Help . . . I'm Losing My Stripes!

I used to have a sign with a drawing of a zebra. His black stripes were unwinding and landing in puddles at his feet.

Underneath or to the side - I forget - were these words:
"I'm so stressed my stripes are falling off."

In one move or another the sign landed on the Missing in Action list.

I NEED that sign because that's how I feel today. It lets me know I'm not the only one who's ever felt this way. Someone else made it through the stress and lived to laugh about it.

To top it off, we're having some work done INSIDE our house. Less than two weeks before Christmas! What moron scheduled that?

Ummm . . . the moron in question shall remain nameless unless I decide to fess up.

Anyway, there's not much writing going on around here. Mostly I'm keeping dogs away from men at work. And freaking because I've not yet wrapped the first gift. Not. One. Freaking. Gift.

At least the gifts are bought. The cards are mailed. The tree is up - along with the lights and other decorations. But it's bare and lonely beneath our beautiful tree.

As soon as the workers are done, I'm raiding the closet in the guestroom and beginning a marathon wrapping session.

In the meantime, I'll continue to spend a little bit of time on my WiP. One page at a time.

I might be a turtle, but I'm a Christmas turtle. I've rigged a stem of mistletoe over my head.

Hey...a woman's gotta do what a woman's gotta do.


VR Barkowski said…
After my recent adventure with plumbers, I know that keeping the worker and canine genera apart isn't nearly as easy as it sounds. But your tree is gorgeous, soon there will be prezzies, and those stripes will be right back where they belong. Hang in there! BTW, I love the mistletoe idea. Wiring some up right now. :)
Maryann Miller said…
LOL, Carol, this past summer my husband asked me what moron scheduled a kitchen renovation the same time as the kid's drama camp at the art center that I was committed to.

You are still way ahead of me. I don't have a decoration up or a card mailed. I did get a package mailed to relatives out of town, but that has been it.
Mason Canyon said…
I so hope you find your zebra picture and share it with us. I can SO relate to it too. Today's my day to address cards and get them in the mail tomorrow. I'm also hoping we get the tree up today. We are so far behind we may be ready by next Christmas. LOL

Thoughts in Progress
Jennifer Shirk said…
Your tree is lovely!!

I actually wrapped on Saturday. Hoping to do a little wrapping today too. :)
Anonymous said…
We shop and wrap throughout the year so this makes Christmas time much more easy. ANd I'm doing the turtle thing with my MS too. But progress is being made and that's what counts. Nice tree.
Joanne said…
You've got a beautiful tree. We had our kitchen and bath wallpapered a week ago, so I hear you on the worker thing. It is so distracting to writing having work going on in the home. Hope the job's done soon and quiet calm returns!
Hannah Kincade said…
LOL! Awesome. I need to get some mistletoe.

I love your tree!!
Carol Kilgore said…
VR - Mistletoe. Don't go through the holidays without it :)

Maryann - Maybe I don't feel quite so bad now.

Mason - If the zebra sign turns up, I'll definitely share.

Jennifer - Feel free to zip down to San Antonio and help me :)

Stephen - We shop all year, but for some reason no gift is wrapped. Progress in spoonfuls.

Joanne - Well, I don't have calm quiet on the best of days, but at least I have a little routine. I love our tree this year, too.
Carol Kilgore said…
Thanks, Hannah. Mistletoe ROCKS!
That is a beautiful tree, I havbe not done my xmas shopping yet so dont feel bad instead laugh at the thot of a woman running frantically xmas eve looking for pressies.
LR said…
I totally hear you with the stripes, gah so much stress. :)

Tree is lovely. Good luck wrapping!
Holly Ruggiero said…
I dare say you're leaps and bounds ahead of me. I don't let it stress me out until the 22nd rolls around. ;)
Happy wrapping! And no stress - you still have twelve days.
And is this your zebra picture?
Carol Kilgore said…
Joanna - I'll keep that image in mind! It will help...because I've been there, too :)

LR - Thanks!

Holly - I hope I'm done by the 22nd. If not, I'll have no stripes at all :)

Alex - Very close! Thank you :)
Arlee Bird said…
I think I know how you feel. For me time keeps getting faster and I keep getting slower. I not doing gifts this year, but have a lot a travel to do and still need to make my arrangements for a trip that begins this coming weekend. I've got a busy week ahead of me.
Have a great Christmas season!

Tossing It Out
Lydia K said…
Go Carol! Wrap away. I hope that mistletoe gets you a few Christmas kisses while you write.
Glynis said…
My day of the blahs was yesterday. I understand how you feel. It does pass, honest.

Your tree is fantastic! We don't have a tree because we have cats, bad cats.

Do you want to borrow my refrig. magnet with the little dragon that says, "It's you and me against the world. When do we attack!"?
You haven't wrapped any gifts? HA! I haven't even finished buying the presents! I'm so far behind, it's almost laughable if I wasn't so aware of the clock going tick..tick...tick. Your tree is lovely. Best of luck with writing!
Carol Kilgore said…
Arlee - I think I'd rather wrap gifts than travel during the holidays. Have a Merry Christmas!

Lydia - Mistletoe works wonders :)

Terry - I plan soon as the gifts are wrapped :)

Glynis - I love your dragon! When we had our Siamese, we always hung about a dozen jingle bells on the tree. Several times a day someone would yell, "Get out of the tree!"

Elspeth - Some years the tree turns out better than others, at least around here. This is a good year :)
Now go shopping!
That looks like a beautiful tree! :)

Hope the work on your house goes smoothly!
Talli Roland said…
Your tree is gorgeous! My advice? Stare at the tree, drink some mulled wine and eat chocolate
Carol Kilgore said…
Golden Eagle - Thanks. The work SHOULD be complete by tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed!

Talli - Best suggestion yet! I'm doing it :)
Nice tree! This is just a stressful time of year, without any extras. I keep reminding myself that for years I’ve managed to get everything done that needs to be done and the current year will be no different.
Carol Kilgore said…
Jane - That's a very good thing to remember. I'll remind myself the next time I start to hyperventilate :)
Hart Johnson said…
You're seriously more together than I am! Your tree is gorgeous! I have bought daughters main present. End of statement. Nothing else. No cards. NADA! I hit the 2/3 mark on editing my WiP, so that's something... (I'm a disaster at priorities)
Carol Kilgore said…
Hart - You're making great progress on your WiP. Much more than I am. You and Joanna will both be running the malls on Christmas Eve. I want a picture :)
Laura Eno said…
Workers IN the house? I'm so sorry...
I haven't bought any presents yet and have bronchitis for the first time in years. I can relate to your zebra. Too bad it went AWOL.
Clarissa Draper said…
Well, I hope things turn out all right in the end. Don't stress too much. It'll all work out.
Carol Kilgore said…
Laura - Oh yeah. But the projects should be complete today. Yea!!! Take care of yourself. I sometimes get bronchitis, too, but it's been a while.

Clarissa - I'm better today, thanks. Things are looking good :)
Linda Kage said…
LOL! Love the Stripes picture idea. I think I need one of those too.

Here's to you making it through without stressing too much.

I don't have my tree up yet, no gifts wrapped, no cards sent (though they are bought), not all the presents boughts. Yikes, maybe I shouldn't go on or I'll get stressed too!
jdcoughlin said…
I wrapped today. I wanted to put on a movie, make hot chocolate and enjoy myself. Didn't happen. Turns out I bought cheap-ass paper that kept tearing, besides spots where the color rubbed off just from my touch. Plus plus, I bumped my head on the chandelier three times. It's now tied up with a purple carabiniere. How's that for Christmas decking the halls?
Carol Kilgore said…
Linda - Click on Alex's link above. It's not exactly like my sign, but the sentiment is sure there. I'd be totally in a tither if I were in your shoes. What's your secret?

jdcouglin - Workmen are gone - yea! I've boxed almost everything, set up a table, and moved the boxes with all the wrapping stuff to an area where I can see the TV. I'm good to go in the morning. I hope my paper holds!
Anonymous said…
Yikes! Good luck with the dog/men at work turf war! Do you have an engineering plan for that mistletoe rig? I think I might try it as long as the cats don't get ideas. :)
Carol Kilgore said…
Workmen are gone! I've been wrapping all afternoon. Well...the first half was getting set up. I don't guarantee the mistletoe rig is cat proof :(