Friday's Top Ten

My top ten spooky sights for Halloween:

And my #1 spooky sight for Halloween:

All images licensed through morgueFile


Bet that last one is scary first thing in the morning!
*snort* on what Alex said. No kidding! Don't mess with that kitty or make him wait for his food.

I love the second photo. :D
Linda G. said…
Eek! That clown! And that spider!!! *runs away*
Laura Eno said…
Now I'm going to be creeped out for the rest of the day!
I want to cuddle the last one, though. ;)
Julie said…
LOL my cat Nate was mad as can be at me this morning because I had to give him some medication, and he definitely rivaled this black cat. Scary indeed!

I think the hooded figures with no faces are the scariest to me. I totally love Halloween, very fun post. :)
L.G.Smith said…
Could have done without the spider one, but the rest are very spooky and evocative.
LR said…
Wonderfully spooky! I love Halloween.
Summer Ross said…
Love it- puts me in he mood for spooks. My number one would be the spider- yuck.
Linda Kage said…
Yes, thank you so much for the spider. Now I feel like things are crawling all over me...and eyes watching me. I'm so not a fan of the scary side of Halloween!

But good pictures!
LD Masterson said…
I think post that include pictures of spiders should have some sort of alert at the top.

(can we say arachnophobia?)
Carol Kilgore said…
Alex - For sure!

Stina - The Cat rules!

Linda G - I'm right behind you :)

Laura - Hiss! Ouch!

Julie - Cats and Meds definitely don't match. I thought those figures were totally creepy.
OK we could have done WITHOUT the spider.

Here kitty kitty, do you like spiders? :)
Gotta love number one...... I don't find anything spooky about graveyards.
Emily R. King said…
That's my cat!

Happy Halloween, Carol!
Morgan said…
Oh my gosh! Er... totally scary... and I'm laughing at Alex's comment... SO fun, Carol! :D
michelle said…
Love the sepia-inspired cemetery gates (no.4)...
As for the faceless, shrouded ghouls (no.6)... *shudders*
The spider? Eeeeek!!
Carol Kilgore said…
L.G. - I'm totally afraid of spiders.

LR - I love Halloween, too.

Summer - It's the spooky time of year :)

Linda K - You're welcome, LOL! I'm cool with just photos.

LD - Spiders freak me out, too.
Suzanne Furness said…
Creaking gates and skeletal trees - way creepy! Happy halloween.
nutschell said…
the last one is scary for most folks. But I just have an urge to cuddle the poor black kitty that crosses the road on halloween on friday the 13th. Lots of people apparently think them so unlucky, they try to hurt the poor things!
Johanna Garth said…
I love the misty house and the kitty...well, he just made me LOL :)
Carol Kilgore said…
Teresa - Perfect!

Delores - That's one determined cat :)

Emily - LOL!

Morgan - Right...Breakfast. Now!

Michelle - The faceless ghouls have haunted me since I first saw them. Shudder.
J. A. Bennett said…
I like the creepy Grimm reapers. Very cool :)
Jennifer Shirk said…
Ack! That cat looks EVIL. :-)
VR Barkowski said…
The spider is creepy, but there may be something wrong with me because I loved the tree photo.

A little wary of your image source though: MorgueFile????

Happy Halloween!
Medeia Sharif said…
Super post. I love Halloween.

I have a tuxedo cat, so he almost looks like that.
Jemi Fraser said…
Those are awesome! Love the shrouded figures in the pond :)
Eww, I could have done without #5. Totally freaky.
Michelle said…
Scary! Halloween has never been big here inAustralia, though over the last few years it's become another money maker with shops promoting it. We've never joined in. It freaks my kids out... Gives them nightmares. S
Carol Kilgore said…
Suzanne - Happy Halloween back!

Nutschell - I hope everyone keeps their pets inside on Halloween day and night.

Johanna - It's his 'you can't be serious' look :)

J.A. - They still freak me out!

Jennifer - Lots of comments on the cat!
These are all great pictures for Halloween. I agree that the peeved cat is the spookiest! Julie
I wonder where the fountain is with the statues. They look like the Nazgul or something.
Leslie S. Rose said…
That is a kitty with issues.
Carol Kilgore said…
VR - I emailed you about morgueFile. I was more intrigued by the tree than frightened. Even so, it was a little creepy.

Medeia - I love Halloween, too :)

CATachresis - I take it the cat isn't a friend of yours?

Jemi and Janet - Yes. Both.
Raquel.Somatra said…
Oh my goodness! Way to creep me out! I actually think the cat is sweet.. reminds me of my Molly who passed away earlier this year. Although, that is admittedly a very menacing look. Photos 5 & 6 are SUPER scary!!!!!
Nick Wilford said…
I like the spooky mansion one... has an air of menace because you don't really know what's going to be scary yet. Nice bunch of pics!
Carol Kilgore said…
Michelle - We grew up with it, and always had such a fun time. Little kids often dress as princesses and pirates and pumpkins - non-scary costumes :)

Julie - I'd choose a path around that cat :)

Golden Eagle - I looked to see where the photo was taken, but it didn't say. It comes up under the search term SCARY at if you want to search further.

Leslie - Perfect description!

Raquel - #5 was the spookiest for me. And true about the cat's expression.

Nick - Thanks. And thanks to morgueFile :)

some of these might give me nightmares, Carol :) Not the kitteh one, off course :)
Donna Hole said…
Well I'm scared, lol.

Old Kitty said…
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! Black Kitty is Gorgeous - just doesn't like the pawparazzi! LOL!

Take care
Carol Kilgore said…
Donna - I can tell :)

Old Kitty - I will shredz camera.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
That third one is stunning.

The last one is scariest though. At four in the morning, the most frightening thing is to wake up with a black cat's face in yours. (As mine are prone to do.)
Carol Kilgore said…
Diane - LOL! Our Siamese used to wake me up like that. Once my eyes opened, she blinked her blue ones and purred. My dad always said if he got to come back, he wanted to be a house cat.
monicadevine said…
Enjoyed your photos. I'll be at a cabin for Halloween, so I'll miss all the fun; but, more time to write!
Nas said…
Spooky and scary! As I started writing the comment I can hear some cats fighting and screeching- bad omen? Ohhh! Scary!
mr terrible said…
Thank you for your bravery. It must have been very scary for you selecting and sharing these spooky images.
I did my Halloween duty; watched Undead or Alive (a Zombedy). Not bad. Funny in parts.