Hot Scorpios with a Side of Peanut Butter

Scorpio, Topaz, and Chrysanthemum - all things belonging to November - astrological sign, birthstone, and birth flower.

Also, November is National Peanut Butter Lovers Month, National Pepper Month, and National Good Nutrition Month. Hmmm...

Happy November!

This week I'm visiting Christine Rains and talking about CLUES. Check it out!

The new contest on my website is in full swing. This month my critique partner, Jan Christensen, is giving away one autographed copy of PERFECT VICTIM, the first book in her Paula Mitchell, P.I. series. Jan is also giving away a beautiful handmade bookmark - made by Jan herself! All you have to do to win is enter the contest on my website. Just click the WIN button at the top of my right sidebar, view the photo, read the short vignette, and answer the question. Everyone can play, but the winner will be chosen from US entrants only.

A few days after Sylvia Leominster is murdered, private investigator Paula Mitchell interviews Sylvia's fiancé in their small-town Rhode Island jail. Warren Wade's fingerprints are all over the murder weapon, he has no alibi, and Sylvia broke up with him the night she was killed. After another young woman friend of Sylvia's is bludgeoned to death, Paula is dismayed when the police keep Warren in jail. They claim the second murder could have been committed by a copy-cat and remind her Warren's fingerprints are still on the weapon that killed Sylvia.

Working with her best friend who often hires Paula to investigate cases and who is Warren’s lawyer, Paula searches for answers. Paula and her computer guru lover narrow down the suspects to the victim's friends. The group is led by a mesmeric young man with political ambitions. Paula doesn’t trust him, especially when she learns that all of Sylvia's friends have lied during her interviews. At the preliminary hearing, some answers begin to emerge. Paula zeros in on the killer and sees firsthand how friendship and loyalty can be used for personal gain. With Warren’s freedom on the line, she has to find a way to capture the real killer. But in doing so, she doesn't realize she’s putting herself and her own best friend in danger.

NEWS FLASH! The winner of Holly Sinclair's 365 NIGHTS from the Tiki Hut last week is: LEXA CAIN! Congratulations, Lexa, and Happy Cooking :)

Who's doing NaNo?

For the first time ever, I'm starting a project in November. Wasn't my original plan, but that's how it worked out. So that's my own personal NaNo-ish tale. However, I won't be working at NaNo speeds. Doing so would probably send my little raft right on around the bend.

I'm going to be working on all the pre-writing things that come with a new novel. You may not see as much of me on Facebook and Twitter this month, but I'll still be there - and here. In the meantime,


Stephanie Faris said…
Congrats to your critique partner! I'm not doing NaNo because I'm writing partials for consideration by my publisher but hopefully next year I'll be in a spot where I can write an entire book in a month. Good luck on writing away!!!
We don't want you going around the bend!
I could get into National Peanut Butter month.
Congratulations to Jan.
Anonymous said…
As you say Carol a good month, not too keen on peanut butter though.
Enjoy this month.
Hart Johnson said…
Peanut Butter Month!!! I knew the others, as I am a Scorpio mom, but it is a darned good thing I brought my tub of peanut butter to work today!

And LOVE that bookmark, and always like a new mystery! I will head over there!
Karen Walker said…
So grateful you're not doing NaNo - we don't want you going around the bend.
Good luck with the writing. Hopefully by Christmas you'll have loads done!
Good luck with the writing. Hopefully by Christmas you'll have loads done!
Peanut Butter, yummmmm. Sometimes we have to say no to something else. I wanted to do NaNo, but I'm not. However, I will be writing.
huge congrats to your CP! and I am so happy it's National Peanut Butter Lover month b/c frankly, I eat way too much of the stuff (as a vegetarian it's a good source of protein!) I go through like a jar a week :/ lol
Anonymous said…
There are rapids around that bend...don't go there lol.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
I don't think I could paddle fast enough to keep up with NaNo.
Jay Noel said…
Of course I checked out your guest post! Great job.

Happy November.
Did someone call for a hot Scorpio? ...Because he's busy. How about a slightly above average Scorpio?

No NaNo for us. We just prefer to write like mad all months of the year.
Stephen Tremp said…
I'm doing NaNo this year. Why not.

Off to Christine;s blog now.
It's a grand month! I'm not doing NaNo but I'm working this month to improve my daily quota.
Mark Noce said…
Yeah, I'm doing a lot of editing this that's my best shot at a NaNo project:)
I'm doing double duty on Nano this month because I am indeed crazy.
My father was a Scorpio (reportedly the most like murder victims).
Love the excerpt from Jan's work. It sounds right up my reading alley. Sigh.
Off to check out your guest post, and your contest page.
Janie Junebug said…
I considered NaNo for a couple of minutes, and then I got another book to edit. Saved!

L.G. Smith said…
Hey, I had a peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie today and didn't even know I was celebrating. :P

And I'm sort of, kind of doing NaNo too. Just happened to be between projects and wanted to give a side story a little love for the month. Not breaking any writing records, but getting stuff done. :)
Carol Kilgore said…
Stephanie - November is smack in the middle of a loaded birthday schedule in our family. Plus Thanksgiving. So I've never even considered NaNo. So being able to work behind the scenes on Gracie came as a pleasant surprise.

Alex - Yeah, I could do that, too :)

Yvonne - I love it. Especially on toast.

Hart - I love Jan's bookmark, too. And I'm a Scorpio :)

Karen - LOL! I don't want to be there either.
Jemi Fraser said…
Congrats to Jan - sounds like a great book!
I'm doing nano - very last minute decision - we'll find out if it's a good one soon! :)
klahanie said…
Hey Carol,

Yes, it really is me leaving a comment. Apologies for my um, notable absence :)

A very generous offer by Jan. Very generous to have you bring such awareness.

NaNo! equals NoNo! Yep, I must be getting better....

Very nice to see you, Carol.

Gary :)

Carol Kilgore said…
Pat - That's my goal.

Teresa - I feel good about working on my project. Usually I don't get to work on anything in November, much less December.

Beth Ellyn - I like peanut butter, too, but maybe not that much :)

Delores - Thanks for the rapids warning! I definitely don't need those :)

Diane - I don't think I could either.
Lexa Cain said…
So surprised to have won Holly's book! Wow! Congrats to Jan on a great mystery premise! Good luck to you on your personal NaNo, Carol! :)
Lynda R Young said…
Congrats to Jan and Lexa!
Good luck with NaNo-ish!
Jan Christensen said…
Well, my goodness, I'm late to the party--eating some peanut butter slowed me down. One of my favorite foods, which is good because I'm also a Scorpio. Thanks so much, Carol, for letting me be your contest person this month. I can't wait to read all the entries. That is one inspiring image.
Jo-Anne Meadows said…
Just letting you know I came and read the post, sorry that is all I have today
Helena said…
Congratulations to Jan. And just starting a new writing project is an accomplishment, never mind Nano speed. (Me, I write slowly.....)
Now I don't feel guilty for eating peanut butter pretzels today! Congrats to Jan! Good luck with NaNo Lite, Carol!

Julie Flanders said…
I could live on peanut butter so this is my month for sure. Good luck with your November project, Carol!
Anonymous said…
Peanut butter, winners, and writing. I like the sound of November.

I'm not doing NaNo, but I'd like to start a draft this month and finish another.
Carol Kilgore said…
Jay - Thanks!

Beer - I'm a not-so-hot Scorpio - except in the summer when it's blazing outside :)

Stephen - Yay! Write really, really fast :)

Holly - When I begin the actual writing, I'm going to be working on building my daily word count, too.

Mark - That works!
dolorah said…
Congrats Jan and Lexa :)

Happy November Carol.
Carol Kilgore said…
Sheena-kay - I agree - LOL!

EC - I'm happy, once again, to whet your reading appetite :)

Janie - Yay!

L.G. - Must have been your subconscious speaking to you. Guess we'll sort of do NaNo together. Sorta :)

Jemi - Have fun! Now write :)
menopausal mama said…
I didn't know this was national peanut butter month! They need to have a national Nutella month!
I could live on peanut butter.

Congrats to Jan- great article at Christine's!
Gina Stoneheart said…
What a gorgeous bookmark! And Jan's book seems thrilling!
I won't be participating in NaNo because of scheduling school visits and a draft for my 2nd children's book. But I am hoping to edit my suspense/thriller over the winter. Nice to meet you, Carol! And best of luck to Jan with her book!
DMS said…
I love peanut butter and now I know that I can celebrate and eat it each day this month. :)

How awesome that you are starting a new project this month. I am not doing NaNo either, although I have always been curious to try it. November is a very busy month for me at work, and so, I don't have the time. I am impressed with all those that give it a try though. :)

Best of luck!
Carol Kilgore said…
Meno Mama - Start a lobby!

Elizabeth - Thank you. I love peanut butter, too.

Gina - I love that bookmark! The book is a good one. Thanks for stopping by.

Jess - I had peanut butter toast for breakfast this morning :) November is crazy here with a million birthdays plus Thanksgiving. But I'm managing a little bit of time so far on my new project. It feels great!
Jeff Hargett said…
No NaNo for me, at least not in a traditional sense. Free time has become a luxury for me so I'm adapting to a "write every single day during November" goal instead--including Thanksgiving. No word count targets, no unrealistic goals, just pure drafting. Five days in--so far so good. :)
LD Masterson said…
National Peanut Butter Lovers Month? I have a month?!?! Named after me? Well, how cool is that?

Congratulations to Jan.
Melissa said…
Even if we weren't friends, that post title would have made me visit. LOL

Perfect Victim sounds like a great read.

Nope. I don't NaNo. But I support those who do. :)
Robin said…
I am gearing up to begin a new project, too. How funny is that? I am also not doing NaNo. Stress is the worst trigger for migraines. I will just allow it to flow. I think I work best that way! Best of luck to you, and put that nose to the grindstone... or whatever.
Carol Kilgore said…
Jeff - Excellent! A great plan.

LD - It can be yours as long as you share :)

Melissa - Same for me with NaNo. Glad you like the title :)

Robin - Stress affects me in other ways, so I do what I can to avoid it when possible.
Hi Carol!!! I wish you the best of luck on your November project :) and a I also wish you a wonderful weekend!
Gee, I didn't realize I was celebrating appropriately when I smeared peanut butter on my toasted rye bread the other morning. I thought I was just enhancing my toast.

Good luck with the writing this month. Nano is beyond my mad speed skills. Might try doing SOME writing beyond the blogosphere, though. It's time to put aside the research and start doing the writing. This month is as good a time as any.
Carol Kilgore said…
OE - Thanks! Happy Weekend to you, too :)

Susan - I had peanut butter toast for breakfast one morning this week, too.
National Peanut Butter Lovers Month?
Whenever I feel like snacking, a bread and peanut butter sandwich with some coffee does the trick! I LOVE my p-butter.
I'm not NaNo'ing either. Too many words crammed into a month...
Anonymous said…
Way to go, Lexa! And that's one fancy bookmark. =]
Carol Kilgore said…
Michelle - I agree about the sandwich and NaNo.

Milo - I love that bookmark! Too bad I can't win it :)
Christine Rains said…
It's a pleasure to host you. Your post got triple the hits of any other post I had so far this month! Feel free to come visit any time. Oh, and I have Secrets of Honor on my kindle now! :) Have a great week.
Carol Kilgore said…
Christine - I had a great time at your blog. Thank you. It was great meeting some of your readers. And thanks to those of mine who came over to see what I was talking about. Oh, and enjoy Secrets of Honor!