Friday's Top Ten

Top ten ways a writer cleans house:

10. Cleans off notes written to herself in the dust

9. Sneaks a glance at the monitor to reread the last paragraph she wrote

8. Scrubs the cooktop where the pot boiled over while she read the latest bestseller

7. Turns the page with her other hand

6. Cleans the window by her desk so she has a clear view while she's thinking

5. Gets a new idea and stops to jot it down

4. An hour later . . .

3. Vacuums crumbs from around her desk

2. Mops paw prints from the floor

And the #1 way a writer cleans house:

1. When it's important, she calls Merry Maids


Laura Eno said…
That sounds about right. :) I could also add "stops to check her blog and Twitter."
Angela said…
I love your suggestions - just like real life! Everything else gets in the way, but you can make use of it anyway. Like every incident that distracts you can be turned into a story!
Thanks for your lovely comment on mine!
Carol Kilgore said…
Exactly so about distractions turning into stories, Angela. Enjoy your family time!
Jack W. Regan said…
So typical! Here's another one: Picks up discarded pieces of crumpled notepaper from around her chair. And then immediately replaces them with new ones.
Clean house? Why? What on earth is so important that your live in handyman can't keep house?

Must I teach you everything? :-)
Carol Kilgore said…
So true, Jack, except Arf shreds anything that lands in doggie space. My aim has improved.
Carol Kilgore said…
Bows to great, all-knowing Soap Queen :)