A Tiki Fairy Tale

I was a little at a loss as to what to write about this week. Then one of my dogs came over, whispered a topic in my ear, and we agreed.

What actually happened was he alerted me that he needed to go outside to take care of an urgent matter.

Be that as it may, we came up with a story. It's up to you to decide what it is.

Once upon a time, there was a:
A. beach bum
B. surfer girl
C. lonely pelican
D. mermaid
E. All of the above

A. Angelina
B. Benjamin
C. Cameron
D. Dylan
E. None of the above

One day [your choice from above]:
A. went for a walk
B. went shopping
C. stopped in a bar
D. went to the beach
E. wandered into a beautiful cathedral

A. eating lunch
B. playing volleyball
C. buying a birthday present
D. feeding pigeons
E. pumping iron

Along came:
A. a dragon
B. a mob of zombies
C. a swarm of bees
D. a wicked witch
E. an army of aliens

A. demanded beer
B. called for reinforcements
C. laughed
D. flew at [the character you chose]
E. fired a cannon

When [the character you chose]:
A. ran away
B. searched for a weapon
C. fainted
D. called for Iron Man
E. pulled out a machete

The [adversary of your choice]:
A. fought valiantly
B. turned you to a toad
C. fled the scene
D. cried
E. ate your brains

But in the end, [the character you chose] persevered and lived happily ever after with:
A. the handsome prince
B. the beautiful princess
C. the wicked witch
D. the loyal dog
E. the treacherous cat

***The End***


Liza said…
Fun way to jog a story out of your readers...get the writing juices flowing...or demonstrate to someone like me how easy it could be to write an outline. :)
Anonymous said…
What fun. I couldn't resist this.
Once upon a time there was a mermaid named Splat. One day Splat stopped in to a bar. While drinking lunch along came an army of aliens and demaned lots and lots of beer. They used it as rocket fuel. When Splat fainted the aliens poured the beer into their gas tanks and fled the scene. In the end Splat married the bartender and lived happily ever after.
Fun exercise! Bet it ends with a loyal dog.
Jemi Fraser said…
Fun! I'm glad we ended up happily! :)
L. Diane Wolfe said…
A mob of zombies hopped up on beer would be scary indeed.
Unknown said…
Love this!!! I'm waiting for my kitten to come up with some brilliant ideas.
Mason Canyon said…
Cute Tiki Fairy Tale. I'd like to think in the end it included the handsome prince, the beautiful princess, and the loyal dog. Hope you have a great week.
Carol Kilgore said…
Liza - The hardest part is choosing :)

Delores - Love it!

Alex - As long as you scratch his ears :)

Jemi - HEAs are good :)

Diane - Right!

Stina - Listen closely :)

Mason - If you write it that way, it will :)
Unknown said…
That was too much fun you should try writing a choose your own adventure book!
This is awesome and a lot of fun. And for the record, calling out for Iron Man is ALWAYS the right answer.
cleemckenzie said…
Once upon a time there was a lonely pelican named Angelina. One day Angelina wandered into a beautiful cathedral while eating lunch. Along came a dragon and demanded beer. When Angelina pulled out a machete the dragon turned her into a toad, but in the end, Angelina persevered and lived happily ever after with the loyal dog.

This story has "award" written all over it.
Love it! Sort of a cross between Mad Libs and Choose Your Own Adventure. :)
Michael Di Gesu said…
Such a fun way to spend a rainy Monday afternoon...LOL.

Once upon a time, there was a lonely pelican,

named Dylan.

One day he wandered, more like waddled, into a beautiful cathedral,

while eating a tasty fish lunch.

Along came a dragon, crashing through the stain glass windows and

flew at Dylan.

When Dylan fainted,

The dragon cried.

But in the end, after he came to from the dragon's tears splashing on his face, Dylan persevered and lived happily ever after with the beautiful dragon princess.

I did take a bit of artistic license. LOL....

Dragons, pelicans, treacherous cat(s) and a bar... Both my brain cells are agitating so fast that spontaneous combustion is a very real possibility. Choice F?
~Sia McKye~ said…
And the dog suggested all this? Brilliant dog! Good exercise too. Your site looks good too.

Sia McKye Over Coffee
~Sia McKye~ said…
And the dog suggested all this? Brilliant dog! Good exercise too. Your site looks good too.

Sia McKye Over Coffee
~Sia McKye~ said…
And the dog suggested all this? Brilliant dog! Good exercise too. Your site looks good too.

Sia McKye Over Coffee
Luanne G. Smith said…
My character ended up eating lunch with a drunk dragon. Not bad. :D
Unknown said…
Hahaha! I'll have to try that technique on my novels. It sure will save time. :)
Carol Kilgore said…
David - Great! It was fun putting together.

Beers - Iron Man's my go-to guy, too :)

Lee - Love it! Definitely award worthy :)

Elizabeth - Totally by accident!

Michael - Artistic license allowed :)

EC - "Both your brain cells" ... LOL! Maybe it's a good thing I left Choice F up to you :)

Sia - Our dogs are smarter than I am :) Thanks - glad you like both.

L.G. - Not bad at all!

Lexa - Have fun with it :)
klahanie said…
Hi Carol,

Having gone for an urgent matter, that would be our dog, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar, she had a good read over this.

She reckons, all of the above. Or Sally Field, nun of the above.

The beautiful princess, coincidentally, is in my garden.

Gary :)
Unknown said…
Once upon a time, there was a:
C. lonely pelican

C. Cameron

One day [your choice from above]:
A. went for a walk on the beach

F: debating her existance

Along came:
E. an army of aliens

D. flew at [the character you chose]

When [the character you chose]:
C. fainted

The [adversary of your choice]:
F: Didn't know what to do at first and then decided to go after the beach bum instead.

But in the end, [the character you chose] persevered and lived happily ever after with:
D. the loyal dog AND
E. the treacherous cat

Great story ideas!
Christine Rains said…
*LOL* This is so much fun. Here's my story!

Once upon a time, there was a lonely pelican named Dylan. One day Dylan went shopping. While feeding pigeons, along came a dragon and flew at Dylan. When Dylan called for Iron Man, the dragon turned him into a toad. But in the end, Dylan persevered and lived happily ever after with the treacherous cat.
Oh this is so cute. If I weren't on my iPad and typing with one finger I'd play.

Know what Millie whispers to me? Please DON'T take me outside.
Helena said…
Looks like the pelican was the most popular (he was my choice too), so now I'll go with...

Once upon a time there was a gorgeous, supercool champion surfer girl who was named None of the Above, or Nota, as she liked to call herself. One day Nota went shopping and was buying a birthday present for her flaky hippie mother who had given her the weird name. Just then a witch came swooping along on her broomstick and when she saw Nota she was so threatened by her coolness and surfing courage she cackled "Fight or die!" That's when Nota pulled out a machete and fought valiently. At first the witch was winning, but then a poor stray dog leaped to Nota's defense and chomped on the witch's leg (very deus ex machina here), which gave Nota a final chance to whack the witch with her machete and make her disappear in a poof of smoke. In the end Nota persevered and lived happily ever after with the loyal dog.

The end.
Shelley Munro said…
LOL - I used my rule - if in doubt pick A. It turned out a little weird!
Johanna Garth said…
What a fun summer blog game. I went with the surfer girl named Dylan :)

Hope you have a great summer!!
Carol Kilgore said…
Gary - "Sally Field, nun of the above": too funny! I've seen that photo of your beautiful princess. Gorgeous!

Clarissa - Love your story!

Christine - I'm glad that treacherous cat is finally getting some love :)

Teresa - I think it's so funny that Millie doesn't like outside. Do you think she knows she's a canine?

Jo-Anne - I'm glad!

Helena - Nota! With a hippie mom. Perfect :)

Shelley - LOL...you're right about the weird - but write a novel like that :)

Johanna - Cool! Thanks. I hope you have a great summer, too.

Robin said…
This was fun. I tried it a bunch of different ways and now I am going to take a bit of license with it...

Once upon a time there was a surfer girl named Heather. One day Heather went to the beach. While greasing her board along came a politician seeking to rid the beaches of people. He laughed when Heather searched for a weapon. The politician fought valiantly until all of the beach-goers rallied around Heather. Then the politician cried. In the end, Heather persevered and lived happily ever after with the sand, the sun, and waves underneath her board.

That was great fun. Thanks!
In school I always opted to write papers instead of multiple choice tests. At least this time, I didn't have to worry about sharpening my pencil! This was fun, Carol!

Slamdunk said…
Clever Carol. Except the part where I got turned into a toad. My dog here is worth several interruptions for the same reason.
J.L. Campbell said…
You gotta love this mix and match method. You'll come up with an interesting story any way you take it. :)

Bravo for the creative dog!
Carol Kilgore said…
Cherie - Cool mermaid :)

Robin - Great liberties!

Julie - Must be a writer thing :)

Slamdunk - Yeah, dogs are like that :)

Joy - Interesting and/or weird, LOL!
Crystal Collier said…
Hahahaha! LOVE this.


Oh my. That was fun.
Melissa said…
I say 'E' for every one of them. LOL

PS - Tell me where you want your prize sent. ;)
M Pax said…
Oh, that was loads of fun, Carol!

Cameron the Pelican! What a day he had.
Carol Kilgore said…
Crystal - Glad you had fun.

Melissa - You're like Shelley, who said A for all of them :)

Mary - I love the pelicans!
Stephanie Faris said…
All of the Above makes for a very cluttered story!
Carol Kilgore said…
Stephanie - Think of it as the muppets taking a road trip :)
I had no idea you wrote stories that were so... Wait. Let me think about this for a sec. Tricky. You made ME come up with a story that was so... Never mind.

Fun idea!

Happy weekend!
Carol Kilgore said…
Susan - Tricky is as tricky does :)
Deniz Bevan said…
Fun! I like the idea of a pelican walking into a beach bar...
Ava Quinn said…
Hee hee hee. I'm reminded of my high school days. When in doubt, choose C.
Fun stuff!
Anonymous said…
I liked that. Except Dylan is now a toad.
Carol Kilgore said…
Deniz - So do I :)

Ava - Another fun story!

Milo - LOL! Ribbit.
Nas said…
Ok, I'm trying out to outline a story...
Anonymous said…
That was fun. I even went back to choose different options.
Carol Kilgore said…
Medeia - Great! Glad you liked it.