Call to Adventure


Hi all you lovely people!

I'm back from my mini-vacation - and I'm all relaxed and so much not in work mode - LOL. But I'll be around to see you all during the remainder of the week.

I wish all of you could have been with me - such a wonderful time. I'll tell you all about it next week.

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Each time we write a story we take an adventure. A big part of the journey takes place before we ever type the first word. We meet vampires, psychopaths, superheros, pirates, dragons. Maybe even a sheep or two. Or a pizza delivery man.

As we craft our story, our characters take an adventure. Maybe it's on the high seas, in a dark, damp cave, in a glitzy world capital, or in a cornfield. Or maybe even all the way around the block.

And when our story is released, our readers take an adventure all their own. Each reader brings her own experiences and outlooks to our stories and creates a new one of her own.

Sometimes our stories are edge-of-the-seat adventure, sometimes it's tension-filled but the adventure is more subtle. Sometimes the adventure is so funny you can't stop laughing, sometimes it makes you cry. The same adventure may be all of that, and sometimes our hero may fall in or out of love.

As the writer, the choice is yours. Travel paths you haven't visited before. Seek new meanings to familiar events. Explore. Apply your findings to the page.

Go ahead . . . take an adventure.

And let us experience it, too!

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Joanne said…
That's the beauty of writing, that we can go places, literally and figuratively, that we may not otherwise have traveled. Write on ...
That's what I love about reading. I get to go on adventures without the risk of getting hurt. :D
Linda G. said…
That's what I love so much about writing and reading--I can go anywhere, do anything.
Talli Roland said…
That's the best bit about writing! Sometimes at the end of the day, I feel like I've lived in another world!
Liza said…
It is so fun when the "adventure" of our story becomes real to us.
Clarissa Draper said…
It's amazing really--the power we have as writers to send people on the ride of their life, and just through our words.
Anonymous said…
A trip
on the tip
of a pen.
The best kind.
Slamdunk said…
Yeah, the freedom to guide readers anywhere doing anything is a large pull for writers. Writers certainly want to share what brings happiness to their own lives.
...a sheep or two...HA! It doesn't matter if you meant my sheep or not, they think you do and that's all that matters.
Julie said…
That's what I love so much about writing. Excellent post. :)
J.L. Campbell said…
Thanks for these words of advice. Going in a new direction is a good way to add new dimension to our stories.
This is one of the best parts of writing, isn't it? Going on an adventure with (hopefully) wonderful characters, creating situations and scenarios that (again, hopefully) readers will enjoy.
Linda Kage said…
OMG, that's my dream bookshelf, right there. Just look at how many adventures I could go on with a wall of books like that. Happy sigh!
~Sia McKye~ said…
I love adventure in stories. Adventure isn't just for guys (I was reading a blog that seemed to think so and that women couldn't write it well-HA!)

But in all good stories, there has to be some adventure. Big or small, it's what makes stories fun to read.

Enjoyed your article, Carol!
It's so much fun to take the adventure as a writer *or* reader. But I think it's cooler when we're in charge of creating the adventure ourselves. :)
And that's why I read - to escape into adventure!
If my poetry book inspire just one person I shall be happy.

Great post,

Trisha said…
There's definitely something awe-inspiring and exhilarating about starting to run with a new idea. I love our imaginations!
LR said…
Glad you had a nice vacation!

Your post reminds me that as writers we need to "make" our stories an adventure for the reader. Add some spice, add a twist... Make your character experience something.
Ella said…
Wonderful! I love how you wove that...
Sounds like you are refreshed and renewed from your getaway! ;D
Carol Kilgore said…
Joanne - I think so, too.

Stina - Exactly!

Linda G - Yes. I can be tall and skinny :)

Talli - So do I.

Clarissa - Words are powerful.

Delores - Cool poem :)

Slamdunk - I agree.

Elspeth - I DID mean your sheep. They're so cute I couldn't resist :)

Julie - I think all writers love immersing themselves in the story.

J.L. - Very true about new directions.
Carol Kilgore said…
Liza - Almost missed you. Well, I did miss you in the first response. Sorry. I agree. Our mini-vacation was at the coast, and one day we went to the town where the manuscript I recently completed is set. Live-In Handyman drove, and I pointed out locations where my story is set. And I almost fell over when I noticed something in town that wasn't there when I wrote the story and it is there now.
Carol Kilgore said…
Cynthia - We all hope readers will like the adventure as much as we do - that they will feel about it as we did when it was the New Shiny :)

Linda - I know! Except I'd need two ladders to reach the top :)

Sia - Oh, yeah. Why is that? I agree with you. I'm glad you enjoyed this post :)

Elizabeth - LOL, me, too. I guess we're all control freaks :)

Alex - I read for escape, too. If I learn anything, it's purely by accident :)

Yvonne - I know that feeling :)

Trisha - New ideas are the best!

LR - I did. It needed to be longer, but I'll grab what I can!

Ella - I am. Somewhat. I'm pulling myself back into the groove.
I've been on so many adventures through blogging alone! I'm glad you enjoyed your trip and I can't wait to read all about it! Julie
Carol Kilgore said…
Julie - Monday, if all goes well.
Janet, said…
this is so true! I love taking my readers on an adventure and taking one myself when I read other books.
Carol Kilgore said…
Janet - Spoken like a true writer :)