The Tiki Hut Story

I started Under the Tiki Hut in the fall of 2008. I suffered a little burnout after a few years. Now I blog once a month, usually on the first Monday.

The Tiki Hut is located on the world’s most-perfect-EVER! beach – you can dig your toes in the sand and not have to wash your feet before slipping your flip-flops back on. Did I mention the cabana boys?

So find a comfy chair and enjoy the warm sea breeze blowing through your hair. We’re open day and night.

I hope you’ll find Under the Tiki Hut to be the perfect spot for sharing the creative spirit. I'm open to guest bloggers a few times a year.

One of my friends, a poet, wrote this and has allowed me to share it here:
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Tiki Hut
a tiki hut is perfect for
a getaway to help restore
a writer's thoughts in writing more
and that's what it's intended for.

I love making new friends and chatting with old ones. This is true in real life, and translated into blog talk, means I happily respond to comments and I return visits.

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