Practical Magic meets Bewitched


Charli Quinn and her sister Brielle own House Witches Cleaning and promise to clean like magic. They may not be your everyday, run-of-the-mill witches, but they are… something.

When Charli finds the husband of one of their clients dead, the wind warns her to beware the man with eyes of green. As the sisters search for the ominous man, they find themselves in danger and rely on their real magic to outsmart the killer.

Along the way, Charli and Brielle have help from a group of fairies, and even a talking cow. And Charli falls head over broomstick for a tall, sexy deputy with dreamy blue eyes who saves her from being hijacked by a water sprite.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Texas without tacos.

They are:

  •   Best friends
  •   Work partners
  •  Sisters
  •   Witches… wicked good witches

Here' s the story behind the story. A few years back, we were moving from San Antonio to an area near the fictional setting of this book. are located. We were driving around this new area looking at different locations, different types of houses. All of a sudden, House Witches popped into my head. I had no idea what it meant, but it didn’t go away. I pulled my notebook and pen from the tote I nearly always have with me, and wrote it down.

As I wrote those two words, more ideas flowed. I added sisters, house cleaners. Then witches, with a couple of question marks following. Over the next few months, as we moved in to our new home and I finished the book I was working on, the House Witches stayed with me. I knew the next book I wrote would be about them.

The day I sat down in earnest to begin making House Witches story notes, their names came in my head. Brielle’s came first followed quickly by a few C names. I texted my own sister at that point and asked her which she liked better. And Charli was born.

Charli then told me the name of the deputy. I tried to give him a very Texas name. Finally she yelled at me, “Doug! His name’s Doug!” So Doug it was.

Charli and Brielle led me through the full story. I thank them. It was such fun to write. I’m looking forward to the next story they decide to share with me.

Release Date: July 18, 2022
Kindle | Paper
Available in Kindle Unlimited: July 25, 2022

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Liza said…
I love hearing how this story came to life. Fun!
Karen Baldwin said…
What a great story...not just your book...but how the book came to be.
Just a couple weeks away - congratulations!
H.R. Sinclair said…
Nice! I love the premise (I love witch stories) and the story behind the story!
Jemi Fraser said…
Soon!! Can't wait!
Bookie lust ignited (not hard to do I know). And hearing some of this book's back story fans those flames...
Melissa said…
I want to know the setting. LOL Sounds like a fun series!
Carol Kilgore said…
Liza - It has been tons of fun!

Karen - It's the first time a story has come to me in this way.

Alex - Thanks. Still a lot to do :)

H.R. - Yay! I like witch stories, too.

Jemi - Real soon. Still working on "all the stuff" :)

EC - So glad to hear! Won't be long now.
Carol Kilgore said…
Melissa - I can't believe I forgot to include the setting!
Texas, of course, in a fictional Norman County, located about an hour's drive northwest of Houston. Charli and Brielle live in the county seat, a town called Satcher Glen. Readers who live in this general area in the real world will notice a lot of familiar places mentioned. I plopped Norman County right in the middle of four or five real counties.
Susan Kane said…
This book is so up my reading alley! I will see on the other side.
Carol Kilgore said…
Susan - Cool! See you there. Enjoy :)
cleemckenzie said…
Coming soon! Hurray and congratulations.
Carol Kilgore said…
CLee - Thank you :)