Sweetie, will you please pass the sugar?

Way back in the Middle Ages - like August - Crystal Collier presented me with the Super Sweet Blogger Award.

Thank you, Crystal! And I wish you all things good with Moonless!

In order to accept this award, I'm supposed to pass it on to a baker's dozen recipients. That would mean only 13 of you. So this award is for all of you. Take and pass it on, if you desire.

And . . . I have to answer five Super Sweet Questions:

1. What is your favorite dessert?
    An extra glass of wine.

2. Cake or ice cream? 
    Ice Cream. Vanilla Bean.

3. When do you like desserts most?
    I rarely eat dessert.
4. Would you choose cookies or cake?
    Cookies. With wine :)

5. Vanilla or chocolate?
    Vanilla ice cream. Chocolate cake. Red wine.

What? You know I like all kinds of things.

What are your answers?
Nosy minds want to know :)

May I have wine now?


Extra glass of wine - funny! I'm not big on deserts either, although I don't say no to cookies.
Congratulations, Carol!
Melissa said…
I like #5.
Good to hear from you. :)
Julie Flanders said…
Love the extra glass of wine answer. I also prefer vanilla ice cream, thought I was the only one. :)

Congratulations on your sweet award!
Julie Luek said…
Wine n' chocolate and I'm in a little bit of heaven. Congrats on the award. You ARE sweet!
Anonymous said…
Congrats on the award Carol. Well deserved. Looks delicious too.

VR Barkowski said…
Congrats on the award, Carol!

As for me, wine with dinner, champagne with dessert. I love it all!

VR Barkowski
Shelly said…
I hardly ever indulge in my favorite ice cream anymore but when I do, it's Blue Bell Vanilla Bean. Mmmmmm....
Congrats on the award Carol :)
But wait. You rarely eat dessert?? That's insane! I don't think we can be friends anymore j/k :)
Anonymous said…
lemon meringue pie/cake/like yourself I rarely have dessert/cookies..you can make them last longer/chocolate (you had to ask?)
Carol Kilgore said…
Alex - Never pass up a chance for wine :)

Melissa - Although this is the beginning of my fourth week back, it feels like the first time I've had a chance to chat :)

Julie F - I wonder if there's such a thing as a wine float?

Julie L - Yes :)

Yvonne - I'll check in a bit, but I hope you soon get your blog issues straightened out. I miss reading!
Funny Stuff! Congrats on the Award!
My wife has told me I should have been a female, I love Chocolate!
Wine is good, but never have I tried it with desert.
David Oliver said…
Congratulations on the award! I'll never get it. I like beer. :)
Val Poore said…
My answers would be like yours, Carol! Although I have to confess I've fallen in love with a Belgian speciality. It's call Verwen Coffee, which means 'spoiling' coffee as in being spoilt. It is divine and consists of a cup of black coffee accompanied by a glass with a scoop of vanilla ice cream drowned in advocaat and a chocolate wafer. The coffee usually has cream on it too, but I scoop that off myself. I can honestly say I feel very spoilt after that!
Val Poore said…
Oops, I forgot to say congratulations on the award! Well deserved and well done! I got too caught up in being spoilt myself there :-)
Robin said…
Your red wine comments had me tee heeing. I don't know if you know this, BUT I stopped drinking all alcohol several years ago when I connected the dots that alcohol = migraine getting worse. Now that my migraines are better I decided to try a glass of red wine and see what happens. (Studies indicate it is GOOD for you.) Turns out, nada. So, now I can drink a small glass before dinner each night without consequences. Never thought about having another for dessert... but, I will now;)
Susan Kane said…
Vanilla bean ice cream always.

Excellent cupcakes above. I wonder how the multi-color icing is achieved? Any ideas?
Jemi Fraser said…
I wish it weren't true, but if it's got chocolate in it, I'm a fan! :)
Southpaw said…
My answers change seasonally. I like chocolate but prefer vanilla cake.
joss said…
I'm really not a big dessert fan either. If I had to have something it would probably be vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce lol.
Helena said…
Wine and cheese, wine and bread, wine and lamb, wine and steak--love them all. But milk or tea with dessert.

And Carol, thank you SO MUCH for giving a good review to The Compass Master on Amazon! I really appreciate it, and I'm so glad you enjoyed my novel, maybe almost as much as I enjoyed Solomon's Compass.
Carol Kilgore said…
VR - I love champagne, but I don't often get a chance to drink it.

Shelly - Of course Blue Bell :) It is THE best!

OE - LOL! Live-In Handyman has the family sweet tooth. I'm the salty/savory one :)

Delores - Funny! I like lemon things, too. Love lemon curd on toast. Don't buy it because I could eat the entire jar in a week. And then want chips after to get the sweet taste out of my mouth LOL.

David - Red wine and chocolate cake play together nicely :)

Congratulations. Mmm, wine. Red wine. Merlot.
And no, I am not a big ice-cream fan but if it is consumed it should be vanilla. Real vanilla.
Raquel Somatra said…
Mmm, red wine. Okay, I'll answer the questions here (because I LOVE dessert!)
1. Better than you-know-what cake (the one that has the whipped cream and chocolate, mmm)
2. Cake.
3. When I crave them.
4. Cake.
5. Vanilla or chocolate?
Vanilla, every time.

Thanks for this fun little award!
Crystal Collier said…
LOL! Thanks for the well wishes, Carol, and would you like some cheese with your wine? ;)
Jennifer Shirk said…
Rarely eat dessert? Say what?!
M Pax said…
I don't eat dessert very often either. I did just have a square of chocolate with my tea. Mmmm. I'd not say no to ice cream... which is why I never buy it.
LOL Me thinks you love wine, Carol.

I LOVE dessert. I'd have it several times a day if I could. And don't even think of sharing mine at a restaurant. It's all mine, mine, mine. :D
I friend of mine likes to order a second glass of wine, while I have dessert. I love cake, cookies, and ice-cream, though I try not to eat them all in one sitting. Congrats on your award Carol!

Christine Rains said…
Chocolate cheesecake. Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. I have a monster of a sweet tooth. I would eat dessert all the time if I could!
Carol Kilgore said…
Val - I love straight black coffee, but I can see how that divine concoction could easily spoil you :)

Robin - My sister-in-law has migraines and also gave up all alcohol. Good luck with dessert!

Susan - No ideas. It looks like they iced it overall with pink frosting and squeezed the multi-color one out of a tube. No idea how they got all those colors in a pastry tube. You could ask a pastry chef.

Jemi - I like chocolate, too, but I hardly ever crave it.

Southpaw - I like cake when it's really, really fresh. After that, not so much.
Lynda R Young said…
I'm currently dieting so no chocolate, desserts OR wine!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ;)
Congratulations! Hmmmm, cheesecake!
BECKY said…
Hi Carol! I agree, you are definitely a sweetie. But you rarely eat dessert?? Wow, if only I could say that...And I did happen to see a bit of a repetitious pattern to your answers....hmmmm... :)
Jo-Anne Meadows said…
I love a nice dessert wine, with chocolate cake ice cream cake.......
Austin Towers said…
I love all of those things. Sadly theyt are not good for me! :( Congrats on the award! :) Caro xx
LR said…
An extra glass of wine is always good!

I've always had a weakness for carrot cake ;)
Carol Kilgore said…
Joss - I like vanilla ice cream and I like chocolate sauce. But I don't like them together. Color me weird.

Helena - I love all your 'wine withs' too. My pleasure about the review. I loved Layla and the story. I didn't anticipate it would take me so long to read, but life has reduced my reading time to 5 minutes here and there throughout the day for the most part.

EC - Definitely real vanilla.

Raquel - Love your answers. And yeah...I know that cake :)

Crystal - I'd love cheese, thanks!

My favorite dessert is whichever one I'm about to shovel into my mouth, and I will happily eat one whenever the opportunity presents itself. Matter of fact, I think it's a darned good idea to eat dessert as the first course. Then there's no worry about getting too full before you get around to it. BUT... I wouldn't mind simply drinking a glass of wine instead.
Carol Kilgore said…
Jennifer - No sweet tooth. I like sweets, but don't crave them. If we share dessert, I usually eat a bite or two. But I hog the chips and salsa.

Mary - It is hard to say no to good ice cream.

Julie - I should drink - I mean eat - with your friend!

Christine - I'm that way with chips and dip.

Lynda - Ouch! Good luck!
LD Masterson said…
Hmmm. You list wine as a favorite dessert then answer number 3 with "I rarely eat dessert." So, you prefer to drink yours?
Lexa Cain said…
You dieting people crack me up. Rarely eat dessert, you say? Great! Send anything you don't eat my way. Since I retired, the dreaded word "diet" doesn't exist in my vocabulary. I may die fat, but I'll die with a big ol' smile on my face!! :-)
Editors At Work said…
That reminds me, in my other blogging avatar, I have a few award posts to get around to. Yours was very good. Well done.
Linda G. said…
1. Anything chocolate.

2. Cake. (Chocolate.)

3. Before dinner. (So I know I'll have room for them.)

4. Cake. (See #2.)

5. Um, chocolate. Duh. ;)
Carol Kilgore said…
Words Crafter - I have a special story about cheesecake.

Becky - I probably drink wine more than I eat sweets.

Jo-Anne - Red wine and chocolate = win/win.

Austin - Thanks. I'm thankful I don't have a sweet tooth.

LR - I agree! Carrot cake must be nutritious, right :)
Rula Sinara said…
1. Caramel flan...actually it depends on the day. I have a terrible sweet tooth.

2. Ice cream...pistachio or amaretto

3. All the time

4. Cake with really good frosting

5. Chocolate!!!!!!!

And here I was planning to cut back on sugar today. The picture of those rainbow cupcakes did me in LOL.
L.G. Smith said…
Congrats! And OMG, my favorite thing right now is dark salted chocolate with almonds. To. Die. For. Hits both of my favorite sensations at the same time: salty and sweet. :)
Carol Kilgore said…
Susan - Live-In Handyman eats dessert first at every opportunity.

L.D. - I usually pass on dessert. But if it's appropriate for wine, that's my choice.

Lexa - I may not eat dessert, but I can finish off an appetizer, popcorn, pretzels, chips and dip with no problem at all. The only difference is I like my calories crunchy and salty instead of sweet.

Editors - Glad you liked it!

Linda G - Chocoholic?

Rula - Tomorrow... :)

Luanne - I like the chili and lime dark chocolate from World Market.
mshatch said…
Coffee ice cream is my fave but I'll have a glass of wine, too - after :)
I like a good, sweet wine. Ever had chocolate wine, Carol? When it's made right, it's divine.

L. Diane Wolfe said…
I love vanilla bean. I never realized how much until I gave up chocolate.
klahanie said…
Yeah I know. You have been anxiously waiting for a comment from this celebrity dog. Such a busy life I have.

What a sweet award you got from Crystal. Well done, you.

I'm getting the impression you are somewhat fond of whine, um wine.

Pawsitive wishes,

Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar! :)
Emily R. King said…
Ice cream and cake. Yum! You are sweet, Carol!
Carol Kilgore said…
mshatch - One of my cousins loves coffee ice cream.

Robyn - I didn't know they made chocolate wine. I'll look for it!

Diane - Vanilla Bean is a 10!

Penny - I pawsitively love your comment :)

Emily - Aww...you're sweet :)
Old Kitty said…
What's my favourite dessert? Cap'n Ninja's transparent underpants! LOL! Oh Carole, I always get quite silly when I step in your magical Tikki Hut....! Must be sand...!

Take care
Tina said…
I can't eat desserts (hypoglycemia) so I always justify the extra glass of wine ;-)
Congrats on the award!
Tina @ Life is Good
Anonymous said…
I'm a cake person, but I hear you on the wine.
Carol Kilgore said…
Old Kitty - LOL! Check my FB Page for a Friday Firefighter :)

Tina - Wine is good!

Medeia - Cake goes with wine :)
Anonymous said…
Oh yeah, vanilla bean -- with a chunky brownie!
Carol Kilgore said…
Milo - For breakfast LOL!