WISH, The Awakening by Laura Eno

I'm so pleased to be part of Laura Eno's latest book release. Just look at this gorgeous cover!

And now I'll let Laura tell you about her new book.

Wish, The Awakening – YA dark fantasy

Most residents of Pine Hill shy away from seventeen-year-old Lelah without knowing why. It's the Djinn magic surging through her blood. She lives in a world where wishes are really curses, dark power meant to twist and deceive in unimaginable ways.
When a fit of temper exposes Lelah for what she really is, she must flee to a sanctuary only whispered about, before her family is exposed and enslaved by their ancient enemy. What she discovers is a treacherous path filled with power, lies, and betrayal – a path that's destined to ensnare her and destroy a civilization.


About the Author
Laura Eno lives in Florida with a very tolerant husband, three skulking cats and two absurdly happy dogs. After spending years immersed in college but never figuring out what she wanted to be when she grew up, she now writes novels late at night with the help of muses from the underworld. And, no, she still hasn't grown up but that's okay.

So now that you've seen the cover and read the blurb ... what are you waiting for? Click on one of the links and immerse yourself in Lelah's story.

Have a wonderful and productive week. I'm wishing this for you and for me - especially the productive part. Last week came with a lot of interruptions, and I started falling a little behind.

And stop in at Linda Kage's blog to learn which one of the events she listed on Friday happened to me. Did anyone guess? And thanks for visiting over there, too :)

See you Friday!


Laura Eno said…
Thank you for sharing "Wish" on your blog today!
Very excited for Laura and already have my copy!
Love the cover! Cool concept. :D

I'm hoping for the same level of productivity this week that I had last week. Not sure, though, if it will happen.
~Sia McKye~ said…
The cover is absolutely gorgeous.

Now, what I like about the time she spent on getting the right cover, is the fact if you lined them up with traditionally published books, you'd have no idea that she has self published this book.

And that's what you want. Cover art that draws the reader to look twice, look long enough to read the blurb and buy.

Kudos to Laura for her professional approach to her writing by realizing cover art is a strong marketing tool.
L.G.Smith said…
That is a beautiful cover. Love that necklace or charm or whatever it is on the left. Good blurb for a dark fantasy, too. :)
Anonymous said…
Good luck to Laura. I read Prophecy Moon earlier this year. Good luck with The Awakening.
Carol Kilgore said…
Laura - My pleasure. I love your writing because you take me beyond my own imagination :)

Alex - Getting mine today!

Stina - Fingers crossed for you :)

Sia - I totally agree about the importance of book covers.

L.G. - I know. Have to read to find out what it is!

Stephen - I've read several of Laura's books. Love 'em!
Rula Sinara said…
That is a gorgeous cover, and the story sounds great!
J.L. Campbell said…
That's a very nice cover. That's one intense character. The mist hints at mystery and danger.

I see Laura has never grown up. IMO, that's a great place to be.
congrats to lady Eno, the whole blogorealm is covered with her book today :)
Carol Kilgore said…
Rula - My thoughts exactly!

J.L. - I can't wait to find out :)

Dezmond - It's a good thing :)
Linda Kage said…
Wish sounds like a good one!! I also love the author's bio! I wish I could come up with such an engaging bio!

The only guess anyone had was that you were in the Miss Cosmopolitan beauty pageant your senior year of high school! But I think they all still had fun wondering!
Michelle said…
Yay! Huge congrats to Laura!
Carol Kilgore said…
Linda K - LOL! I am so not the beauty pageant type. I'm so glad you did this, though. It was fun!

Michelle - From me, too :)
Sounds like an interesting book!

Here's to productive weeks. I could use one of those, too. :P
LD Masterson said…
I've seen this lovely cover on several blogs today. Congratulations and best of luck to Laura.
Anonymous said…
Congrats to Laura! Woo hoo. It's great seeing her news on the blogosphere today.
Madeleine Sara said…
Good luck Laura and congratulations!
Jennifer Shirk said…
Congrats, Laura! The cover IS lovely!!
Carol Kilgore said…
Golden Eagle - I wish a productive week for you, too.

LD - Same here!

Medeia - I'm happy to be part of Laura's Release Week :)

Madeleine - All good wishes are welcome.

Jennifer - I think so, too.
Southpaw said…
I totally agree, the book cover is outstanding. As I've mentioned on other blogs it is at the top of my TBR list.
Carol Kilgore said…
Southpaw - I tried to get to Amazon yesterday, but ran out of time. It's on my list for today.
Anonymous said…
Off to check it out. Sounds like a book my daughter might like. Thanks, Carol. :)
Morgan said…
Ohhhh... I've seen Laura everywhere! Too neat. I'm so excited for her! :D
Carol Kilgore said…
Linda - Cool!

Morgan - I wish Laura lots of success :)
Bish Denham said…
It is a beautiful cover and I wish the best for Laura!
Happy release day to Laura, and the cover looks intriguing!

Hi Carol!
Carol Kilgore said…
Bish - Same thoughts here :)

Nas - Hi!
Missed Periods said…
When people shy away from me, I'll just assume it's my Djinn magic blood! The book looks and sounds great!
Ciara said…
I'm so excited about this release!!
Talli Roland said…
Oh wow! That sounds - and looks - fantastic. Congrats,Laura!
Carol Kilgore said…
Jenny - Ah, so that explains it :)

Ciara - Same here!

Talli - I agree.
Glynis Jolly said…
I read the extended description at Smashwords. The story sounds intriguing.
M Pax said…
Yay for Laura! I've enjoyed her other books. I'm sure this one will be great, too.
I feel you on a week full of interruptions. I hope you also have a more productive week. This wasn't my week for that, but next week better be!!

Congratulations to Laura! Love the colors in her cover.

Shannon at The Warrior Muse
Carol Kilgore said…
Glynis - I can't wait to read it.

M Pax - That's what I'm thinking :)

Shannon - Good wishes much appreciated!