The Naked Writer

No, not that kind of naked.
There are no naked images in this post :)

And not much of the bare-my-soul type of naked either.

More like the nitty-gritty of what's going on with me type of naked.

Since I'm blogging only twice a month now, I'm really feeling the need to stay connected with all of you. I'm also feeling the need to visit more on Facebook and Twitter, so those of you who friend or follow me there probably wonder why I'm there more when I've said I need more writing time.

It's because I can check in there in 1-2 minute bursts and see what's happening - something I can't do with a blog. Not only is it quicker, it's more immediate. But it's not as connecting as a blog visit.

You bloggers already know that!

Those of you who follow me on Twitter may see that I tweet all kinds of things, not just writing or book related. I tweet things that catch my eye as I read the news or do research. I tweet Texas and coastal and San Antonio things. Food things. Fun things. There's no rhyme or reason.

I receive more strange Facebook messages than I do strange tweets. But the other day I received a really odd tweet (I think I disabled the live links):

EU Headlines News @EUHeadlinesNews  7h7 hours ago
@carol_kilgore Rashmi Tailors visiting #SanAntonio @ 11-12-March- Set Appointment for Custom-Made Suits in your City

What makes it so weird - besides the fact that I'm not a man? I don't follow EU Headlines News or Rashmi Tailors. Plus the date is one that has significance for me.

One of those strange things that keep life interesting. I think there could be a story in there someplace!

So since I've reduced my blogging schedule by half, I want to share with you the difference it's made in my written output.

In January and February, my daily output ranged between 300-800 words. 800 was a really good day and somewhat infrequent. I didn't manage to write every day because I would get behind in other things and have to play catch up. In those two months, I managed to write a little over 20,000 words.

I'm aiming for the three books in this trilogy to be between 65-70K each - a little shorter than my other books. Since I always add many more details on succeeding drafts and during the editing process, my first draft goal is 60K,

My word count at the end of my writing day on March 31 was 43K. That means I wrote a little more in one month with bi-weekly blogging than I wrote in two months with weekly blogging. I've more than doubled my output. I've gone from 33% to 77% complete. But I think the first draft will end up running a little longer than I planned.

I'm sharing all of this so you can see what a difference having this extra time has meant for me. The cost has been not getting to visit with all of you as much as I would like, but the return has been awesome.

I realize that I'm not quite up to NaNo speed or the output many of you produce on a regular basis, but I have to say it feels wonderful to have a real writing schedule. It's something I haven't enjoyed for a while, and I'm grateful to have it again.

In return, I really appreciate your visits when I'm here. Luv you guys!

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For those of you participating in A to Z, I know you're having fun. Keep going, don't give up!

I'll see you back here on Monday, April 20.
That will be A to Z letter Q:
The quirky queen was in a quandary over her quickie quota :)


If you doubled you output, then it was worth it!
Blogging does take time, but it's the best way to connect.
More than doubling your previous output is awesome. Definitely worth it. We love interacting with people on Twitter/FB too. As long as we're talking, it doesn't matter where it is. And you're not the only one who gets weird tweets. We made fun of some crappy Indie band a while back, and now we get constant 'news updates' from them via tweet. Which we don't want. Because they're crappy.
Anonymous said…
Glad it's working for you.
Manzanita said…
I see you on FB on the rare times I check in.
But, I've lost all interest in FB and I was addicted to it in the beginning. LOL
Hart Johnson said…
Well you KNOW the word naked will always bring me running... I am mostly the same kind of naked you are, but also a bit of the bare the soul sort. I figure being completely out there keeps us honest.
L.G. Smith said…
Blogging does require a lot more time, but I miss it when I stop for too long. It's so hard to find that balance, but I'm glad to hear you've increased your output. That's awesome. :)
We miss your presence, but understand.

Keep cranking out those words!
Carol Kilgore said…
Alex - I agree with both statements.

Beer - Better a crappy indie band than Mister Creepy.

Delores - Me, too, or I'd have to figure out something else. Still miss people, though.

Manzanita - I may feel the same way after I finish this trilogy, LOL!

Hart - I'm the same about the honest part. Trying to improve on the baring-the-soul part :)

L.G. - I do miss being here every week, but I want to write my trilogy enough that it's worth it for me.

Teresa - Some days it's like one of those old wringer washers, and I'm cranking that handle while the words squeeze through the wringers at a snail's pace. Other days, it's more like they're on a high-speed spin. I like those spin days!
Jan Christensen said…
This is a great update about your new schedule. I know you love to blog. Maybe eventually you can get back to once a week and have it all. Keep up the good work!
Linda G. said…
I cut waaaay back on my blogging for exactly the same reason. I miss connecting with people there, but keeping it up got to be too difficult, especially as writing deadlines approached.

Glad you've increased your word output on your books. That makes the compromise worthwhile. :)
I don't play twitter or FB. Or write. Or have enough time.
I love that your output has doubled - and really look forward to seeing the fruits of your work.
blogging is time consuming, yup, but I just love it so :) and yes when I take blogging breaks I always write more too! the struggle is real lol
I am glad there was no naked photos that would be disturbing, just saying.
Carol Kilgore said…
Jan - Maybe one day. Fingers crossed.

Linda G - I think so, too. Writing has to come first right now.

EC - Thanks. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Beth Ellyn - It certainly is. And the decisions hard.

Jo-Anne - LOL! It would've been MEGA disturbing if such things were of me! Everyone would run and hide.
Blogging is so much more time intensive than Facebook or Twitter. I think that's why so many of us question our methods. Like you, I can't imagine giving it up but I do wish I could get on a routine that was regular instead of the crazy spurts of activity.
Helena said…
Blogging (and I only do it once a week) can take up an amazing about of time, so I'm not surprised that by cutting back here on Tiki you've doubled your novel writing output. Good for you! No if only I could get back to some kind of writing schedule...
Melissa said…
I've been a near-absent blogger, but it's helping my word count, too. I say good for you. :)
Anonymous said…
Your productivity is amazing. We sometimes need to cut back on things to reach our goals.
Carol Kilgore said…
Karen - I almost have to do everything regularly or it doesn't get done.

Helena - I was blogging only once a week, too. But the time it took...well, you can see the difference.

Melissa - Thanks. I truly admire those who can blog every week and write at a decent pace as well.

Medeia - Exactly so. I think I'm on a blog diet!
Lexa Cain said…
40k in a month! Wow - you're cooking with gas now! That's wonderful progress. No matter what I do, my brain can't crank out a proper plot in more than 10k per month. But my revisions are only to prose, never plot or character.

I'm plugging the new giveaway on my blog next Fri!

I just joined Twitter under the name LX Cain. I'll send you a friend request and make sure I don't tweet you about any custom suits. (Weird.)
Nas said…
Yay! For productivity! Lol, Carol I also get tweets custom made to me telling me something, I would never click a link though.
TBM said…
Sounds like you made a great decision. Doubled your output is good!
Julie Flanders said…
How wonderful that you've increased your output so much. Yay!
And I think there is a story in that bizarre tweet. Interesting!
M Pax said…
Wow, great on the wordage to added to your WIP. I'm constantly trying to figure out how to write more and write faster. Other things are in my way lately, though.
VR Barkowski said…
Congratulations on your increased output. That's awesome!

Every once in a while my name appears in some weird tweet. Maybe the poster just wants their tweet in a feed with lots of followers and doesn't bother to check who those followers might be? I don't get it either.

VR Barkowski
Wow! You go, girl! That's quite an increase in writing output. I am duly impressed. Keep it up, and you'll be like Stuart Woods in no time, cranking out three books a year.

Happy writing!
Carol Kilgore said…
Lexa - I'm at 40+K total for Jan/Feb/Mar but 23K of that in March and the other half in Jan/Feb. But it's the first time in a long time that I've been able to consistently produce. It feels awesome.

Following you on Twitter! Thanks for the Freebies plug ♥

Nas - I'm glad I'm not the only one. I wouldn't click on one of those links either.

TBM - Thanks!

Julie - I've been trying for a while. I hope it continues.

Mary - I understand. So far this has been a great decision for me.

VR - I try not to figure out too many strange social media happenings. But it's a bizarre place :)

Susan - LOL! I have a really hard time envisioning myself cranking out three books a year. Or even two. One would be good :)
I'm glad that you've doubled your writing, in record time, Carol! Keep up the good work! Congrats to Helen!

L. Diane Wolfe said…
After ten years, I don't want to give up my blogging connections. But if I want more time to write, then I need to pull back like you did. Obviously that works.
LD Masterson said…
Aw, I was hoping for a naked (semi-naked?) hunka hunka. Oh well.

I miss having you blog as often but I'm glad it's working out for you in word production.
Carol Kilgore said…
Julie - I'm trying!

Diane - I've been blogging for six years. I enjoy it. But I had to find time some way. I wouldn't want to give it up totally.

LD - Maybe next time, LOL! It's hard skipping a week. But I don't feel guilty when the words pile up.
DMS said…
Wow! You have been getting a lot of writing in. I am glad the time away from blogging has been worthwhile. :)

That tweet does seem like it could be the start of a story!

Happy writing!
cleemckenzie said…
You have no idea how disappointed I was to find no naked images.

I was happy to read how much more productive you're being, however! Congratulations on setting those goals and sticking with them.
Carol Kilgore said…
Jess - I'm glad, too. I'd hate to rob time from here and not spend it for the right reason.

Lee - LOL! Thanks.
Jemi Fraser said…
Great job! I too love blogging, but it does eat into the schedule - and the writing is really what it's all about.
Shelly said…
Now that's a pretty amazing difference. I know it will pay off, though!
Mark Noce said…
Good disclaimer;) Made me laugh.
Anonymous said…
Way to go, Carol! That's the stuff -- writing fiction should be the priority for fiction writers, right? Write.
Carol Kilgore said…
Shelly - I sure hope so.

Mark - Cool :)

Milo - It's our right to write!