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I've known Lynn Cahoon for about a year now. She's a versatile author who appears to have cracked the code for short stories at Woman's World. I hope you'll give her lots of support. And check out her book, too. I tried to find a saddle to hang in the corner, since her book is about cowboys; but the closest I could come was a new life ring. You'll see it hanging on the on the post over there by the crab pot - it says S.S. Minnow, which is no reflection whatsoever on the ... hmmmm endowments of the The Bull Rider's Brother :)

Thank you for inviting me to Under the Tiki Hut. As my blog tour for The Bull Rider’s Brother is winding down, I’m ready for a beach vacation. But my beach is just a little different.

I’m an Oregon Coast junkie. The coast is rocky, the water cold, and the views, amazing. When I was a teenager, my family took a vacation from our small rural farm to camp on the Oregon coast. We hunted for mussels on the rocky shore. When my sister and I went wading on sandy beach, a large wave crested. Since we had my miniature poodle in the water as well, I reached down to pick her up. The wave knocked my sister over instead.

The family story about how I saved the dog over my sister is still told over Sunday barbeques.

No matter how many times I tell them that the dog would have drowned.


This piece of family lore has me thinking about my Shawnee based stories. Three friends and a tagalong little brother have one goal, to escape the little town as soon as possible. Graduation, can’t come soon enough. But even then, one friend goes off to college, but two, James and Lizzie, stay behind – just for a year, waiting for Jesse, the little brother, to graduate.

And then the world changes.

The wave comes and James has to choose who to save. And like me, he chose to save the one that the wave would drown – his little brother. And so, the wave envelops Lizzie, and she’s left behind.

And a new piece of family lore is built.

Since I’m a few thousand miles away from the rocky beach I love, I’ll have to settle for the gentle beaches and high cliffs of the Mississippi river that runs through the little historical town I now call home.

So now that I’ve told my embarrassing family story, how about you? What stories do your families tell that make you cringe?

Growing up in the middle of cowboy country, Lynn Cahoon was destined to fall in love with a tall, cool glass of water. Now, she enjoys writing about small town America, the cowboys who ride the range, and the women who love them.

Contact Lynn at her website –

The Bull Rider’s Brother

Rodeo weekend is the start of the summer for the entire town of Shawnee, Idaho. On a girl's night out, Lizzie Hudson finds herself comparing her life as a single mom with her best friend's successful career when James Sullivan, the cowboy who got away, walks his Justin Ropers back into her life. Seeing him shakes Lizzie's world but James is in for an even more eventful weekend, learning he has a son. James has enough on his plate trying to manage his brother's bull riding career.

When James Sullivan comes back for the town’s rodeo weekend and finds out that his high school sweetheart had his child, six years ago, Lizzie’s world is thrown into turmoil and she must decide if safety and certainty are worth giving up on a chance for love. A love that an emotionally damaged James may never be able to return, breaking her and her son’s heart in the process.

Buy link: (also available at Barnes and Noble and iTunes.)


Great post Carol will certainly look up on Amazon.

Have a good day.

Linda G. said…
I do love a good cowboy love story!

But I think I'll skip the embarrassing story, because it's, yannoh, embarrassing. ;)
LR said…
I love a good cowboy/rodeo story.

P.S. Sure hope frozen margaritas win.
Lynn Cahoon said…
Hi Yvonne - Glad you enjoyed the post. And thanks for checking out The Bull Rider's Brother. :)

Lynn Cahoon said…
LOL Linda - I started thinking about our vacations at the coast and this one incident keeps coming back. Probably because my family won't let me forget it.

I hope you take the time to check out The Bull Rider's Brother.
Lynn Cahoon said…
LR - I'm kind of a frozen margarita girl myself. Thanks for stopping by today.

Em-Musing said…
I never think I'm a cowboy kind of gal...UNTIL I see one. Love your story.
Lynn Cahoon said…
The best thing about The Bull Rider's Brother - you don't have to be a cowboy kind of girl to love the feel good ending.

Thanks for stopping - Em-Musing.

Johanna Garth said…
Hi Lynn, from a fellow Oregon coast junkie...aaah Manzanita :)

Your books look great. Can't wait to check them out.
Carol Kilgore said…
The Noon Report.
Day Three.
Team FROZEN has taken the lead!
Team ROCKS, the Margarita is in your hands now. Tell your friends :)
Lynn Cahoon said…
Hi Johanna - I love sitting on the sand, listening to the waves crash.

I'm going to use the setting in a book. Someday. :)

Lynn Cahoon said…
Carol, your contest is way fun!!
nutschell said…
Sounds like an interesting story! Will check it out:)
Sounds like a sad story.
I've been to the Oregon Coast. Far more beautiful than our flat beaches.
Clarissa Draper said…
Frozen!? No hot blog post!

What a story. I'm not a fan of the seaside because some of my own bad experiences but I hope you do well with your book.
M Pax said…
Nice to meet Lynn. I love the Oregon coast, too. Haven't been there in awhile since we moved a bit inland. Soon perhaps. Congrats on The Bull Rider's Brother.
Sounds like a good cowboy story!

Hey, Carol, you won the Donna Shields giveaway on Romance Book Haven ...

Congratulations! Please contact Donna!
Lynn Cahoon said…
Hi Nutshell - I hope you do check it out.
Lynn Cahoon said…
Alex - it's romance. There's always a happy ever after in a romance. It's just the path to get there. LOL

And OR is amazingly beautiful. Have you seen the Sea Lion caves?
Lynn Cahoon said…
Clarissa - thanks for the well wishes on the book. The Bull Rider's brother is set smack dab in the Idaho mountains. No ocean for miles.
Lynn Cahoon said…
M Pax - it kind of calls to you, doesn't it. Nice to meet you.
Lynn Cahoon said…
Thanks Romance Book Haven - and congrats to Carol on her win!
Carol Kilgore said…
Wow! Thanks, Nas. I'll contact Donna.
The premise sounds great. Nothing like finding out you have a son you didn't know about. :D
lorimeehan said…
Cowboys rock. I can't get enough of them.
You know what would make an embarrassing moment better? A frozen margarita yes they make everything better.
lorimeehan1@ aol .com
Lynn Cahoon said…
Stina - Yeah, James is thrown for a loop that weekend for sure. Family can do that to you. Of course, that's not the only family member giving him grief. And for once, it's not his brother.
Lynn Cahoon said…
Cowboys do rock. Or better yet, swing. One of these days I'm writing a story with a hero/heroine who loves to swing dance. Maybe I can learn how?
J.L. Campbell said…
This sounds like the kind of romance novel I used to love reading with the dad who doesn't know he's a dad. Good stuff.
Lydia Kang said…
Sounds like a great story! thank you Carole and Lynn!
CarrieBoo said…
The dog, every time! ;) I'm not much up on cowboys having been born in England... I am intrigued! Sounds like a great story. Very nice cover, too.
Shirley Wells said…
Oh yes, I'd save my dog over my sister every time, LOL. (Don't think she reads this. ;))

Love the premise of this. Good luck with it, Lynn!

OK, let's hear it for Team ROCKS!
Lynn Cahoon said…
Thank you Lydia for showing up!
Lynn Cahoon said…
JL - I hope you take a chance at The Bull Rider's Brother - I think you'd love it! Lynn
LD Masterson said…
Sounds likes Lizzie's ship is heading for the rocks - but I'm counting on a happy ending.
Carol Kilgore said…
Day Four.
The noon report was unavoidably delayed. But here's the latest...
Rocks? Time for you to get to work!
Lynn Cahoon said…
CarrieBoo - so glad you understand saving the dog. LOL I'm sure a cowboy or two would love to teach you how to ride. Ride a horse. Jeez.
Lynn Cahoon said…
Shirley, I promise I won't tell your sister.... I just hope my sister isn't reading. LOL
Carol Kilgore said…
CarrieBoo & Lynn - Ride a horse? Right. Save a horse, ride a cowboy :) It is a song, ya know.
Anonymous said…
sounds like a great book. Good luck with it. It is so hot here I'd love to have a FROZEN slushie.
Carol Kilgore said…
Thanks to everyone for commenting and voting. The contest runs until Sunday night at 10 Central Time.

Also thanks to Lynn Cahoon for sharing her time here this week. I think a rodeo may be in my future :)
Lynn Cahoon said…
Creative writing... blackberry slushies. Yum!
Lynn Cahoon said…
Carol - thank you so much for inviting me. It was a FUN two days. I'm thinking I'm doing some Margaritas this weekend. Probably on the rocks cuz I'm lazy that way.... LOL

Good luck with your release of In Name Only!