A-Z Solomon's Compass Style: You

Welcome A-Z bloggers!
And everyone else, of course :)
My A-Z posts are all about my new book, SOLOMON'S COMPASS.

I'm back again - this is Carol.

This post is dedicated to YOU!

To all of you reading this.

If you've read and commented on every A-Z post here at the Tiki Hut, omigosh I love you :)

And if you're a first-timer today and read only, thanks for stopping by. I hope you've enjoyed your A-Z as much as I have.

Most of you probably fall somewhere in the middle. There are a few blogs I think I've visited every day, but not many. We can't comment on every blog every day - at least I can't. So we pick and choose and try to hit the highlights.

I have a surprise.
One final A-Z giveaway.

If you leave a comment today, 
you will be entered into the giveaway 
for one Kindle copy of 

This copy is good for you OR for a friend or family member. So if you've already read it, it's a great time to share with a friend.

You must comment by
10 p.m. Central Daylight Time tonight
to be eligible for the giveaway.

I will post the name of the winner at the top of tomorrow's final A-Z post. 

I've met so many wonderful new people during this challenge, and I hope after the craziness is over, you'll come back and become friends.

Good luck in the giveaway!

Oh ... Lulu said to tell you that it only takes one click to get your copy of SOLOMON'S COMPASS at Amazon today :)


I haven't been able to visit every one of my blogger buddies every day, but I think I've managed to stop here every time.
And already own a copy!
I don't know how everyone survived blogging everyday. You all deserve a prize, or a month long vacation from blogging.

Don't enter me. My TBR pile is out of control, and my CP has a pile of books for me to borrow.
Nick Wilford said…
I've been here nearly every day and loved your posts. I missed a few days of blogging while I was away. So I won't be taking too much of a break because I've already had it!

Thanks for the giveaway!
Anonymous said…
I think I have visited you but then we all have visited so many over the month,

Linda G. said…
Not sure if I've made it every single day, but I tried. It's been so much fun listening to your characters talk! :)
L. Diane Wolfe said…
I know I didn't make it to everyone. I'd start by visiting a few blogs in the morning, but by afternoon, I'm just playing catch-up with comments.
Sally said…
I didn't find you until later in the challenge, so I haven't read every post but since then I've been able to keep up.
L.G. Smith said…
Almost everyone I know is posting six days a week right now so, uh, no I haven't been visiting anyone every day. Been fun to just be an observer for awhile though. :)
Carol Kilgore said…
Everyone ... The A-Z is fun and exhausting at the same time. And the first two weeks I did a blog tour for Solomon's Compass, too. Most of the time I had to make sure where I was. Now I just have to make sure who I am in the comments here - LOL!

And no matter how many times you've been here, as long as you comment today, you're entered to win a copy of Solomon's Compass for yourself OR FOR A FRIEND.

Sally - That's happened with me, too.

Teresa Coltrin said…
I've been here pretty much every day. Saturdays were hard for me to get around, though.

I hope you've sold bunches.
Clarissa Draper said…
Even though it's been exhausting, I've really enjoyed the challenge and all the blogs I've visited. I have learned so much more about your characters from coming here.
C. Lee McKenzie said…
What a great way to wrap up the AtoZ!
Bish Denham said…
I haven't visited everyone either. But maybe I have an excuse? I've been working on a novel during this whole challenge!

Anyway... *sticking hand up in the air and waving wilding* put my name in the hat!
I have not been able to make it every day of the A-Z challenge but I certainly enjoy my visits here every single time :-)
Laura Eno said…
Carol? Carol who? I don't think I've seen her around here lately. ;)
I can't imagine trying to do A to Z and a blog tour at the same time!
LR said…
I really admire you A-Z people! Don't know how you do it

I don't need the giveaway... My paperback of Solomon is on the way :)

P.S. Love your picture with the pink flower
Julie Luek said…
I think your A-Z posts have been especially wonderful to visit. I liked how you worked tidbits of facts supporting your book into your posts. As a writer, it was a good learning experience to see how much research and thought you put into your book and details. Well done, Carol!
M said…
I've been stopping by regularly, but I'll admit I often can't think of anything to say when it comes to commenting on blogs. Especially if it's creative writing as opposed to a topical issue. How many times can one say, "I really like this!" or some variation of such . . . Even though, as a writer I do know we love to hear it! But thanks for entertaining all of us throughout the month anyway.

Jennifer Shirk said…
Great prize to win!! :-)
J.L. Campbell said…
Hey, Carol,
April always passes in a blur for me. Didn't stop everyday, but I did check out some of your characters, which was inneresting.
Carol Kilgore said…
I appreciate all of you stopping in, whether it was once or every day. I'm happy to entertain you for a few minutes. I also appreciate your comments, no matter how often :)

Teresa - Love your Ruralhood romp through your Summer of 73 :)

Clarissa - Glad you learned more about the characters. I've loved your codes :)

Bish - Kudos! I have not been writing fiction this month, and I can't wait to get back to my WIP!

Laura - Those two weeks were wild!

LR - There's a whole story behind that picture. I'll share it one day!

Julie - Thanks. I like having the facts straight. For me, it's much easier to weave the fiction and the story through that kind of framework.

M - No worries :)
Tara Tyler said…
enjoyed learning more about solomon's compass this month! hope to read it this summer =)
working end of a scrub brush, perfect hair description!
thanks for highlighting the coast guard, always wondered about their job & wow! they cover it all!

thanks so much for visiting me so much!
i'll be highlighting you on reflection day!
Julie Flanders said…
How generous of you to offer another giveaway! It's been fun visiting here each day and learning more about your wonderful book. :)
Robin said…
I've been here every day since I found you (I think). But, it has been chaos with this challenge. I know that I didn't have time to go back and read your older postings in the A to Z. I do look forward to reading your posts AFTER the A to Z is over, though:)
M Pax said…
I confess to being a bit tired of blogging at the moment... I think it'd be weird not to be.

I did my best to try and keep in touch with folks, but probably failed. but we're all in that boat together. Right?
Carol Kilgore said…
Tara - Cool! Thanks. Will see you next month, too, but probably not as often :)

Julie - I've loved learning more about Alaska. I didn't know much, and now I do :)

Robin and Mary - Exactly the same for me with each of you.
Helena said…
I'm happy to say I have Solomon's Compass and am really looking forward to it.

But I'm ashamed to say I missed a few of your A-Z entries. But then I missed a few entries on every blog I follow 'cause I'm kinda incompetent that way.

I really enjoyed how your A-Z was tied into plot points and characters in your book. That really worked for me.
Shelley Munro said…
I think I've read most of your posts, and I've enjoyed getting to know the Solomon's Compass folk better.
VR Barkowski said…
I'd planned to do so much more A to Z visiting, but with my WiFi issues, I've stayed pretty close to home. Guess that makes The Tiki Hut my home away from home. :)

VR Barkowski
Liza said…
While I didn't do A-Z, I gave myself my own April challenge that made it hard for me to visit and comment. Congrats to you for reaching the end (well, tomorrow)! What a great accomplishment! Each year, I admire those who dare, and sneak off to my own quiet corner until May. Hope you have enjoyed your month!
Carol Kilgore said…
I'm happy you enjoyed visiting here. I'm sure some of you visited me more than I visited you. I try to keep on top of that, but sometimes ... well, you know how it gets. Good intentions!

Liza - Kudos for setting your own April Challenge!
Donna said…
This has been quite a month. Enjoyed reading your posts and will go back and catch up on ones I missed. It's impossible to keep up with everyone - but fun trying! I love the cover for Solomon's Compass! Just draws me in.
Jo-Anne Meadows said…
I know I love to win stuff, unfortunally I rarely do........
Anonymous said…
Nice to meet you Carol. Your book looks great.
Carol Kilgore said…
Donna - Glad you like the cover. The challenge has been fun1

Jo-Anne - Good luck!

joyinthemoments - Thanks. Nice to meet you, too.
I am in awe at the dedication and inspiration that you and all the A to Z bloggers have produced.
LD Masterson said…
Well, I've visited you every day that I've blogged (which is M-W-F unless I'm out of town) but I missed today's deadline. That's what I get for blogging at night.
michelle said…
Carol, my intention was to visit your blog EVERY DAY, but I think that I missed out somewhere along the way... *sighs*
On the other hand, you commented on every post on my blog! You are a star!!

Writer In Transit
Carol Kilgore said…
Oops, I see I forgot to answer y'all. I'm blaming it on A-Z brain.

EC - A-Z was fun! But exhausting.

LD - No worries. I think I'm an A-Z zombie. I barely know who I am.

Michelle - I loved going over there coming up with wacky definitions for those fun words!