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Notice Anything Different?

UPDATE: I'm making adjustments as I read your comments. So you may see more changes throughout the day - maybe the week. Thank you!

SECOND UPDATE: I have tried everything I know to get the banner to appear on the screen for everyone. This Blogger template is titled SOHO and the particular template is the last one on the right. If any of you tech wizards can tell me how to fix it, the whopping $5 Amazon gift card is yours. For the first correct answer only. Thank you.

I hope you spot a new thing or two. Otherwise I did all this work for nothing ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Look around. All the pages (look up here๊œ›) are new.

Let me know if you find any goofs (likely). If there are enough, I'll do a drawing for a free Kindle book or $5 Amazon gift card. Don't be shy!

Tell me what you like the best about the new look. Don't tell me if you hate it, LOL.

I'm actually sad to see the beach banner go, so don't be surprised if it comes back at some point with a new Coastal standalone novel.

But I&…

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