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Before I really begin, here's a pre-first-thing. A photo of the entrance to Bindsell City Park across from the Blanco County Courthouse in Blanco, Texas. The pre-first-thing is because I really love this blog template, but I always need to post a square image before any other so that it fits nicely on the opening screen. It's rarely a problem except in certain instances... like this month's blog.

I love going up to Blanco on Saturday or Sunday. It's only about an hour away. But I've never mustered up enough courage to venture down this path. In person, it gives me the creeps.

Now we can move on to first things first (except for the pre-first-thing). Bluebonnet Ballerina is on sale for $0.99 today through midnight Sunday, October 7.

If you missed the pre-order special, now's a good time to get your Kindle copy.

The next item is that while I know it's October and a whole lot of you are pumpkin-spicing everything and anticipating riots of red, yellow, and orange leaves really soon... in San Antonio it's still 90-some degrees. I'm still wearing summer shorts and tops and am either barefoot or if I'm venturing outside, sliding my feet into flip-flops.

We don't normally get a lot of rain, but September was our rainiest September ever - or at least since they started keeping records back in the 1800s. Things are blooming again. Here are a couple of plants and other things that make me smile whenever I look at them.

My sweet fur babies make me smile, too - Wrangler, a Border Collie mix rescue puppy, and Shiner, an Australian Cattle Dog, aka Blue Heeler. If either of these dogs had opposable thumbs, I would be in serious trouble :)

And a dessert that is totally Texas (via Mexico/Central America) - a Tres Leches Cake topped with fresh fruit. Tres Leches translates to Three Milks. This is a sponge cake soaked in evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream, with sweetened whipped cream spread over the top. And the optional fruit. It is delicious.

Disclaimer: I took the cake photo through the glass of the bakery case at our local H-E-B. I will probably never attempt to make one of these cakes on my own.

Moving on, I'm celebrating an anniversary of sorts. I've been blogging for ten years. I can hardly believe that; it seems like I wrote the first one yesterday. This blog has changed a little since I began, but not a lot, and I think it's time for a freshening up at the Tiki Hut. I need your inspiration!

So I'm officially asking for your input. What would you like to read here? I listed a few topics below, but I'm open to almost anything unless it involves religion or politics. I really do want to hear from you because you're the ones who give your time to read and comment on my words. If you don't see something you'd like to read about here, by all means add it in your comments.

  • Writing tips
  • Indie publishing tips
  • Publishing information
  • More about my books
  • More about my characters
  • More about Texas
  • More about me
  • More guest bloggers
  • Keep the blog the same
  • Other

Please respond in the comments or it's always okay to email me at tikihuttime AT gmail DOT com if you would like your thoughts to remain anonymous to other readers.

🔹 I need your help to keep the Tiki Hut fresh for you, so don't be shy! 🔹

Holiday season is arriving as I type. It begins for me in October. All the regular holidays plus a dozen or so family birthdays. I'm always super busy the last three months of the year. This year, while I'll still be around on Facebook and Twitter, I've decided to take a blog hiatus in November and December.

In the meantime... Happy Columbus Day, Happy Halloween, All Saints Day, All Souls Day, Day of the Dead, thanks to all veterans for your service, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Winter Solstice, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! Plus several Happy Birthdays, too!

I probably forgot something.

Please help me know what direction to take with the blog starting in 2019.

I'll be back here on Monday, January 7, 2019.


I bet that desert is rich.
We've been really warm here although it was finally cool this morning. I'm ready for real fall temperatures.
More about where you live would be cool.
Natalie Aguirre said…
That cake looks so good I want to try to make one. My husband grew up in Texas, and I know what you mean about it being hot. Writing tips, telling us about books you've read, more about where you live all sound great. Whatever you enjoy writing about.
Love your furbabies. LOVE.

More about your writing and your world in general. Ummmm, what you're doing now seems fine.

Herding dogs are smart!

I agree with Natalie's comment above. :)
Jody Pryor said…
Ninety degree weather. Keep it. :-)

In the "Other" category, maybe some great tidbits you learned while researching that you wanted to use in your books, but you couldn't make it work, yet you think everyone should know about this.

Plus I want to know why that path gives you the creeps.
Mark Noce said…
The flowers look pretty:) I'm excited for the halloween season :)
You are more than welcome to keep the heat. I would like (and the farmers would love) some of that rain though.
Ten years? Congratulations.
And like Jody I want to know why that path creeps you out. In the photo it looks inviting.
Love the furry family, and would like to know what books inspire you. Either for their writing or because they get you thinking.
Carol Kilgore said…
Alex - Tres Leches cake is rich, and very tasty :) We may have a touch of fall a time or two this month, but it won't last yet. Texas has more summering to do first. Thanks for your thoughts on my blog. Duly noted ♥

Natalie - If you make this cake, please let me know how difficult it is and how it turns out. You're more adventurous in the baking department than I am!

Teresa - Aww... I'll give them hugs from you :) They're like two two-year olds all the time.

Elizabeth - So smart. The heeler is the family fairness monitor. Nothing escapes him. The border collie is our security expert.

Jody - There's a lot of unused research with every book. I'll have an unending supply of topics, but I'll have to be choosy. I think I'll chat about the path in January :)

Mark - Yes and Yes! Love Halloween.

EC - Our rains are mostly like this. All or nothing. So I always enjoy them. In January, more about the creepy path :)

Janie Junebug said…
I'd like to read more about you AND your dogs. I've never had Tres Leches but it looks as if it's to die for--or maybe die from because it must be super rich. It's hot here in Florida, too. I think people who live in places where it's hot most of the year dress more casually. I see people go to church in shorts and t-shirts.

Carol Kilgore said…
Janie - Thanks. Tres Leches is rich, but it's also so yummy. A small slice is all you need, but then you want more! San Antonio is much more casual than other major Texas cities. Even Austin!
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Hopefully it's a little cooler in a couple weeks when I'm in southern Louisiana.

You puppies are cute. You can always blog about animals. I love animals.
Jan Christensen said…
Love all the images. (When did we start saying images instead of pictures?) I agree with those who say more about you (and your writing), more about San Antonio, and anytime about the dogs and plants. And food when it looks that delicious!
We will miss you until January, and I hope you remember to tell us why that path creeps you out! Be well!
Carol Kilgore said…
Diane - I hope it will be cooler, too. Maybe a cold front will make it this far south and east. San Antonio is a little farther south than where you'll be. Shouldn't be cold, though. Have fun!

Jan - I guess because things are so visual on the internet and all photos are images but an image doesn't have to be a photograph. It can be anything visual. I don't know that, but that's what makes sense to me.

Thanks to both of you for helping give me a direction for the Tiki Hut next year ♥
dolorah said…
If all you ever do on this blog is complain, I'll stop my already intermittent visits. Otherwise; I've always enjoyed your posts. Like today, there is so much variety. Your blog is never boring to me Carol. You are on my blog roll; if I don't show up for a post, its because I don't have the time, not cuz the post is uninteresting. My suggestion is to keep posting what is interesting to you to post. You can't please everyone in the blogsphere.

Ya know, I've been afraid of some really beautiful places too. I blame Pierce Anthony (the Xanth novels) for teaching me that if a path is very easy and beautiful, its a trap of some sort.

Fall is my favorite season, October my favorite month. Eventually I will tire of the rain, but I'm really looking forward to the season right now.

That cake looks delicious. I've got my nose plastered to the screen. I'm dieting - still, not again - and even looking, let alone smelling, is putting weight on my hips. Totally worth it!!
Julie Flanders said…
Ooh that cake looks so yummy. And of course your furbabies are always so precious! I love learning about Texas and the tidbits you share along those lines. Also more about yourself and your life - doggies, flowers, goodies, etc. I think whatever makes you want to continue blogging and enjoy it is what you should do though.
Happy Anniversary and I hope you have a wonderful rest of the year, Carol! *hugs*
Jemi Fraser said…
That dessert looks delicious! I've never heard of it but now I want to check it out!!!
Your fur babies are fabulous!!
Crystal Collier said…
Cake... I'm always all for more of the personal nature, but maybe I'm unique in that regard? I blog to connect with people. If I'd figured out how to blog for marketing purposes, my space would be an entirely different entity.
Our weather hasn't gotten the memo about it being autumn yet, either. It cooled off to the mid-80s, but we're headed back to the nineties. I guarantee ya, when I worked out in the yard this afternoon, it did NOT feel like a crispy fall day. Maybe soon...

Wow, that's quite a break you're taking. Sounds rather tempting...

As for your blog, I agree with Crystal. I like the more personal stuff in blogs, so we truly feel like we know each other, ya know?

Have a fantabulous break!
I was worried for a bit, I thought you wanted me to be your inspiration and I inspire nothing and no one
I love Tres Leches cake. Blog suggestions: politics and religion.😭 Okay, I'm loopy from lack of sleep. Seriously, Texas. I love the Texas tidbits. I also like hearing how authors work out authory problems.

It's warm here in So. Ca. too. Just had a couple 100 degree day but today it's ---ooo a chilly 74. 😂
Carol Kilgore said…
Dolorah - Thanks for letting me know you never find my blog boring. I was afraid it was drifting in that direction after such a long time. All of this helps. Totally agree about that cake :)

Julie - I really appreciate your input. After ten years, it's difficult for me to judge.

Jemi - Come to San Antonio and you, too, can taste Tres Leches! My furbabies would give you kisses :)

Crystal - Thanks! I'm going to miss you :(

Susan - Personal appears to be winning the race. Stay cool!

Jo-Anne - You're so funny! You're a great inspiration for me in the way you blog about your family so easily.

Carol Kilgore said…
HR - I think we crossed. 74 would feel chilly here, too! Thank you.
cleemckenzie said…
I'm up for more about Carol Kilgore. Will the real CK please stand up? :-)

I think I'll have to investigate the Tres Leches cake. That looks too good to leave in a bakery window.

Oh, and going into the past...I remember something fun that you did ages ago. It required that we, your avid fans, write a story to go with a picture you posted. Am I remembering that right?
Lynda R Young said…
Oh my, that Tres Leches Cake looks delicious!

Congrats on your ten years of blogging!
Congrats on 10 years of blogging!
A three-milk cake with fruit on top? Looks very rich.

I think you should resurrect the monthly challenge you had a while back, where you posted a picture and we had to write a flash piece... you know that I LOVE picture prompts!
Take care, Carol!
See you around on face book from time to time..
Christine Rains said…
Congratulations on 10 years! That's awesome. I do like what you have on your blog already. Maybe more of where you live. I saw that picture of the path and I immediately wondered what was down it! I'm the person that goes down the creepy paths. Hehehe. Have a wonderful rest of 2018! :)
Carol Kilgore said…
Lee - They're awesome. Hope you can find one there. The photo story was a contest I ran for a while on my website.

Lynda - Thanks! The cake is delicious.

Michelle - The cake is rich... but you always want more! I've added the photo prompt to my list :)

Christine - I'm adventurous in some ways, but scary paths is not one of them. Hope you have a great rest of 2018, too!
DMS said…
That dessert does look tasty.

It just started to get chilly here today. We had been having lots of warm weather- but I think fall is finally settling in.

Enjoy your blog break. Wishing you back a happy every holiday until January.

I love finding out about your books- and I would love publishing tips and indie publishing tips. :)
Carol Kilgore said…
Jess - It's now Saturday, Oct 13. It's 87 outside, so a tiny cool down. I'm wearing shorts, a summer top, and am barefoot. Our forecast for next week is rain and cold temps. Cold for SA, approximately what we could expect in December. Lows will be in the upper 40s and highs in the low to mid 50s. With the rain, we will all be cold. Off to go hunt for socks. Lots of socks.
Ann Best said…
I've come back to blogging, as much as I can at my age and with my disabled daughter still to take care of. It's so lovely to see you again. I got here via Facebook, which I'm trying to maneuver. I remember how good your first books are and will read your new one. As for your blog, I like the personal touch, so as someone above said, I go for more about you!