News + Tiki Top Ten: The Mind of a Writer

After several weeks, my website is finally done! There's a button near the top of the right sidebar over here ---> that will take you there - after you finish reading here and, hopefully, leave a comment.

If you'd like to get there the old-fashioned way, the link is:

The reason I'd like for you to pop over is because starting today, I'm holding a monthly contest. Since it's the last week of May, the first contest begins one week early and will run through June 30.

You'll find all the rules and the entry form on my website. This month I'm giving away a Kindle copy of my debut novel, In Name Only.

Please tell all your friends about the monthly giveaway. The more the merrier!

If any authors reading this would like to participate in future contests, please email me at tikihuttime AT gmail DOT com

Again, please pass the word on to other authors. You don't need to do anything except provide the prize to the winner. I'll take care of everything else.

Have fun!

Temporary Disclaimer: From time to time over the weekend, I've had a little issue with actually getting to the contest page. I'm hoping this is resolved on Monday. If you have trouble, please try again. I'll post an update as soon as I know it's totally resolved. Thanks.

And now, on to the Tiki Top Ten. . . .

My edit came back a couple of weeks ago, and the real work has begun. So this week's blog is a quick and easy Top Ten.

The top ten things my mind says when I'm writing or editing:

10. Need. Coffee. Now.

  9. Look! A cardinal!

  8. Bathroom!

  7. It's gorgeous outside.

  6. My butt's asleep.

  5. Ooh, that mockingbird is singing again.

  4. How did so much junk end up on my desk?

  3. Quiet, dog.

  2. Will this ever be done?

And the #1 thing my mind says when I'm writing or editing:

  1. I'm hungry.

Happy Memorial Day

Remember those who gave their all for our country.


Website looks great! Wow, didn't know you'd written so many short stories.
I think my mind says my butt's asleep. And I'd rather be jamming on my guitar.
Mason Canyon said…
Great list, but #10 would be on mine like at least five times. I'm off to see your new website (hey!). :)
VR Barkowski said…
Great list. I've always had that as my #1, but It's a lot more dangerous now that my office is in the kitchen. I can actually roll to the refrigerator.

Website looks awesome!

VR Barkowski
Anonymous said…
The website looks amazing.

I think similar things when I'm writing.
How nice (and surprising) to learn that some parts of my mind at least think like a writer.
And the new website is fun.
Janie Junebug said…
My list includes

Carol Kilgore said…
Alex - Plus a lot of articles and other non-fiction.

Mason - I usually drink coffee only in the mornings.

VR - It would never do for me to be able to roll to the fridge. I don't have that much willpower :)

Medeia - Thanks! Glad you like it :)

EC - Love your entry!

Janie - It's like #11 or #12 for me.
Jemi Fraser said…
Need my Chai tea when I'm editing!! Off to check out the website! :)
PS: I already have your book but the story prompt spoke loudly to my dark side.
Luanne G. Smith said…
Good job on the website. I'm thinking of doing that one of these days too.

And as for your top ten list, I'm identifying a little too strongly with #2 at the moment. A hundred pages to go…on this round. :)
Shelley Munro said…
Love the list, Carole. I say those things quite often!
Off to check out your website.
LOL my butt is always falling asleep in my office chair at work. And I am always in need of coffee!! Going to check out your website now my friend :)
Unknown said…
Love your website, it looks fantastic.

I totally agree with your top ten. I hate editing so I always put it off as long as possible.
Jan Morrison said…
Lovely web page! I toured around, looked at all your short stories, read your bio and entered the contest. Now I'm thinking of your top ten! Pretty close to what my mind says only no mockingbirds and my dog doesn't make a noise - just beseeches me endlessly with her big liquid brown eyes. Also my mind says 'only one game of spider solitaire' and 'better get out while the tide is low'.
Shelly said…
#7 on your list gets me every single time. And congrats on your site- that is a major feat!
H.R. Sinclair said…
Yupper, I had all those run through my mind while I write--'er try to write!

I love the new look of the website too.
Melissa said…
I'm with you on #4. LOL

Heading over now...
cleemckenzie said…
I'm on my way to see what you've been up to! Very exciting.
Your new website looks wonderful! Great list, and I can especially relate to numbers 1 and 2!

Carol Kilgore said…
Jemi - Whatever works!

EC - :)

L.G. - I know that feeling well.

Shelley - All writers are alike in many ways.

OE - Have fun over there :)
Robin said…
I am always amazed at the number of things I find to distract me when I am trying to revise. Heading over to check out your new site now...
Unknown said…
Haha! - "my butt's asleep." Your list is hilarious! Congrats on your new site. It's very easy to navigate and very professional looking. Thumb's up from me!
Even when I'm eating, my mind says "I'm hungry."
Carol Kilgore said…
Clarissa - Thanks. I like the first couple of editing passes. After those, not so much.

Jan - Thanks for dropping by! My dogs are possessed by bark demons. I can't play solitaire because I don't know when to stop.

Shelly - Rain! We've had rain for a few days. I sit and stare...and don't edit. I'm behind.

Southpaw - Thank you!

Melissa - How does it get there? LOL!
Johanna Garth said…
Carol, your new website is gorgeous! So inspiring and professional.
Cherie Reich said…
Love the website! Congrats for getting it up and running!
klahanie said…
Hey Carol,

Went there as in there as in your website. Now I'm back here to say that over there is looking very good and congrats. I shall tell all my friends about this. Which means, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar will try and find me some friends.

Your number one thing about being hungry when writing or editing is food for thought....

With respect, we shall always remember.

Slamdunk said…
Funny, I was just thinking #6 as I am blog reading. Readers and writers do battle the same obstacles.

On the way over to peek at your new place now.
Great list! Yeah, sometimes procrastination is my middle name... and greatest enemy. And all that jumping up to get something to nibble on or another cuppa tea isn't doing my waistline any favors, either.

Will go check out your new site now...
Helena said…
I love your new website, and I'm SO impressed with the list of all your short stories! You really are one helluva writer.

And for me, it's tea and lemonade (don't like coffee), ooh is that a chickadee? I love chickadees. My cat wants my lap. My cat wants to walk over my keyboard. I want something to eat. I bet there's an old movie on TV right now I'd love to see. Maybe I should walk over to the park...
Carol Kilgore said…
Sorry I'm falling behind here. I'll try to keep up today :)

Lee - Too busy with too much it seems.

Julie - That's why they're 1 and 2, LOL :)

Robin - Some days I think Bright-Shiny is my middle name.

Lexa - Thanks, all around!

Robyn - We must be related.
River Fairchild said…
Those top 10 are SOOO familiar to me!
Congrats on getting your website up. :)
Unknown said…
Better late than.. well you know. On my way to check it out.
Carol Kilgore said…
Johanna - Thanks. My Friend the Website Guru gets all the credit for putting it together from my sketchy description. And for making it work like a charm.

Cherie - See above comment, LOL.

Gary - I love your humor. And your humour, too :) Hugs to Penny.

Slamdunk - The infamous Sitting Syndrome strikes again.

Susan - Maybe we should try jumping up and running around a few times without stopping at the fridge :)

Helena - Oh, yes. I like chickadees, too, but they think it's too hot here to hang around.
Jennifer Shirk said…
I have to go check out your website!

When I'm editing, I constantly think, "I should put a load of laundry on." LOL
Crystal Collier said…
Hahaha! My #1 thing I say, "Have I eaten yet today?"

Ooh, I like this contest thing. I totally need to get on board with you.
Carol Kilgore said…
River - Thanks. Must be universal writer thoughts.

Julie - Yeah, I know :)

Jennifer - My laundry thought is more like 'oh $#!*. I forgot to put the laundry in the dryer.'

Crystal - You wonder if you've eaten! I rarely ever need to worry about that :) If you don't email me, you're on my list to contact. I need to finish this edit first though.
Here I thought I was the only one to get numb butt. Off to see your website!
Carol Kilgore said…
Elizabeth - LOL! It appears there are more than one of us :)
Unknown said…
Yes to #6. Apparently that shows up on my list a few times. And also yes to #1. I drink Diet Dr Pepper and that makes it near the top of my list.
Unknown said…
That is not a list, that is my daily itinerary!
GO Spurs Go!
Carol Kilgore said…
Stina - Coffee, water, wine ... in that order.

David - Great game last night!
Michael Di Gesu said…
Hi, Carol,


Your top ten is familiar to all of us, but I'd swap one for ten...

Have a great weekend!
Carol Kilgore said…
Michael - I'm glad you like the header! I only drink coffee in the mornings. But I'm nearly always hungry.
Anonymous said…
Good lookin' new site, Carol. Easy to get distracted, ain't it?
Nas said…
Love your list Carole and the website looks amazing.
Carol Kilgore said…
Milo - Way too easy!

Nas - Thank you!