Summer Solstice

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I love firefighters because....


Today it's officially summer everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere. Just so you know. No matter if you're still wearing windbreakers. Or parkas.

It's Summer Solstice. A time for playing and merry-making. More daylight in 24 hours than you'll see until this time next year.

I've been wishing you all Happy Summer for a while now. It's because I live in a furnace. I've been wearing shorts since March, and our air conditioning has been on since April.

Here in Texas, we have Almost Summer, Summer, and Still Summer. Almost Summer comes after spring. The two are not the same.

But here at Under the Tiki Hut, it's a perfect day. Lots of sunshine all around. Blue sky. The surf is lapping, the fans are spinning just enough for a little breeze. The Margarita machine is whirring. Bob Marley is singing in the background.

But look at this guy to the right. He ran in and shimmied right up the center pole. Must be a firefighter in disguise. You think?

Maybe I need to call a real firefighter :)

I love firefighters because....
(enter now!)

A round of drinks on the house! Raise them in a toast to Summer Solstice!

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LD Masterson said…
Happy Summer to you, too.

I love firefighters because...tee hee...they make such lovely calendars.
JoLynne Lyon said…
They lent me a dummy so my girls' group could learn CPR.
Danielle B. said…
I love firefighters because they are the only ones guaranteed to put my fire out. *fans self*
CarrieBoo said…
Don't firefighters usually slide DOWN the poles? It sounds so beautiful where you are... I'm not jealous, no, not at all. ;)
And it's here too in MO. Isn't that a coincidence?

Anyhoo, it's hot.

It's stinkin hot here too. I love firefighters cause they know how to handle hot stuff.
Happy Summer!

Oh, it's hot here, too. SO hot. Spent the afternoon in the water at the YMCA pool yesterday. It's the only way to be outside!
Carol Kilgore said…
LD - I agree. And for good causes, too :)

JoLynne - Those dummies are great for practice. Too bad they didn't send a real firefighter so you could demonstrate with a real live person :)

Danielle - I'm calling 911 now, LOL!

CarrieBoo - Firefighters are wizards with poles :)

Teresa - Amazing!
Southpaw said…
And it's a hot one today. 96F with 60% humidity.

I love firefighters cause, gosh, darn it, they are always so friendly.
Linda Kage said…
I'm not very original. I love firefighters because they are selfless heroes!
Carol Kilgore said…
Delores - LOL!

Elizabeth - Happy Summer back!

Southpaw - Define friendly :)

Linda K - That's OK. All you need to do is complete the sentence :)
Happy Summer to you:

I love fire fighters because.:
They're brave and strong.
Without a thought for their lives.
When fire destroys a home.
They rescue the frightened old and young,
Including brothers and sisters and of course dad and mum.

Liza said…
Happy Summer Carol! It's the first day for us...and it rode in on a 95 degree express, which is unusual for us here up north!
I think some of that Texas heat has hit NJ this week. Phew! Pass me a margarita with extra ice, please. ; )

I love firefighters because they are brave, self-sacrificing, and they save lives. And somehow they're usually handsome. Is that a requirement?
Carol Kilgore said…
Yvonne - Very nice :)

Liza - That's HOT!

Cynthia - I think handsome is a requirement! I'm emailing you a Margarita :)
L.G.Smith said…
Hey, Carol, happy Summer!

And I love firefighters because...they know what to do with a hose. :PP

Sorry, couldn't resist.
Carol Kilgore said…
L.G. - Sounds like the truth to me :)
LR said…
I'm so glad it's summer! Yippee. :)

I'm envious that you have summer/almost summer all year round. Lucky.
Carol Kilgore said…
LR - And don't forget, after Summer we have Still Summer :)
lbdiamond said…
...they know how to beat the heat!
Carol Kilgore said…
Laura - hahahaha! Yeah they do :)
M Pax said…
I love firefights because they keep us from becoming crispy out here in the arid desert.

It's 81 today and I'm melting. Our summer is short ... Mostly part of July and August. Then it's over.
Tami Brothers said…
I love firefighters because... what's not to love?

No, seriously. I love them because they have a knack for fueling the imagination.

Hope that works. :)

Carol Kilgore said…
M Pax - Not good to be crispy :) Stay cool!

Tami - Works perfectly!
J.L. Campbell said…
It's not as hot as hell here yet, but it's getting there. :)

As to firefighters, we don't have too many of the eye-candy variety where I live, so I'm gonna say, I love firefighters 'cause they're life savers.
Lynda R Young said…
Aw, can you send some summer my way? It's a mighty cold winter here in Oz...

I love firefighters because.... they are hawt! ;)
Carol Kilgore said…
J.L. - That's the best reason of all to love firefighters.

Lynda - I'll have a chat with the weather man and see what I can do :)