A-Z Solomon's Compass Style: Fishing Town

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Fishing is the reason I came to Rock Harbor. This is AJ again … as if you couldn't tell. 

It got to the point I spent so much money in fuel coming down here from Austin every weekend that it was cheaper for me to move. It was just me, so the process was easy. I've never regretted it.

Back then, the place was starting to change from a true fishing town into a coastal town for fishing and festivals and good times. People come from Houston, Austin, San Antonio, even Dallas, the Panhandle, and Oklahoma, to fish in our waters. All kinds of fish live around here, and sharks, too. The ones most people fish for, though, are redfish, speckled trout, flounder, and black drum inshore, and amberjack, pompano, and red snapper offshore.

About 10,000 souls call Rock Harbor home, but that doesn't mean they live here year round. It does mean most of them have a boat. On any given Monday-Thursday, we’re probably about half that number. Most weekends, if you double that number and add some, you’ll be close.

Oh, yeah - we have Winter Texans, too. We like them a lot :)

Come for the fishing … Stay for the fun!


Carol’s on the patio. In a hammock. With her Kindle. She said for me to handle everything while she recharges. No extra blog today, but the Solomon's Compass Tour resumes on Monday!

And I’m to make sure to remember to say …

Happy Weekend!


Anonymous said…
It sounds like a lovely place.

Happy reading to Carol.
Michael Di Gesu said…
Sound like the perfect place to kick back and relax!

I've only driven through Texas, but I'd like to visit Austin and the shoreline... Thanks for sharing your town with us AJ !

Happy weekend Carol!
Typical beach town - double the number on the weekends.
Enjoy YOUR weekend, Carol!
Anonymous said…
Happy Weekend to you too AJ....maybe check in with Carol and see if she needs her drink topped up.
Trisha F said…
I live on the coast and wouldn't have it any other way :) My town isn't all that small but it's small enough I guess :P
L.G. Smith said…
I live in landlocked Colorado so the beach always sounds like a wonderful place to vacation. Not with the sharks, though. They're the reason I don't swim in the ocean.
Bish Denham said…
Here in the Hill Country we call those Winter Texans, Snow Birds. :)
Carol Kilgore said…
Medeia - We like it!

Michael - Except when there's a murder....

Delores - Carol was just in here refilling her coffee mug :)

Trisha - Carol has lived at or near the coast all her life, except on two occasions.

Luanne - I don't swim out there either.

Bish - That's because the Hill Country sometimes offers them snow!
M Pax said…
It sounds like a wonderful place. Enjoy the hammock, Carol!
Maryann Miller said…
I love a good fishing spot. Maybe I'll come to south TX and check out your place.
Inger said…
I hope you have a nice weekend too and enjoy some of that local fish. There's nothing better than eating it fresh.
Jan Morrison said…
AJ! You are being good. Why do I distrust that? Tell Carol to have a mojito for me.
Jan Morrison
L. Diane Wolfe said…
That's why we only go to the beach during the week!
Carol Kilgore said…
MPax - I think Carol went for a walk. I don't see her out there.

Maryann - Come on down. I'll take you out to the best spot on the bay.

Inger - I totally agree about fresh fish.

Jan - I'm always good. Except when I'm not :)

Diane - Smart cookie!

Lexa Cain said…
It's weird to live in a town that's population changes. I live in a resort town, and sometimes it's packed and sometimes its quiet. We have some fishermen, but most are interested in diving, windsurfing and lying in the sun!
Have a wonderful weekend! :-)
DL Hammons said…
I've been through there once. Lovely place! :)
Mark Means said…
It sounds as relaxing as the Florida Keys :)
Carol Kilgore said…
Lexa - People head to Mustang and Padre Islands for those things around here. Except for the diving. Not much of that goes on in our immediate area.

DL - Thank you! Come back anytime!

Mark - Much the same, just Texas style.

Jan - You bet!
Unknown said…
I come from a little fishing/tourist town in Washington State and as much as I love north Texas, I sure miss living by the water.

Rockport sounds right up my alley!

visiting from the #AtoZchallenge
Twitter: @mentalmosaic
Blog: http://www.mentalmosaic.com/blog
Sounds heavenly! Enjoy :)
Al Diaz said…
She's on the hammock? I want a hammock too. If i can't have the beach...
Happy weekend, Carol! :D
VR Barkowski said…
Hope they're biting this weekend, AJ. The fish that is. Not the Rock Harbor residents. :)

~VR Barkowski
Julie Flanders said…
There is a fishing town on Martha's Vineyard that I just love, I couldn't help but think of that in my head while reading this. I can't wait to be there this summer.

Happy Weekend, Carol! And you too, AJ! :D
Jo-Anne Meadows said…
Rock Harbour sounds nice........
Carol Kilgore said…
Tui - Washington is a bit cooler than the South Texas Coast, but the towns are probably a lot alike.

Wendy - Trust me...we do!

Al - She's sitting at the other end of the bar now with a Shiner Bock in her hand.

VR - Hooked a couple this morning!

Julie - Enjoy your own fishing town! And have a good weekend, yourself.

Jo-Anne - You'll have to visit sometime and see for yourself!
Clarissa Draper said…
Sounds like a wonderful place. Especially if you like fishing. See you Monday! I hope to finish your book this weekend.
I want to go drown some worms!!

Carol Kilgore said…
Clarissa - There's more to do here, but fishing is my favorite pastime.

Heather - Do it!
Carol deserves a rest, she has been working very, very hard. And isn't she lucky she has you to hold the fort...
Have a good weekend yourselves. All of you; Carol, AJ and all the characters we have yet to meet...
Shelley Munro said…
I hoped you enjoyed your reading, Carol.
Old Kitty said…
AJ!!! Please ensure that the lovely Carol recharges fully and completely!! Maybe bring her a cocktail or three with little umbrellas on them! Or have a fireman with a dog deliver these! :-)

Have a great weekend!! take care
Nick Wilford said…
I'd like to come and try some of that fish although I'd be no good at catching it!
I haven't been fishing in FOREVER!!
Carol Kilgore said…
I had such a great day yesterday! Isn't AJ doing a marvelous job? I plan to be here most of the day today, but he may step in if it gets too busy :)

EC - I'm all recharged and ready. Except for laundry. There are mounds of it!

Shelley - I did! I'm so behind. And I keep buying more books. Ack!

Old Kitty - AJ did a fantastic job! I have a small collection of those umbrellas now - one of every color :) I didn't see a fireman, tho :(

Nick - The fish is awesome!

OE - Maybe it's time you visit the coast nearest you and give it a try :)
Tammy Theriault said…
Can't wait to read more about it!
Tara Tyler said…
enjoying the different personalities describing your book!
especially e! ha!
Robin said…
I love places like this that are smaller on the week days and boom on the weekends. My mom grew up in Laketown, the summers were huge.

First time visitor, great idea for A to Z giving us bits of your novel from different POVs.
Nas said…
Oh, I'm glad Carol is catching up on reading! This sounds liek a lovely place, thanks for the introduction!
Carol Kilgore said…
Tara - Great! Glad to hear it :)

Robin - I can imagine. I've lived in places like that, too.

Nas - I'm still way behind in my reading.
DWei said…
I've never gone fishing before or been in a hammock.

I think I'm missing out on something here.
LR said…
Ooh that sounds like an intriguing place!
Can't wait to read Solomon! :)
Old Kitty said…
Amazing Carol!! It's me again!! Just tried to read your interview over at Jennifer Shirk's but a big bad malware red alert popped up saying Jennifer's blog is riddled with malware and so it disappeared!! Oh dear!!! Thought I'd let you and Jennifer know!

Take care
Carol Kilgore said…
DWei - Both are fun! Give them a try.

LR - Cool :)

Old Kitty - Everything is fixed over there now. Give it a try :)