Over the weekend, Live-In Handyman and I went to the San Antonio Botanical Garden. The park is the perfect size for a morning or afternoon visit. Live-In Handyman, for those of you new here, has a neon green thumb - he could grow an igloo from an ice cube. I was a little surprised they allowed me to enter - I have a propensity for killing plants of all kinds with a single look.

While he was busy admiring everything and taking lovely photos, I snapped a few and tried to stay out of his way.

I'm guessing these birds are purple martins, since I think this is a martin house:

I heard a woman say these are nasturtiums:

And I do know what this is:

Now a test. Find the duck:

And because Elspeth Antonelli said she'd never heard a mockingbird - here's a link for sound only -
Happy Wednesday!


LR said…
Aw, what pretty mockingbird song. Love it.
Joanne said…
The mockingbird, the only bird with no song of its own!

I love mockingbirds and hear them all summer. I'd recognize one instantly :)
Clarissa Draper said…
Near where I live, there are flocks of wild green parrots that fly around. Their cry sounds so odd.
J.L. Campbell said…
Hi, Carol,

Love the nasturtiums and the lovely pictures. Watched the birdie clip too. I should be the one singing without a care in the world.
Shirley Wells said…
Love the mockingbird video. My dogs raced the room looking for him. :)

I kill plants with a single glance too.
Karen Walker said…
made me smile. Thank you.
Slamdunk said…
We have loved our visits to San Antonio. Thanks for sharing your images and thoughts Carol.
Talli Roland said…
Oh, lovely. I really enjoy going to gardens and wandering around!
My cats lost their little minds when I played the mockingbird sounds. Too funny. Thanks for this, Carol. We all enjoyed it around here.
Thanks, Carol! And now...I know.
Linda G. said…
Lovely pics! Makes me miss San Antonio. :)
Southpaw said…
I love gardens! How fun. Right now, there are hundreds of daffodils in bloom everywhere.
Like the picture of the duck!
~Sia McKye~ said…
Well, I didn't hear about any disasters happening at the Botanical Gardens so I'm guessing you didn't touch anything, lol!

I have a Mockingbird family that nest every year in a tree outside my home office. Love to hear him sing!
Carol Kilgore said…
LR - I don't ever get tired of hearing them.

Joanne - We have them year-round, but they sing much more in spring and summer.

Clarissa - I've never seen a parrot in the wild. That must be awesome.

J.L. - I found clips showing the birds better while they sang, but none of them would load properly. Sigh.

Karen - You're most welcome :)
Loved the pictures and the sound of that Mockingbird was a treat.

Carol Kilgore said…
Slamdunk - San Antonio is a great city for visiting and for living.

Talli - So do I!

Cynthia - Too funny! You'll have to make a video of your cats listening :)

Elspeth - Yes you do. They sound nothing like sheep.

Linda G - Come back and visit sometime :)
I always try to count the number of songs one will sing....then I either lose count or can't remember if he's already sung a particular one or not. :) I love those birds...
Carol Kilgore said…
Southpaw - Love daffodils. Not many here, and what there were are long gone.

Alex - Long story about that duck!

Sia - I was quite proud of myself, LOL!

Yvonne - I'll be sure and relay your message to the one outside my window.

Elizabeth - Oh gosh, I've never tried that. They sing forever. I just enjoy :)
Lydia Kang said…
I love your pictures! And yes, those are nasturtiums. :)
Carol Kilgore said…
Shirley - Your post got hung up in the spam filter. Funny about your dogs!

Lydia - Good to know!
Janet, said…
I loved listening to the mockingbirds!
I also don't have a green thumb, but I love looking at pretty flowers while walking through the botanic garden. I'm impressed that Live-in Handyman is also a gardener! Julie
Carol Kilgore said…
Janet - Cool :)

Julie - Same for me. Live-In Handyman is an amazing soul with many talents.
Carol - the mockingbirds rock. Thanks for the pics, too.
Carol Kilgore said…
RaShelle - Glad you liked! Your own personal tour of San Antonio :)
M Pax said…
Looks like a very pleasant outing. I have a black thumb, too. Folks have asked me over to kill their ivy. It's a super power of mine. lol
Carol Kilgore said…
M Pax - Too funny! I may 'borrow' that line sometime :)
Anonymous said…
I love gardens. I've been meaning to visit a few of them in my area. They're so peaceful. That's a great video. I enjoy hearing birds.
Carol Kilgore said…
Medeia - Tried to respond here yesterday, but Blogger wouldn't let me. Totally agree about gardens being peaceful.
Old Kitty said…
I have never heard a mockingbird sing until now! Oh you STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so so so much! I love the song - it's beautiful and intricate and melodious and so complex! I love it so much!! Yay!!

Booo to Blogger - it's taken me forever to get past the Error 503 to get here?! SO ANNOYING! But the bird! Oh the song just made everything better and lovely! Take care
Carol Kilgore said…
I'm so glad you liked the mockingbird!

I had trouble with that same error here. Sigh.