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It's All About the Little Things

 I know all you Canadian readers celebrated Thanksgiving last month, but this month is our turn. Of course since this is 2020, I'm sure everything will be different. I think we will have a smaller gathering, but it won't be at our house, so I don't know. I do know we will have a lot of good food.  November is National Gratitude Month. It's a good time to begin thankfulness training if you're not yet riding the grateful train every day. It can make a huge difference in your outlook on life.  Every day write down one thing you're thankful for. You can keep a list or write on a scrap of paper and stick it into a bowl or jar - whatever's handy and works best for you. Do this every day in the month of November. If you journal every day, you can make it a part of that. I've never taken myself seriously enough to keep a journal, but if you do, I salute you. Don't be surprised to see tiny items on your list. Things like warm socks. Or coffee. Sunshine. Hugs.

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