Paradise, with Books and Dogs

My guest today is Mac Wheeler, the author of an astounding number of novels and an awesome photographer. So I'm just going to let him tell you about himself and show you some of his photos.

Cool Stuff First
To celebrate publication of the third book in my New Order Apocalypse series I'm giving away a mobi/epub copy of NOA 1. You can read about it here...if it sounds interesting, drop me a note  (I won't keep your email address, I promise). 

My Photography
I blog my pitcher-taking experiences. As an immodest exhibitionist, I especially love to show off my beautiful pups. A sampling of some of my favorite shots line this post on the right. I hope you'll visit my blog and experience my Florida via my Sunday Safari posts. (Lately with the gorgeous spring we've had, I've spent more time in the park with my pups, so I've been posting more photos.)

My Pups
If you visit my blog you'll see a lot of pictures of my three girls. Molly is slowing down, but she's my dynamo. A 12 year-old Labrador with a failing transmission, she can no longer ride with me on my Goldwing. I miss that I won't see any new photos of her on my bike wearing her red Doggles. Lucy is the Rottweiler. If you know the breed, enough said. She is the most loving, goofiest friend I've ever had. Gracie is a mix. I'd guess mostly Golden, with some combination of Collie, Border Collie, Sheltie, and/or GSD. Talking about Velcro-Dog. I hope you'll visit them.

About Me
I live in beautiful Tampa, Florida, AKA paradise, with my dearest of a whole bunch of years. I'm an active guy, though slowing down since passing the double-nickel. Rotten knees preclude basketball which I dearly miss, but I'm out every day with my pups, jog, hike, and bicycle every opportunity.

The Writer
I'm a full time writer of speculative fiction, fantasy, SF, suspense, and paranormal with a twist. The Wheeler library entails eight series from YA with ogres and trolls, grittier vampire and werewolf noir, and a traditional family saga. Two stand-alone novels are screaming for their own series, with outlines waiting to be fleshed out. If you're a reader, consider dropping by my web page and perusing my titles. Click a cover to read a 30-page excerpt. I hope you'll find something you like.

Carol, thanks again for letting me visit. Be seeing you on Bloglovin. Cheers.

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I owe Mac two apologies. One for totally blanking on the date this post was supposed to appear originally. And the second for not being as technically proficient as he is with Blogger and photos. I was unable to make his photo arrays larger without them taking over the entirety of the posting area and running into the sidebar.

So go to his blog and take a peek at the real things - you'll be happy :)

Thank you, Mac, for giving me a second chance.

Thursday is the last day to enter the July contest on my website - - for a chance to win a Kindle copy of SOLOMON'S COMPASS.

When Coast Guard Commander Taylor Campbell returns to Rock Harbor, Texas, to tend to her uncle's estate, she meets a mysterious former Navy SEAL, Jake Solomon, and learns her uncle didn't drown accidentally. His murder was one in a string of murders of a group of Vietnam veterans who called themselves the Compass Points.

Before her uncle died, he sent Taylor a message with the location of his buried treasure. Unearthing it will place her squarely in the killer's crosshairs, but she's determined to fulfill her uncle's last wish.

Jake, sent to protect her and find the killer, has other plans. His mission would be much easier to accomplish if he could forget how good she'd tasted when he kissed her.

Good luck!


Wow, that's a lot of books...
Mason Canyon said…
Mac, good to meet you. Anyone who loves dogs is an okay guy. Your books sound intriguing, nice mix of genres. Wishing you much success.

Hi, Carol.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
I love your doggies. Over the years, I've take a ton of photos of my cats.
Anne Gallagher said…
I'm a big fan of Mac and his girls! Congratulations to him on another book!

Congratulations to you to Carol. I finally figured out why I haven't been able to comment. Glitch in the machine.
Wow, that's no shortage of titles. Very cool. And as a guy with 4 dogs, I can appreciate the pictures (and the fond words about) the pups.
WiseRosy said…
What an interesting person you are Mac? Loved the read on Carol's blog.

Jemi Fraser said…
Holy prolific author! Sounds like you've got a lot of great stuff going on! :)
Jan Christensen said…
What at active, busy life you lead, Mac. I'd love to know more about your writing routine--how do you get so much written along with everything else you do? Love dogs pics!
Jan Christensen said…
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Janie Junebug said…
A beautiful spring? And you live in Tampa? I'm in Jacksonville. We had a terrible spring and we're having a worse summer. But I love dogs.

L.G. Smith said…
Always enjoy Mac's photos. And, yowzer, he makes me feel like a slacker when it comes to books. :)
Liza said…
I'm so glad to have met Mac through you! I'm going to love seeing his photos. Thanks, Carol!
I love Mac's photos - they brighten many days for me. And am in awe at his writing productivity. Driven? I also liked finding out a new snippet (the Gold Wing). Ducatis have our allegiance here.
And I am very, very awed/humbled/grateful for the work of all the writers - and have learned to love many that I have found here. Thank you - and him. And all the other writers too.
Lexa Cain said…
Blog posts can be uncooperative at times. The last one I had scheduled didn't post. Turns out it had magically renamed itself a "draft." Yay for getting Mac's post up! He sure sounds like a very busy and interesting guy! :)
Carol Kilgore said…
I've been out most of the afternoon. I saw Mac on a blog or two this morning, so I know he's around.

Anne - Glad you figured out the problem!

L.G. - Same here :)

Liza - My pleasure.

Lexa - When I have blog issues, I know I'm not alone :)
Jo-Anne Meadows said…
So many books so little time
Tara Tyler R said…
love mac's puppies! and photos! and florida can definitely be paradise! we're on vacay at destin right now!

and carol - thanks for supporting my bbf blog tour! i'm headed over to enter your raffle now!
Helena said…
Mac, you are so prolific! I'm really impressed and will check out your books and pics. I love dogs, but because I'm in a condo and gone all day at work, I can only have a cat. She's still cool, though.
Rula Sinara said…
Congrats on all your books! Your photos and dogs are beautiful!
Maria Zannini said…
Mac had me at woof. LOL.

While I love his nature photography, nothing makes me smile more than seeing pictures of his dogs.
Carol Kilgore said…
Jo-Anne - Mac must write way faster than I do!

Tara - Cool!

cleemckenzie said…
You've accomplished so much in the writing world. Congratulations on that. And congratulations for being active and still writing. That's not so easy to do.
Slamdunk said…
Mac and I share similar interests, and am headed over to his blog now. Thanks for the introduction Carol.
Anonymous said…
Great pictures and that's one fine book collage.
Congrats on writing so many books! You have beautiful dogs, and it's evident how much you adore them! Carol, thanks for hosting Mac!

Linda G. said…
Fantastic photos AND book covers! :)
Crystal Collier said…
Wahoo for Mac! Here's to Flordia authors! (She shouts from the Orlando area.)
M Pax said…
I love taking photos too. I took 1,000 yesterday. lol Seriously.

Waving at Carol.
Carol Kilgore said…
I'm happy to share space here with Mac, and glad y'all are so welcoming.

Waving back at all of you!
Melissa said…
I love your dogs, Mac. Great interview. :)
Carol, I apologize for being absent. I had hand surgery on Tuesday and have been a little out of it.

Thank you for hosting me.
I look forward to greeting your readers when I'm feeling better.
(my wife typed this for me)
Carol Kilgore said…
Hi Mac! I thought maybe you got lost :)

Take care of your hand. They're kind of important for writers.
Mac--your pubs are adorable!
Robin said…
I agree with Alex... that is a lot of books! Congratulations!!!!
Christine Rains said…
Mac's photos are gorgeous and so are his pups.
Holy Schmoly, are all those Mac's books?
Congrats! Now that's taking PRODUCTIVITY to the max!
Sorry I haven't been more active over here.

I got really sick from all the meds and have been mostly flat on my back. There is no minor surgery, let me tell you. Those doctors start injecting you with stuff and I think they get carried away.

I appreciate all the kind words about my purdy pups, photos and productivity. I am just such a good liar I keep coming up with new yarns.

Love ya back to bed :)
Anonymous said…
Full-time writer? Very nice. Someday, I hope to join you.
LD Masterson said…
A writer who loves to take pictures and adores his dogs? Hi, Mac. I'm delighted to meet you.