A-Z Solomon's Compass Style: Eskimos

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Dan, again. AJ didn’t make it back from fishing in time to get over here to open up. That means . . . uh,oh. I can't tell you what that means or Carol may come running in here and . . . well, I shouldn't tell you what could happen, either. 

This is hard! I'll just move on into today's post. The E word is Eskimos.

You thought there were Eskimos in Rock Harbor? Bless your hearts :)

The top ten reasons why you won’t find Eskimos in Rock Harbor:

10. There are no whales

  9. There are no parkas

  8. There are no seals

  7. Except for a SEAL :)

  6. There are no walruses

  5. There are no polar bears

  4. There are no igloos

  3. There is no snow

  2. There’s definitely not enough ice

And the #1 reason you won’t find Eskimos in Rock Harbor:

  1. SOLOMON’S COMPASS takes place in the summer. 
      At the South Texas Coast.
      Got it?


Today Carol’s being interviewed by Anne Gallagher, at Piedmont Writer. There’s not much telling what she’ll say once she gets wound up. If you know what I mean.


That last one is a good enough reason!
Bish Denham said…
LOL! How about... there's too much sand?
Linda G. said…
LOL! Not even one Eskimo who maybe wanted to retire south? ;)
Rachna Chhabria said…
Hmm...no eskimos, not even a teenie weenie one.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Bless your hearts - LOL! When I moved to NC, someone told me there was a second, unspoken part to that phrase: "Bless your heart - you stupid fool!"
Teresa Coltrin said…
Probably a little to warm for a happy Eskimo to live there.
Carol Kilgore said…
We've been using the air conditioner for a while now, Alex.

Bish, we're on a bay and only have scattered, narrow beaches here. A few miles south are the beautiful beaches of Port Aransas, Mustang and Padre islands.

Linda, if there's an Eskimo here, I haven't seen him. Or her. Of couse, they'd be in shorts and flip-flops, so how would I know?

None that I or anyone around here knows, Rachna.

Well, this is Texas, Diane. We don't hold it against you if your cornbread's not quite done when you speak. We all have our moments - at least I do, for sure - and we love you just as you are.

My thoughts exactly, Teresa!
Inger said…
Are you absolutely certain?!
Jemima Pett said…
You may have enough ice... unless you've had it all in your drinks?
Great idea!
Happy A to Z-ing
Jemima at Jemima's blog
I just read about Eskimo ice cream on Julie Flanders blog. You guys are in sync!
LD Masterson said…
Maybe you could invite one. He might like it there.

Carol, please stop by my blog when you get a change. I left something for you there.
LD Masterson said…
Oh, pooh. That should have been "get a chance."
Hart Johnson said…
I bet you might be able to buy an Eskimo pie. *love Eskimo pies*
Kim Van Sickler said…
But that could make an interesting story...a lost Eskimo...how he found and adopted a new home.
Julie Flanders said…
LOL. The poor Eskimos are missing out. Happy Friday!
They only have enough ice to ice down the beer!

Got it!

Clarissa Draper said…
Well, I know one thing, I'm really enjoying your book. It's super exciting.
Liza said…
Laughing! When this flashed up on my reader I was dying to see how Eskimos would fit in. Well done!
Carol Kilgore said…
Things have been way too busy for a Friday, but I think the last crisis has been dealt with.

As certain as I can be, Inger, without asking every new person I see.

Jemima, the Tiki Hut is a busy place. I didn't know I was going to have to work! Rocks drinks, frozen drinks, icing down boiled shrimp. Water and soda, too. And beer!

Carol told me about that Eskimo ice cream, Michael. No thank you. Maybe that's why we don't have Eskimos here :)

Only if he promises to leave his ice cream at home, Linda :) I'll tell Carol about stopping by. She should be back here in a bit.

I love Eskimo Pies, Hart! Now I'm hungry.
Shelley Munro said…
LOL - glad to see Dan is on the ball.
Laura Eno said…
LOL! Not many Eskimos on the south Texas coast. :) This month is so crazy I forgot today was Friday and the Top Ten!
Carol Kilgore said…
Great imagination Kim. Maybe he fell off a refrigerated barge on the ICW.

I'd love to have them here if they were around, Julie!

Heather! You know what it's about!

I'm really glad to hear that, Clarissa. I can't wait to tell Carol!

I see we got your attention, Liza!

You bet, Shelley!

Laura, I think Carol forgot her way home. She should have been back here already.
michelle said…
The only Eskimo I've seen is Eskimo Pie... the chocolate covered ice-cream with vanilla inside... on a stick... the one you buy from the ice-cream vendor who walks around ringing his bell...
Nel said…
They would probably have heat stroke.
until next time...nel
Carol Kilgore said…
Dan's gone home. This is Carol.

Michelle - I love Eskimo Pies!

Nel - Probably so. It gets really hot in Texas in the summer.
VR Barkowski said…
You never know, it's possible Rock Harbor could get Eskimo tourists during the summer. Perhaps the Rock Harbor Visitors Bureau should consider making up a brochure?

Then again, maybe not...
Carol Kilgore said…
VR - There could be a huge influx. And who knows what could happen once they shed their parkas!
Jo-Anne Meadows said…
Ok the mention of Eskimos has me thinking of an old song called "Don't go near the Eskimos"....lol
Welcome back Dave. I suppose if there are no eskimos, there are none. Perhaps next book. What do you think?
Welcome back Dave. I suppose if there are no eskimos, there are none. Perhaps next book. What do you think?
DWei said…
I bet you're lying. This is a trick. A trick to make us believe that there are no Eskimos in Rock Harbor.

This will make the scene where a helicopter full of them jump out feel even more unexpected.
Carol Kilgore said…
Jo-Anne - I'll have to see if I can find that song on YouTube.

EC - No Eskimos in the next book that I know of, but it's still in the works. You never know who may turn up, LOL!

DWei - LOL! You'll have to read the book to find out :)