Checklist for Publishing a Book - Part One

Fall in love with the story.
Write the story.
Finish first draft.
Still love story.
Send to critique partners.
Rewrite the story.
Edit the stupid story.
Hate story.
Send to editor.
Rewrite the story.
Love story.
Send back to editor.
Story sucks.
Write dedication, acknowledgments, bio.
Find copyeditor/proofreader.
Send to copyeditor/proofreader.
Find out I still suck at hyphenation.
Find cover designer.
Tell cover designer I have no idea what the cover should be.
Back and forth.
Back and forth.
Back and forth.
Maybe I chose the wrong designer.
Back and forth.
Back and forth.
Fabulous ebook cover!
Love story again.
Send blurb to cover designer for back of print cover.
Find formatter.
Send to formatter.
Get as far as I can at completing the process at Amazon without having files to upload.
Make Goodreads author page. Halfway.
Wonder how best to get the word out about In Name Only.

This is where I am now.

I may have missed a step or two. I definitely messed up a time or two. Did things wrong, had to redo. Did stupid things, looked like a fool.

I'm releasing some of the panic through dreams. Almost nightly I have a dream where I'm in a car that goes off a cliff or off a bridge. Or I'm driving and the brakes fail. Or I'm naked in a room full of clothed people.

Next Monday I'll pick up where the waiting begins.

Wednesday, I have CONTEST NEWS!


Emily R. King said…
LOL! You're amazing. I've seen how much work goes into a book launch. And I thought writing it was hard work!
Haddock said…
I think this happens to everybody (and I am not a writer) :-)
But if there is panic and mad rush then I think you are doing the right thing.
Jennifer Shirk said…
You're doing great! No need to panic. :-)
Don't panic! What you missed you can do later.
Will review copies be going out? (Sorry, I just added to the panic, didn't I?)
Ha! This made me laugh. I'm so excited for you! I wish you the best getting the word out. :)
Linda G. said…
LOL! I love how you inject "Party" throughout the process. That's important -- you have to celebrate the milestones.
Julie said…
LOL, I loved your "hate story," "story sucks," etc. I think that's where I'm at in the process now.

Isn't it interesting how our anxiety shows up in our dreams? I hope soon you can have some party dreams when the book is released and is a big success!!

I'm not sure if I've checked out your goodreads page yet, will have to do that now.
This was hilarious. And so true. :)
Carol Kilgore said…
Emily - Writing the story is the first part of hard. But would I stop? Never :)

Haddock - I sure hope you're right!

Jennifer - I'll click my heels together and say that three times :)

Alex - Review copies were already part of the panic, so no worries :)

Theresa - Gotta laugh! Thanks for your good wishes :)
What a great problem this is (your list)! Can't wait to read it.


Clarissa Draper said…
Now, why would anyone want to be a writer!? Seriously, it's incredibly hard work. I can't wait until your book comes out.
Congrats on your upcoming release. You know my blog is yours if you want it. Email me.

And yeah, that's pretty much how the whole story process goes. LOL
Rula Sinara said…
LOL. I love your sense of humor, though I know the panic part isn't much fun. Hang in there!
JoLynne Lyon said…
I bet in a few months you're gonna love the story again. So glad you didn't skip the editing part, even if it's not as fun.
Carol Kilgore said…
Linda G - I totally agree about celebrating milestones. Otherwise, what use are they. Parties Rock!

Julie - My Goodreads page is a mess. I'm looking forward to good dreams, too.

Stina - Gotta laugh or I may run screaming into the night :)

Theresa - It's stressful and nerve-wracking, but I can't lie. It's fun, too :)

Clarissa - It is hard work. I think writing is something we feel compelled to undertake.
Kyra Lennon said…
I laughed all the way through that because I am so close to being where you are, and all those steps are so familiar!
Lydia Kang said…
Um, yeah about the hating the story during certain parts of the process!
Anonymous said…
Sounds right.
Johanna Garth said…
I'm with you on every step of that checklist :)

What's it about? I want to read and review!! My kids do summer swim team every day so I have LOTS of poolside reading time coming up.
Carol Kilgore said…
RaShelle - You're so sweet. Love your new cover! I'll be in touch.

Rula - I'm hanging!

JoLynne - I enjoy the first parts of editing. The last parts, not so much.

Kyra - Love/Hate/Repeat.

Lydia - Glad I'm not the only one. Hope JoLynne is right about loving it again after the push.

lbdiamond - Seems to be the consensus.
Carol Kilgore said…
Johanna - The "official" genre would be crime fiction with romantic elements. I call it Crime Fiction with a Kiss.

The blurb:

No home. No family. No place to hide. For Summer Newcombe, that's only the beginning.

The night Summer escapes from a burning Padre Island eatery and discovers the arsonist is stalking her, is the same night she meets Fire Captain Gabriel Duran. As much as she's attracted to Gabe, five years in the Federal Witness Security Program because of her father’s testimony against a mob boss have taught her the importance of being alone and invisible.

No matter how much she yearns for a real home, Summer relinquished that option the night she killed the man who murdered her father. But Gabe breaks down her guard and places both of them in danger. Summer has vowed never to kill again, but she's frantic she'll cost Gabe his life unless she stops running and fights for the future she wants with the man she loves.
Linda Kage said…
Sounds pretty thorough to me. And accurate! You're doing fine...better than fine.
LD Masterson said…
That sounds about right. Can't wait for the final results.
Carol Kilgore said…
Linda K - I'm glad you think so.

LD - I'm hoping it all comes together soon :)
J.L. Campbell said…
You'll get it all done. Maybe in fits and starts, but it's an ongoing business! Have fun.
Laura Eno said…
Just keep throwing parties in the mix. Congrats!
Carol Kilgore said…
J.L. - I am having fun, but it's a little crazy :)

Laura - Party Central, LOL!
L.G.Smith said…
Oh, I completely get the love/hate relationship with the story. Some days I'm a freakin genius and the next I'm a hack who writes like a chimpanzee at a typewriter. And I'll panic too, if I ever get to book launch status.

Hang in there. It will all work out and be great!
Ciara said…
There is so much work behind a launch. Just take a deep breath and know that we are all here for you.
Carol Kilgore said…
L.G. - As long as I remember to breathe, I'll be OK. Frantic, but OK :)

Ciara - I had no clue. It's definitely a hands-on learning experience.
LR said…
Your dreams made me laugh. :) Especially the naked one. Classic.

I once dreamt I was at a very fancy party and a beautifully dressed woman with her hair up in a severe bun approached me and said, "You use too many sentence fragments." Lol! And she was probably right. :)

Looking forward to reading your novel. I want to add it to my upcoming blog post on my planned "summer reads." It will just be a list of covers. Mind if I include yours? I want to ask first of course.
Been down that road twice though at the time wondered what I was doing but it is worth it when you hold your book in your hand......similar to holding a new born baby.

Talli Roland said…
Oh my goodness, I can so relate to the dreams. I have night terror a full month before the book is released!
Carol Kilgore said…
LR - I would LOVE for you to include my cover on your list of summer reads. Thank you!

Yvonne - I can't wait to hold it! So happy you're back :)

Talli - I've been having these for a few weeks now. I have another month to go.
I loved reading your list!

Congratulations on the upcoming release of your book. :)
M Pax said…
I hear ya on the editing and hating it stage ... luckily I think I'm almost done with that one for July's release.

I've been told the more we get out there, the better. So, keep at it. Don't panic. You're in the game.
Well done you! Congratulations on getting all these done! Need help on Goodreads, email me...I'm a GR Librarian. Nas
Carol Kilgore said…
Golden Eagle - Thanks. I'm excited :)

M Pax - Thanks for the encouragement!

Nas - Everything of mine at Goodreads is a disaster. You'll be hearing from me! Thank you :)
Liza said…
So well said...and I'm only at the stage of your first stanza.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, that about covers it. Have to insert "drink bottle of wine, then continue."
Carol Kilgore said…
Liza - Keep writing! You, too, can experience your own panic :)

Stephen - LOL!
Shirley Wells said…
I wondered why I loved being a writer. It'll be the partying!

I have those panic dreams sometimes too. Usually I'm clinging to the wing of a plane. Haven't yet progressed to being naked in a room full of clothed people.

Really looking forward to reading your book!
Carol Kilgore said…
Shirley - I haven't clung to the wing of a plane, but I've watched planes crash. Wakes me right up.
I loved reading your list. Good luck with you writing. It's a labor of love writing and submitting you work.
Anonymous said…
Oh my! I don't know if I would be up to it or not. But, I'd sure like to try. Good luck and congratulations.
Carol Kilgore said…
Brenda Kay - It is a labor of love and a real passion for me.

Janet - Sure you will be up to it. Eat your Wheaties :) Thanks for your good wishes.
Now this was hilarious!
I can't wait!

It does sound like you've kept your sense of humor!
Carol Kilgore said…
Heather - Gotta keep smiling :)