Friday's Top Ten

The winner of ORGANIZED TO DEATH by Jan Christensen from Monday's post is Inger at Dry Canyon Living. Congratulations, Inger!

And now on to the Top Ten.

Top ten mysterious wonders of the world:

10. Blue Holes

  9. Ice Circles

  8. Light Pillars

  7. Sailing Stones

  6. Crop Circles

  5. Nazca Lines

  4. Easter Island

  3. Stonehenge

  2. Pyramids

And the #1 mysterious wonder of the world:

  1. Ghosts and Spirits

Once I started compiling this list, I came across all kinds of strange phenomena. It was hard to cut the list to ten items!

What would make your list?


Congratulations, Inger!
Mysteries of the world? Where do socks go in the dryer and where do missing emails go?
Julie Flanders said…
Congrats to Inger! :)

I don't know what Nazca Lines and Blue Holes are so now I've got some googling to do. :D Nothing I love more than unexplained phenomena!

Happy weekend, Carol. :)
Melissa said…
No doubt. A couple of these things I hadn't ever heard of.
BECKY said…
I haven't heard of some of these, either, Carol! Hmmm, some of MY Top Ten mysterious wonders of the world....Stonehenge would be right up there near the top or AT the top. Also the pyramids and the Sphinx. I don't know if my brain can handle such deep thinking today! :)
David Oliver said…
I googled because I either didn't know or had just a vague idea of what all these were. Well all except No. 10...these I shoo away regularly whenever it is dark and my imagination runs away from me.

This blog idea is another great one!
Carol Kilgore said…
And here I thought I was the only one unfamiliar with some of these!

Alex - I dunno. And I dunno :)

Julie - I knew about Nazca Lines, but not about Blue Holes. And I agree!

Melissa - Sailing Stones made the news recently - and was the first I knew of them ... which prompted this top ten.

Becky - No worries :)

David - Thanks! Glad you like.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
I hadn't heard of a couple of those. I have seen two though.
Rachna Chhabria said…
Had not heard of 5 and 10.
Robin said…
I had to look up many things on your list. Blue Holes and Light Pillars were complete mysteries. Since I was on the internet, I read up on all of your other things just so that I could be a bit more informed. Pyramids are fascinating. How did they do it????

The only thing I would add off the top of my head is The Bermuda Triangle.
What an intriguing list! I always look forward to your Friday's Top Ten Carol! Congrats to Inger!

Shelly said…
Congrats to Inger! On my mysteries list- why my hair and humidity clash so terribly.
Janie Junebug said…
Death: So curious about it. I know where I'll go, but how will I get there? Will I see the bright light and go to the welcoming spirits?

M Pax said…
I've not heard of blue holes. I'm going to have to look those up.

Our world is a wondrous place within a wondrous universe.
Christine Rains said…
There are a few there I haven't heard of myself. Now I must go do some weird research! Have a lovely weekend.
Jemi Fraser said…
Congrats to Inger :)

A few of those are new to me as well. The Northern Lights are incredible too!
Congrats, Inger!
That's a great, comprehensive list, Carol. I can't think of what I'd add. I'm fascinated by things like lightning, waterfalls, and rainbows, all of which there are scientific explanations for. Then again, there's the Grand Canyon. I think that'd make my list.

Have a great weekend.
L.G. Smith said…
Yeah, another one here who has never heard of blue holes. Must look that up.

Also, I write a lot about ghosts, but I don't ever want to see one in real life. Er, or death, as the case may be...for them. :P
I hadn' t heard of most of those things. Very interesting. Happy weekend, everyone.
Lexa Cain said…
I didn't know a couple of things on your list, but you're right, once you start researching strange happenings and phenomena, you can find a LOT of fascinating stuff! Have a great weekend! :-)
Carol Kilgore said…
I left after lunch to go to the mall, and ended up stopping here and there. By the time I got home, I remembered I still had a load of laundry to do. And by then it was time to feed the dogs.

But I'm finally here!

Diane, Rachna, and Robin - I didn't know anything about blue holes, ice circles, or light pillars. I found them while compiling this list. Sailing stones were in the news a couple weeks ago.

Robin - The Bermuda Triangle was one of the things I omitted for lack of room only.

Julie - Glad you enjoy the Top Ten. I put Inger and Jan together after chose the winner.

Shelly - Omigosh, yes! Mine, too.
Michael Di Gesu said…
Congrats to INGER!!!!

Hi, Carol,

Interesting list. There are so many intriguing phenomenon...

Ghosts and spirits would definitely on top of my list...
Linda G. said…
I had to Google blue holes and sailing stones -- cool!
Shelley Munro said…
I haven't heard of a few of these, but they all sound intriguing. I'd add the Bermuda Triangle too.
Carol Kilgore said…
Janie - I think we'll know just what to do. Like when we were born.

Mary - I thought all you science lovers would know all these things.

Christine - Have fun researching!

Jemi - I would love to see them one day. Another mystery I left off.

Robyn - There are so many things to choose from. It was difficult to choose.

Luanne - I do think they walk among us. Or float. Or however they move.

Deanie - Welcome to the club!

Lexa - I spent way more time than I should just looking at all kinds of strange things. It was fun!
Jo-Anne Meadows said…
Ghosts and Spirits are amazing my house has a ghosts or spirit in it and my brother house has a few of them.
Congratulations, Inger!

I haven't heard of 7 - 10. I have homework to do! LOVE this list; it brings out the inner science geek in me :)
Helena said…
I didn't know about light pillars and had to look them up -- they can be gorgeous.

Another mystery -- the sailing routes Europeans and Africans took to get to the Americas centuries before Columbus or the Vikings.
Anonymous said…
A couple I hadn't heard of.. now you've got me curious. Going to google them:)
Em-Musing said…
Love your list and yes, ghosts and spirits, at least to me, are mysterious indeed.
Teresa Coltrin said…
Mysterious wonder? Me. I can't figure me out to save my life.
michelle said…
No's 7-10 are unfamiliar...
I really don't want to spend any extra time on Google than is absolutely necessary, so maybe you could enlighten us...?
Writer In Transit
VR Barkowski said…
Congrats to Inger! I thought I was up on this stuff, but Nazca Lines? Off to do some research.

VR Barkowski
Carol Kilgore said…
Michael - I agree!

Linda G - I think so, too.

Shelley - It's definitely intriguing, too, along with the Northern Lights.

Jo-Anne - As far as I can tell, my house has none.

Words Crafter - Those were discoveries for me, too.
Tina said…
I'm with Alex on the socks and the emails...but nothing wrong with your list!
Tina @ Life is Good
Bish Denham said…
I think you got all the big ones. Excellent list!
Carol Kilgore said…
Helena - Yes, another mystery :)

tfwalsh - Google is your friend LOL!

Em-Musing - They are to me, too.

Teresa - I think you're well on your way :)

Carol Kilgore said…
Michelle - All from Wikipedia:

A blue hole is a cave or underwater sinkhole. They are also called vertical caves. There are many different blue holes located around the world, typically in low-lying coastal regions. The best known examples can be found in Belize, the Bahamas, Guam, Australia (in the Great Barrier Reef), and Egypt (in the Red Sea). Blue holes are roughly circular, steep-walled depressions, and so named for the dramatic contrast between the dark blue, deep waters of their depths and the lighter blue of the shallows around them.

An ice disc, ice circle, or ice pan is a natural phenomenon that occurs in slow moving water in cold climates. Ice circles are thin and circular slabs of ice that rotate slowly in the water. It is believed that they form in eddy currents. Ice circles vary in size but have been reported to be more than 4 meters (13 ft) in diameter.

Light pillars are a kind of optical phenomenon which is formed by the reflection of sunlight or moonlight by ice crystals that are present in the Earth's atmosphere. The light pillar looks like a thin column that extends vertically above and/or below the source of light. The light pillar is prominently visible when the Sun is low or lies below the horizon.

Sailing stones are a geological phenomenon where rocks move and inscribe long tracks along a smooth valley floor without human or animal intervention. Tracks from these sliding rocks have been observed and studied in various locations, including Little Bonnie Claire Playa in Nevada,[1] and most notably Racetrack Playa, Death Valley National Park, California where the number and length of tracks are notable. These tracks have been studied since the early 1900s, yet the origins of stone movement are not confirmed.
The stones move only every two or three years and most tracks develop over three or four years. Stones with rough bottoms leave straight striated tracks while those with smooth bottoms tend to wander. Stones sometimes turn over, exposing another edge to the ground and leaving a different track in the stone's wake. Trails differ in both direction and length. Rocks may abruptly change direction to the left, right, or even back to the direction from which it came.
Carol Kilgore said…
VR - Enjoy the research!

Tina - I have enough problems with socks and email. I wanted something to let me escape :)

Bish - Thanks!
Interesting list - some of which I'd have to look up. Lists are good. I think I may start one... soon. Writer’s Mark
Carol Kilgore said…
Nancy - I'm a natural list maker, so the top ten grew out of that. Whatever your list, have fun with it :)
Val Poore said…
Carol, I'm here to follow you back! Thanks so much for dropping in on me. Your blog is a busy place for sure! You had me wondering with this post. Congratulations to Inger too! But…I don't know what I would add to this list. These are all apparently 'natural' phenomena or mysteries of antiquity, but what about the Marie Celeste? Since I am into all things with boats and barges :-) There must be other boat mysteries too, so I will look them up…hmm, a nice subject for a blog, methinks!
Old Kitty said…
Cap'n Ninja's invisible underwear!!
Take care
Inger said…
I had to laugh, you called my Desert Canyon: Dry Canyon, which is so true. Even though we did finally get some rain, this canyon is DRY!

So I won? How great is that! I'm so excited and I guess I will go to Jan's blog now and find out more. Wow!
Inger said…
I just read about the stones above, very interesting. One learns so much stuff while blogging.

Thanks to everyone for your congratulations! I love a good mystery.

Please let me know what you need from me. I would like the paperback version. My email is at the top of my blog, under a pages tab. Thanks again, Inger
Carol Kilgore said…
Val - I had to look up the Marie Celeste. Interesting indeed!

Old Kitty - LOL! I almost spewed an adult beverage all over my keyboard :)

Inger - I'm glad you came over and looked in your spam folder! Apologies for messing up the name of your blog. It was late Thursday night, and my tired little brain must have taken a shortcut and transposted dry for desert.
Nas said…
Spirits and Ghosts are mysteries, but I have no idea what a blue hole is!

Carol Kilgore said…
Nas - A blue hole is an underwater sinkhole and the water is bright blue. Scroll up a little to my l-o-n-g comment and you can read a little more.
Nick Wilford said…
Interesting list! I know they can perhaps be explained, but the Northern Lights are certainly wonderful.
Carol Kilgore said…
Nick - I'd love to see the Northern Lights one day. Or night :)
Pat Tillett said…
Most of yours would make my list as well. I've never believed in crop circles though. I've seen people make them and it isn't very hard.

One that used to really blow my mind are the sailing stones in Death Valley. I've seen them several times and I finally figured it out. Space Aliens moved them!

The mystery that confuses me the most though, is...
Why do many elderly ladies dye their hair blue?
Carol Kilgore said…
Pat - The blue hair mystery puzzles me, too :)