Friday's Top Ten

Top ten goals to share for 2013:

10. Be grateful for all the good things in 2012

  9. Eat well better

  8. Work hard

  7. Play harder

  6. Get revenge Don't waste time on snakes and skunks

  5. Keep promises

  4. Laugh long

  3. Exercise more

  2. Love like there's no tomorrow

And the #1 goal to share for 2013:

  1. Don't stop breathing


Don't forget to breathe!
I like the one about snakes and skunks.
Manzanita said…
I loved #6 and so very Scorpionic. Get revenge and who wants to waste time on snakes and skunks???
Julie Luek said…
I'm glad you set breathing as number one. So inhibiting when it gets moved down the list. Play hard, check. Workout, check. Ignore the skunks, check. Eat well? OK now you're just stepping on toes...
VR Barkowski said…
#1 definitely rules as top goal, but #3 made me laugh out loud. Which pretty much takes care of #4 too. :)
Laura Eno said…
Like VR, you took care of #4 for me with your laugh out loud list.
Amen to #1. Never quit breathing!

Have an awesome weekend!
Summer Ross said…
right on with number 1- great top ten! I always love coming to see what you came up with.
Clarissa Draper said…
I almost forgot #1 this morning but recovered quickly. Great list to start off the year.
Wow, those are good ones, Carol. Especially like #1.
I'm still working on the diet an exercise thing, but at least #1 is easy. For now, anyway.
Southpaw said…
Love this list. It got me laughing too! I love the edits. :)
Carol Kilgore said…
Alex - Exactly. They're not worth the time or effort.

Manzanita - Scorpios rock!

Delores - Thanks :)

Julie - Oxygen always helps!

VR - #3 was lucky to make the list :)

Linda Kage said…
Sounds like a plan!! Good luck, and make sure you keep #1 at the very least! Happy New Year.
Carol Kilgore said…
Laura - Gotta breathe!

Summer - The top ten usually surprises me, too.

Clarissa - Great recovery!

Janet - Thanks. I like #1, too :)

Karen - #1's a good thing :)
Love your list! My favorites are #1 and #6, though maybe it's better not to breathe around skunks!
Luanne Smith said…
Curse the new year and all these good things we're supposed to do for ourselves! I can't wait for February so I can fall back in my soft chair, eat a box of chocolate, and say "meh" to exercise again. :P

Just kidding. Great list, and I'm even doing a few of those things on a regular basis. Shocking, I know. :)
Jennifer Shirk said…
Breathing now!
Thanks for the reminder. LOL
nutschell said…
love these, carol! laugh long sounds like a great goal :)

Carol Kilgore said…
Holly - Cool :)

Linda K - You, too!

Julie - LOL!

Luanne - Wait, while I pick myself up off the floor :)

Jennifer - Whew! You're welcome :)

Nutschell - That one is easy for me :)
Julie Flanders said…
LOL, I love #9. That's about the best I can hope for myself in that regard. I keep trying, though. :D

Have a great weekend, Carol! I can't wait for next week's big reveal. :)
What a terrific list. It sounds like you had fun with it, and take the whole thing about as seriously as I do. Here's to continued breathing for all of us!
Carol Kilgore said…
Julie - Same here. Just a little better. Bite by bite :)

Susan - Life's too short not to laugh :)
Helena said…
I must eat more vegetables in 2013. And play much, much harder.
LR said…
I love no. 6.

Who needs stupid snakes and skunks? ;)
New year is a sign of new beginnings, hence the resolutions.

It's good though, if we remember that it's not always possible to keep them all. It's okay if we don't always make it once the intentions are good.
Carol Kilgore said…
Helena - Same for me!

LR - Exactly.

Nas - Right. Don't beat yourself up :)
Hannah Kincade said…
I need to do more of all of these things and also, get more massages. :)
Kelley Lynn said…
OOo, I'm gonna steal your #1 :) Happy New Year!
Carol Kilgore said…
Hannah - Love massages :)

Kelley Lynn - Go for it!
Medeia Sharif said…
Great list. I really like #6.
Linda G. said…
Good list. Most important being #10, of course, without which none of the others would matter.
Old Kitty said…
I totally agree!! Breathing is good!! Must never forget to do so - especially when laughing while exercising and loving! :-)

Yay! Happy New Year!! Take care
Carol Kilgore said…
Medeia - It's hard to let go a grudge and the idea of getting even. Especially for Scorpios, LOL. But it's better to not even give them the benefit of a single thought.

Linda G - Right!

Old Kitty - My thoughts, too :)

Melissa said…
Another great list. And one I can really relate to. :)
Carol Kilgore said…
Melissa - Thanks. Yep...we all breathe :)
Teresa Coltrin said…
I love your lists and this one is a list I need to follow.

Lynda R Young said…
Yep, I'd like to not stop breathing in 2013... It's a good goal :)