Seriously... It's Really Me

 Once upon a time, there was a writer who routinely took a Winter Hiatus from blogging. And yes, that writer is me.

Each year I really do need this break to relax and renew my writer soul. Also to get all, or at least most, of all the holiday and birthday things done.

While I was away, I did actually accomplish some writerly things, too.

I read through the first half of my WIP, the second House Witches book. While I marked a lot of things, tweaking for things we all look for, I'm happy to say that overall it's pretty good. Better than I remembered from writing it. I didn't read anything that made me want to throw up and hang my head in shame.

I did rework one chapter, changing the viewpoint from Brielle to Charli.

I also set my goals for 2023, done amid a pile of gift wrappings with a big slice of cake at the ready.

And I spent some quality time with my awesome husband and my favorite beagle.

Now I'm back and ready to rock-n-roll. Also ready to chat and visit with all my blog buddies to see what you're up to these days.

Let me know what's new with you.

See y'all again in March!



Bish Denham said…
Glad to see you back! I took a loooong break last year because of medical issues with my sister and her spending 8 months with us while they were taken care of. All is well now and I'm back to blogging, too!
Karen Baldwin said…
Yup...R&R is necessary every now and again. Keeps life in perspective. Glad you're back to writing and blogging again.
It is lovely to see you back in the blogosphere again.
Natalie Aguirre said…
It sounds like your break from blogging was productive and relaxing. I'm glad you're back.
H. R. Sinclair said…
Wonderful! And it looks like that beagle was mighty happy with you time. 😊
Jemi Fraser said…
All of that is time well spent!
Looking forward to more witches!!
Carol Kilgore said…
Bish - Glad to see you back! Also glad all is well with your sister.

Karen - I agree!

EC - Thanks! It feels good to be back in the blogging groove.

Natalie - Yes! Always glad to be back and equally ready when it's break time :)

HR - He's such a spoiled little boy ♥

Jemi - They're busy getting into trouble right now :)
Good to hear your story is in decent shape!
Carol Kilgore said…
Alex - Right! I never know. Sometimes I trash a lot. Or forget to put stuff in.
Carol Kilgore said…
Jo-Anne - Good to see you here, too :)
Sounds like you got heaps done over the break. Nice!
Carol Kilgore said…
Lynda - I did! But it seems like I always have more to do than I have time for. Or maybe I'm just slow.
Unknown said…
Thank you for both series whcih Ive read (House Witches & Gracie mysteries). I’m looking forward to more, more, more!
Carol Kilgore said…
Unknown - Thank you for reading! And also for dropping by and leaving a comment. I'm glad you enjoyed both Gracie and the witches. The plan is for more of each :)