The Post You've Been Waiting For

I'm giggling.

It's time for ... vacation photos! Thud.

I'll keep it short. And there's a reason for that. I have a new camera.

As much as I like to think of myself as a decent to good photographer, in my heart I know it isn't so. Most of my photos came out looking worse that what the cat would take. Any cat.

Where did we go? We drove approximately 1800 miles from San Antonio, Texas to Cape May, New Jersey. With a few stops in between. And then we drove approximately 1800 miles back home. With more stops.

The most breathtaking site? The Shenandoah River. Photos? Nope. Too enthralled to pull out the camera. Instead, I have these.

Near Roanoke, Virginia

Cape May is known for quaint shops and gobs of stunning Victorian Houses. Our hotel was quirky and charming. Do I have photos? Not. A. One. I have these.

On the way home, we stopped in Baltimore.

Does anyone recognize any of these places?

Oh...if you wondering why we drove. For days. This old post written before I had any commenters explains it.


Clarissa Draper said…
I don't recognize any of those photos but I agree, you are a great photographer. Beautiful.
Anonymous said…
They all look like great shots to me.
Linda G. said…
Hey, I like your photos! I think you must be like me--when I'm really enjoying the scenery, I forget to take out my camera. I'm too into the moment.
Susan Roebuck said…
You're a good photographer. Wish I was, but I'm hopeless. Love the cat sitting in the flowers (typical). And the only place you mention that I do know is the Shenandoah River but, like you, I was too enthralled to take photos.
Linda Kage said…
The new camera did pretty good, I'd say. Sounds like a fun trip.
Em-Musing said…
You've got a good eye. I wish I had a 'camera boy' who would travel with me and he could take all my shots. I get lazy and would just rather look than shoot. Hmm? 'Camera boy' doesn't sound very nice. I was thinking more like a pool boy. Definitely not toy boy. Oh boy! I better shut up now.
LR said…
Those are lovely photos! I wish I could go to the beach right now.

Driving trips are fun. Somehow you experience more.

My sis and I drove across the country once. Was a great adventure. We felt like Thelma and Louise.
You take wonderful photos, if YOU REMEMBER to pull out your camera. Hee hee.

Jan Morrison said…
oh I so want to go on a road-trip now! I love your photos and I am considered a good photographer so there! I particularly like the beach one - lovely shot and excellent composition...
Cape May! Sure, I recognize it--it's only a couple hours away from our home. I love Cape May. And your photos are beautiful. Much better than any of the shots our cats take.
J.L. Campbell said…
Hi, Carol,
The photo with the cat and the flowers, as well as the one with the lighthouse caught my eyes.
Emily R. King said…
That water feature looks enticing. I hope you spent a lot of time there relaxing!
Johanna Garth said…
That beach shot is gorgeous!
I think they are great photos! Never been to Baltimore but I have been through Roanoke. Trying to remember the cat though...
Awesome photo's a pleasure to look at.

Awesome photo's a pleasure to look at.

Anonymous said…
Great pics! Thanks for sharing them with us. And Congrats! on your book if U haven't already said so.
Beautiful photos, and I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation! It was fun reading your post about why you take road trips! Julie
Conda Douglas said…
Wonderful, made me want to take your trip--and by the way, I love the cover of IN NAME ONLY. Gorgeous!
Glynis Jolly said…
I just must tell my husband about this place. And because I live in Tennessee, it's just up the road a piece.
Carol Kilgore said…
Clarissa - The bottom photo is of the Dead End Saloon in Fells Point, Maryland. Best Crab Cakes Ever!

Delores - Thanks. I see all the goofs.

Linda G - Exactly like you!

Susan - Another Shenandoah River lover :)

Linda K - I need a gadget that shows me when the verticals and horizontals are in alignment - LOL.
Those are great pictures!
Carol Kilgore said…
Em-Musing - I'm still laughing! I want one, too :)

LR - Driving creates it's own unique experiences for sure.

Teresa - Working on that problem :)

Jan - Thank you very much :)

Cynthia - Now I know where to go to get shots of those magnificent Victorians and quaint shops :)
Carol Kilgore said…
J.L. - The cat was the second cat we met that was really friendly. The lighthouse is Cape May Light.

Emily - More a hi and bye. Live-In Handyman was on a mission.

Johanna - The entire beach space was gorgeous. And so relaxing.

Yvonne - I'm glad you enjoyed the photos.

Stephen - Thanks. I still love the cover :)
Carol Kilgore said…
Julie - We did. Glad you enjoyed reading the old post :)

Conda - Thank you :)
The trip was a lot of fun.

Glynis - All the places are much closer to you than to me. We drove all the way across Tennessee.

Golden Eagle - Thanks!
Lynda R Young said…
These are great photos!! I think everyone thinks they are terrible at photography because the photos never come out as good as the places we've visited. I think it's because photos can't capture the atmosphere of a place, the smells, the feel, or the sounds.
Elana Johnson said…
I haven't been to any of those places. I'd love to roam the earth.

Also, my jaw hit the floor when you said you drove from Texas to New Jersey. Holy cow, woman!!
LD Masterson said…
Actually the one from near Roanoke looks familiar. We lived in that area when I was growing up and our family albums are full of photo's just like that one.
Carol Kilgore said…
Lynda - I think you probably nailed it.

Elana - I'd like to be a roamer, too. We just built those driving days into total trip time.

LD - Mountains or cat - LOL. Teasing. The area is gorgeous.
Talli Roland said…
Those are great photos! Much better than a cat could do. :)
LD Masterson said…
Oh, no, I meant the cat.

Anne Gallagher said…
I was just in Roanoake yesterday. Your pic just about says it all. Love the beach. can't wait to go myself.
Hart Johnson said…
I recognize that fountain, if in fact that's Baltimore--I know I've seen one like it, anyway.

I'm terrible with pictures. I always feel like I'm trying to capture good stuff, but I just miss the boat.
Southpaw said…
Don't recognize a one, but they are great shots. They capture the moment.
Carol Kilgore said…
Talli - I dunno. There's this one cat.... :)

LD - um-hmmm :)

Anne - I know that feeling. Like mountains. Love beaches!

Hart - Yea! It is the McKeldin Fountain by Harborplace at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore.

Southpaw - Yes, moments!
L.G.Smith said…
Wow, a Texas to New Jersey road trip? I wouldn't be talking to my car mates after that many miles. :P

Great photos, well, except for those ones that are missing. :))
They all look lovely photos but unfortunately they all are new and interesting for me!
Colette Martin said…
Nice! It makes me want to go to the beach.
Carol Kilgore said…
L.G. - Yeah, the missing ones would have been awesome :)

Book Haven - Cool...enjoy!

Colette - Makes me want to go back! But to a closer beach, LOL!
Tami Brothers said…
Don't recognize anything but I think I would like to visit. LOVE seeing vacation photos. The candid shots are always the best ones. More personality than pros. :)

Thanks for sharing.

Carol Kilgore said…
My pleasure, Tami.
Shirley Wells said…
No Shenandoah River pics? Shame on you. For years, since I was a child, that's sounded such a wonderful place. Can't you go back with your camera? :)

I love these photos. The new camera did good!
Carol Kilgore said…
Shirley - We don't plan on going back anytime soon. It's a three-day drive from San Antonio. And three days back.