It's Blooming Books!

Look! This is a new picture of my Thanksgiving/Christmas/Valentine cactus. Yes, it is blooming again. I took this shot over the weekend, right after I picked off the last dead blossom from when the plant began blooming in November. It now has the one full bloom, one almost-bloom, and one baby-bloom - all that you see here. Plus about a dozen or so buds, with more appearing each day. Maybe it's trying to acclimate to its new home. Or it's confused. Or both. Whatever the reason, I love seeing the blooms again.

In other Real Life news, we've been busy finding favorite eateries in our new area. We've had some hits and some misses, but we've had a lot of fun trying them out. The good thing is, we have a lot more faves to identify, plus continuing to visit those already on our list.

One of the funnest (is that even a word... I don't care, I'm claiming it) was a vintage lunch diner. It's small, and walking over the threshold is a trip back in time. Or a visit to the set of Happy Days. And they played old-school rock n' roll - most likely through a streaming service, LOL. They only serve sandwiches and soups, sodas, water, malts, and shakes. It was a really fun lunch date for us.

We both love to cook, but sometimes we need a break!

Last month, I told you that I was looking forward to putting words together again. It finally happened, and it feels so good. Gracie is happy, too. She's back to telling me what to do and no longer beating me over the head with a towel.

Speaking of Gracie...

The Kindle edition of Jalapeno Cupcake Wench (The Amazing Gracie Trilogy, Book 1) will be on sale for $0.99 from Monday, February 17 through Sunday, February 23.

Gracie Hofner.
Texas Hill Country farm girl.
Former San Antonio Police Department detective.
Current law enforcement consultant.
Klutzy as hell.

Enjoy the read. Tell your friends!

I'll be back here on either March 2 or March 4. Since I missed so many dates last year, I'm giving myself a little wiggle room now. If you're a betting person, my goal is usually the Monday date, unless it's a holiday.

Wishing you a loving February - I heard that carbs and calories from chocolate don't count from the 14th to the end of the month



Glad you're finding some good places to eat near you. That diner sounds fun. Now, back to writing!
L. Diane Wolfe said…
I could never get one to live, let alone bloom a second time. Although we do have a Christmas flower that blooms every April. LOL
I am so very glad that you are back to writing.
Blooming books? Now that is a plant I would love.
As I do your cactus.
I believe that no food has any calories between Christmas and March. I could be wrong. Waistbands suggest I am.
Carol Kilgore said…
Alex - It was a lot of fun. So good to be writing again :)

Diane - I don't have good luck with plants at all. I think that's the main reason this one fascinates me.

EC - Ooooh, I hope you're right about that timespan :)
Jan Christensen said…
So glad you are back to writing. Hope all goes smoothly from now on. Love your Christmas cactus. You are obviously doing something right for it. The hunt for new restaurants sound delicious. Keep on keeping on!
Janie Junebug said…
It's a good thing you're making Gracie happy. If you didn't, then she might beat you up with something worse than a towel. The vintage diner sounds like it would be the funnest.

Mason Canyon said…
Love the cactus. I've never understood their blooming cycle, but love 'em just the same. Good luck with the writing, can't wait to see where Gracie takes you.
Natalie Aguirre said…
So glad you're writing again. And awesome that you are having fun exploring new places to eat. Glad you'll be back next month.
Glad you're at it again. SO my Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter cactus did not bloom this year. It did bloom Christmas 2018 so I think it is a Christmas cactus.

Carol Kilgore said…
Jan - I appreciate your good wishes. Hope all is going well for you, too.

Janie - Very true about Gracie! I have to watch my step :)

Mason - I don't understand this one's blooming cycle, that's for sure! Gracie is leading me on a merry chase. Right now she just has a taste of what's happening and is really pushing :)

Natalie - Trying new food places is always fun! Munch-Munch!

Teresa - I obviously have no cactus advice. This one is now sitting in a window and gets morning sun or just morning light if it's cloudy. I try not to give it too much water, but every once in a while I notice I do because it's still damp instead of bone dry when I bring water. I talk to it and play music most days.
Jemi Fraser said…
Finding new favourite places to eat sounds like fun - as does the Happy Days diner!!
Glad Gracie is happy - and that more stories are coming!
cleemckenzie said…
This was the first year my Christmas Cactus actually bloomed at Christmas. It usually looks beautifully red at Halloween. That's just not right.
Mark said…
Sometimes it's nice just to have someone else prepare a meal for you:)
Carol Kilgore said…
Jemi - Maybe we'll find another cool spot I can report on next month.

CLee - I think maybe they're the great jokesters of the Cactus family :)

Mark - Yes it is!
Good to hear Gracie is back and not hitting you over the head with a towel ;)
Julie Flanders said…
That diner sounds so fun. I'd love to take that trip back in time.
Hooray for writing again! We are all looking forward to hearing more from Gracie. :)
That diner sounds like my kinda place.

I hope you're adapting and blooming in your new location every bit as well as your cactus is.
Carol Kilgore said…
Lynda - Exactly!

Julie - I hope so. It feels good :)

Susan - Thanks for the good wishes. I'm ready to visit that diner again!
Murees Dupè said…
Congrats on writing again. It is a great feeling, isn't it?�� It's important to have favourite eateries. But I hate it when we have one of those misses. But it sounds like you already found a few winners. Yay, on your plant blooming again����☺️!
Carol Kilgore said…
Murees - Thank you! Feels so great :)
Finding favorite eateries sounds like a fun activity!
I'm just trying to survive the intense heat. The humidity is unnatural!
Keep writing!
Carol Kilgore said…
Michelle - Hope your heatwave breaks soon. Stay cool! Writing rocks :)