Why now? It's October, and October is the month of the State Fair of Texas held in Dallas every year. The mascot of the fair is a really huge Texas cowboy named Big Tex. How big? From here are Big Tex's measurements: Height 55 ft. Chest 33 ft. 9 in. Biceps 10 ft. 9 in. Boots 12 ft. Hands 5 ft. 6 in. Head 10 ft. in height Inseam 20 ft. Shoulders 13 ft. Sleeves 27 ft. Neck 11 ft. Waist 27 ft. Collar 16 ft. 8 in. Hat 95 gallon Boot size 96 Big as Texas... almost. Here's an example of just how big Texas really is. These states and regions can all fit inside Texas at the same time:  All of New England - Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont Mid-Atlantic States - New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia Midwest States - Indiana

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