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In honor of St. Patrick's Day, March 17 ...

The top ten things about leprechauns:

10. They're Irish fairies

  9. They always wear green

  8. They're loners

  7. They're always male

  6. If captured, he must tell you the truth

  5. But he's not forbidden from using tricks

  4. And he will try to escape

  3. You must keep eye contact with him

  2. And not take the coin he offers you

And the #1 thing about leprechauns:

  1. They are cunning and will do anything to avoid revealing the location of their hidden pot of gold.

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Congratulations to the winners!
They are all male. What's up with that? The dudes need some lady friends. (Or pretty soon there won't be any more leprechauns!)
Linda G. said…
Thanks for the leprechaun lesson! I didn't know you had to keep eye contact with them. I'll remember that if I ever run across one.
Anonymous said…
I feel prepared now if I ever meet up with a leprechan. congratulations to the winners.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
They are sneaky little snots!
Summer Ross said…
Love # 10 but I'm biased to fairies. :) Thanks for posting.
Manzanita said…
Congratulations book winners.

Now, I am all prepared in case I run into Leprechauns. I met a couple once but I didn't know what to say.
Wonderful weekend to ya.
Julie Luek said…
I laughed when I saw the picture with this post. My family has a thing with gnomes-- it's kind of an inside joke with us, and I have a few of the tackiest I could find in my front garden. The other day in Walmart they had.. wait for it.. a bobblehead gnome! I covet it. :)

Congrats to the winners!
L.G. Smith said…
No females? No wonder leprechauns are so grumpy. :P
LD Masterson said…
As Alex pointed out, if all leprechauns are male, where do, littler...leprechauns come from?
Linda Kage said…
Okay, I knew like, only one of those facts. That's really kind of cool. Thanks for sharing!
~Sia McKye~ said…
Congratulations to book winners!

Someone must have figured out how to command the little guys cause I see them in gardens everywhere. Hmmm.
Rachna Chhabria said…
Congrats to the winners. I like leprechauns :)
Carol Kilgore said…
Alex - I found little information about that. And what I found was conflicting.

Linda G - They can vanish in the blink of an eye.

Delores - I did my job, LOL!

Diane - I almost blew coffee through my nose.

Summer - My pleasure :)
Southpaw said…
Congrats to the winners!

Happy St. Patrick's Day.
Johanna Garth said…
I didn't realize it was a rule that they had to tell the truth! Good to know in case I catch one.
DWei said…
Congrats to the winner! So, how exactly do Leprechaun's reproduce then if they're all male...?
Mark Means said…
Drat! I knew I shouldn't have taken that coin from that guy I thought was a midget in green.... :)
Carol Kilgore said…
Manzie - Preparation is the key :)

Julie - I just saw that I need to go in and tag that photo as coming from morgueFile. I chose it because legend says leprechauns used to dress in red, so I picked one with a red hat.

Luanne - Exactly!

LD - *Shrugs* Dunno. Glad I'm a regular human :)

Linda K - Amazing the facts a little research uncovers :)
Janie Junebug said…
St. Patrick's Day was my dad's birthday; thus, his nickname was Pat. He was no Irish leprechaun.

Liza said…
If they are all male, how do we get more of them? Happy St. Pat's Day!
Julie Flanders said…
Cute list! Happy St. Patrick's Day to you, Carol. :)
Gwen Gardner said…
Congrats to the book winners. I'm always careful around leprechauns because they'll suck you in if they can, to the exclusion of all else!
Laura Eno said…
No lady leprechauns? Life seems so unfair.
The gnome cracked me up! I should go find one and start talking to it. You never know if a faerie is trapped inside.
Leprechauns can be trouble! Nice list!
Jo-Anne Meadows said…
I never thought about leprechauns always being male if they are all male how do they make baby
CATachresis said…
Begorrah!!!! Happy St Paddy's Day to you too lol
Anonymous said…
I love this. When my oldest was little, she got up one night out of the blue and said she was terrified of the leprechauns. Trophy hubby built "invisible" traps to catch them.
I think we can make up anything we want to about the little buggers. It seems fitting!
Happy St. Patrick's Day, Carol!
Carol Kilgore said…
I'm running a little behind today. But I'll catch up!

Sia - The Leprechaun King :)

Rachna - Cool!

Southpaw - Happy St. Paddy's all around!

Johanna - Watch out for tricks, though!

DWei - If anyone knows, they're not telling :)
Congratulations to the winners.
Given how tricky leprechauns are, I don't think the possibility of some cross-dressers can be ruled out. And, if they thought they had fooled you, the laughter would be loud and long.
Melissa said…
Love this top 10. :)
Oh, come on, there are lady leprechauns! They're just a wee bit shy is all. And busy... because they're back home in their hollow tree (or is that Keebler elves?) brewing up a mighyt fine batch of Irish whiskey. (See, the mister isn't really grumpy. He's got a hangover.)
Clarissa Draper said…
Congrats to the winners. I honestly didn't know I knew so little about SPD!
Susan said that the lady leprechauns are brewing Irish whiskey, so where do Shamrock Shakes come from?! Great list Carol, and congrats to the winners! Happy St Patrick's Day!

Raquel Somatra said…
Yes! You're not even supposed to blink! Too many stories end with the heaps of gold turning to leaves...

Love that little light bearer photo, too. :)
michelle said…
Congrats to the book winners!
Great leprechaun list! Cute creatures...
What about the lady lepries?
Carol Kilgore said…
Mark - Live and learn.

Janie - We have a St. Paddy's birthday in our family, too.

Liza - Maybe cloning is their family secret?

Julie - Happy St. Paddy's!

Gwen - Can't be too careful :)
Lexa Cain said…
So leprechauns are always male, huh? Then how do they get new, baby leprechauns? Hmm...
Anonymous said…
Congrats to the winners.

I want to see that pot of gold.
Carol Kilgore said…
Laura - Jezebel will know :)

Elizabeth - Beware the leprechaun!

Jo-Anne - Play Dough and an Easy Bake Oven?

CATachresis - Happy St. Paddy's back!

Kelly - Invisible traps! Love it :)
Carol Kilgore said…
Elephant's Child - I may hear them tee-heeing in the bushes outside my window now :)

Melissa - Thanks!

Susan - So the female leprechauns are whiskey makers keeping the menfolk happy :)

Clarissa - Amazing, right?

Julie - Shamrock Shakes...shaky shamrocks?
Carol Kilgore said…
Raquel - The little buggers are quite cunning :)

Michelle - No one knows for sure about the ladies, but rumors are flying!

Lexa - Fairy dust and magic?

Medeia - So do I!
mshatch said…
yes, if they're always male where do the wee ones come from? Or aren't there any? And if so, does this mean that there's an ever diminishing number of leprechauns?
Old Kitty said…
I want one!! But in pink, please, thank you! Take care
Nas said…
Hi Carol!

Congratulations to the winners.

I feel prepared now if I ever meet a leprechan.
Carol Kilgore said…
Old Kitty - Charlie and Gumtree would make your Pink Leprechaun earn every bit of his gold, LOL!

Nas - Excellent :)
Carol Kilgore said…
Oops ... Missed Ms. Hatch. Sorry. Got distracted and that was that. I believe there's a grand coverup. Or they're lying :)