A-Z Solomon's Compass Style: Marine Salvage to Major Mess

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It's AJ again!

Last week Carol gave me a nice break with four different characters introducing themselves. But you know what? I missed you! So I'm happy to be here today.

Taylor's uncle, we'll talk more about him later in the week, had lived here almost all his life. He ran a thriving marine salvage business after he got out of the Coast Guard.

He didn't get into ship parts, but he had supplies of almost anything you'd ever need for your boat, whether it was a bay boat or offshore. The shrimpers loved him because he was always happy to trade for fresh shrimp. If you work on the water, cash is often hard to come by - and it always seems to be in short supply when you need it most.

Anyway, one day all he'd worked for just went to hell. Pardon my language, there's just not a better way I know to say it. He ran his business into the ground, wouldn't paint his house, stopped cutting the grass. His drinking got worse.

Dan told you last week that when he showed up, he found out Taylor really needed him. She knows a lot about boats, but her uncle's house and business looked as if a dozen hoarders had taken up residence in each location.

And I'm pretty sure if I tell you any more about that, I may not get to come back. So I'll just stop right here. Except to say that's only one of the reasons Dan was a life saver for her.

Y'all have a great day!


Linda G. said…
You have a great day, too! :)
Anonymous said…
Good read. you also have a great day.

I want to hear his coast guard stories. I bet he had some great ones.
Sue McPeak said…
Ain't that always the way of it...cash being hard to come by when you need it most. Would drive most anyone to drinking.

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Sue CollectInTexasGal
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Clarissa Draper said…
It was quite an ordeal cleaning that house, wasn't it?
Teresa Coltrin said…
Oh come on AJ spill some more!
Carol Kilgore said…
Thanks, Linda. I plan to.

Alex, I've only known one true hoarder in my life, and he lived down the road from my parents. It got pretty bad.

Thanks, Yvonne.

Oh, he did, Stina. Too bad he's no longer around to tell them. I imagine he's telling them to someone someplace, though.

Hi, Sue! True about the lack of cash. Randy Rankin was a good businessman, though. He had a different problem. And I may have just said too much. Don't tell Carol.

I'm glad I didn't become directly involved in that housecleaning, Clarissa. Taylor had a good supply of rubber gloves!

Don't tempt me, Teresa!

L. Diane Wolfe said…
Let him come back so we can hear more!
Laura Eno said…
Hoarders! That'd be a real mess to wade through.
Sounds like a mess! Hoarding, messy yard, business in ruins...ack!
Julie Luek said…
I might trade for fresh shrimp too!

I love this voice.
Julie Flanders said…
Glad to have you back, AJ! I missed you too. :)
nutschell said…
thank goodness for Dan!

Carol Kilgore said…
You're spunky today, Diane!

Remember, Laura, that Taylor is a squared-away Coast Guard officer. Imagine what she thought!

That's right, Elizabeth. It was awful.

Julie L, a lot of us would trade for fresh shrimp. But others want cold, hard cash. Or a valid credit card. Glad you like my sound.

Julie F, great to see you!

Exactly, Nutschell. Dan was in his element!
LD Masterson said…
Really, Carol. Making your characters do all your posts for you. Are they being properly compensated for this work?
Liza said…
Such a fun way for us to get to know your characters.
Mark Means said…
I'm wondering how things took a turn for the worse for Taylor's Uncle?


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Clarissa Draper said…
By the way, you are exactly right about the crowns. I'm glad you spotted it.
michelle said…
AJ's on a roll today... he's "selling his mouth" (talking non-stop)

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Robin said…
Hoarders. Egads. I feel so badly for Taylor. I have seen bits and pieces of that show on TV, and it is ::scary::
~Sia McKye~ said…
Hey, I'd work for some fresh shrimp. Love shrimp.

I can't help with the mess, still dealing with my own accumulated clutter. But hey, the piles are dwindling.
Jan Newman said…
AJ, you're a bundle of information. Tell more.
Carol Kilgore said…
To be fair, Linda, Carol was doing a blog tour the first two weeks. And she has jelly brain today, so you don't really want here here mucking things up. She might tell you more than I have already.

And for us to know you, Liza! And other readers, too.

Mark! I'm not telling you that. You'll have to read Solomon's Compass to find out.

Carol told me about those crowns. I'll pass it on. She'll be happy to hear it.

"Selling his mouth!" That's a new expression for me, Michelle. I'll remember it.

I agree, Robin. None of us knew what happened to Randy to make him change. He'd kept everything shipshape for years.

Sia, as long as the piles are dwindling, you're making progress.
Carol Kilgore said…
Jan, I'm locking these lips up tight - LOL.
Trisha F said…
Sometimes we all need a little help...esp. to sort out a mess like that!
VR Barkowski said…
Oh, I like AJ! Please let him come back, Carol. He revealed just enough.

~VR Barkowski

Bish Denham said…
This is getting more interesting all the time!
Michael Di Gesu said…
Ooops.... Aj let something slip, Carol. GOOD...

Love the intrigue!
Anonymous said…
It sounds bad, but I have hope that things can be cleaned up and business can be booming again.
Nick Wilford said…
AJ, you're a big tease!
Carol Kilgore said…
I'm not sure who worked harder, Trisha, Dan or Taylor.

VR, Carol hasn't yanked me out yet :)

Glad to hear that, Bish.

There was plenty of intrigue for our little town, Michael.

Medeia, you'll have to read it and find out!
Carol Kilgore said…
Nick, you slipped in while I was busy. Just keeping everyone on their toes.
Welcome back AJ. All of you have been making this a fascinating read - and Nick is right, it is certainly a tease.
Lynda R Young said…
Hi AJ, sounds like Taylor's uncle needs some help too.
Huh. Very interesting!

Carol Kilgore said…
Speaking of interesting, EC, Lynda, and Heather ... three overnight comments, and three different takes on this post. We'll see what the next one brings :)