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Thankfulness is a Warm Turkey

 Well, more than warm, actually. Nobody wants to get sick from eating an underdone bird. There's also the joy of turkey sandwiches in the days that follow. My fave is cold turkey with lettuce and good mayo. Pure bliss. What's your favorite Thanksgiving leftover? I wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving, no matter if you're here in the U.S. or halfway around the globe. No matter what else is going on in your life, it is a wonderful feeling to sit, share a meal with friends and family, and simply be thankful. My wish for you is that you may also experience the calming peace and tranquility that thankfulness brings. Or the stories that will be told in the gatherings following a family blow-up, usually brought on by a little too much Thanksgiving wine. Remember the year Uncle Pete.... If you find it hard to be thankful for something, be thankful you didn't burn the turkey. At least not much of it. I'll be taking a break in December and January, so I won't be back here

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