Friday's Top Ten

By popular vote ... the top ten new names for the Seven Dwarfs:

10. Sweaty

  9. Nerd

  8. Brewski

  7. Stud

  6. Mouth

  5. Dude

  4. Geeky

  3. Homey

  2. Toad

And the #1 new name for the Seven Dwarfs:

  1. Kirk


Laura Eno said…
Great list! With Mirror, Mirror coming out on March 30th I wonder if any of them will have those names. :)
Would Kirk be the captain of the dwarfs then?
Linda G. said…
LOL! Love those. Especially Brewski, Stud, and (of course) Kirk.
Tracy Jo said…
Ha! I love Brewski. :-) Happy weekend!
Joanne said…
And may Kirk beam them all up to the Enterprise for a ride.
Kelley said…
Kirk...hmmm. okay :)
Linda Kage said…
Love em! And ooh, ooh, I want to be Homey. That's so me.
irishoma said…
Funny list. Brewski is so appropriate.
Jennifer Shirk said…
Ha! Love it!

I so want to see that Mirror, Mirror movie!
ROFL! Now I thought you'd be going for something like:

Sleepy to Snoozer
Dopey to Witty
Sneezy to Snotty;
Grumpy to Snipe;
Bashful to Puce;
Happy to Mirth
Doc to Bones :O)
Love these!

And I also love your picture in the heading. So peaceful!
I have a cat named Kirk. Coincidence? I think not. LOVE your new heading picture!
Carol Kilgore said…
Laura - If they do, I'll be surprised. I want to see that movie!

Liza - :)

Alex - Good possibility :)

Linda G - Some of my faves, too.

Tracy Jo - Me, too!
Anonymous said…
HAHAHAHA!! Love this!
L.G.Smith said…
I'm going to need to borrow Brewski for the weekend. I hope he's free. :)

Have a good one!
Talei said…
KIRK!!! I like it! How about Spock? Kirk and Spock, can't have one without the other. ;-)

And I love your view there my friend. Perfect for a jug of margaritas? Have a fab weekend. x
Colette Martin said…

I like your new blog picture!
Love the list, wonderful names are you going to re-name Snow White.?

JoLynne Lyon said…
I love it! And I like Fridays over here.
Kirk sounds sexy. I'd like to meet Dude too.
Carol Kilgore said…
Joanne - Yes :)

Kelley - Kirk. With a nerd and a geek, you gotta have a Kirk :)

Linda - Homey it is :)

Donna - Brewski is my hero, LOL!

Jennifer - Have you seen the dwarfs in the trailer?
Kirk! LOL.

I love your new header photo, by the way.
Carol Kilgore said…
Madeleine - Nope :)

Elizabeth - Thanks. And thanks :)

Elspeth - I have an instant image of your cat's attitude, LOL!

Luanne - Brewski says he's not free, but he's reasonable.

Talei - Cheers!
Carol Kilgore said…
lbdiamond - I almost missed you! Thanks.

Colette - Thanks.

Yvonne - Not at this time. Probably never :)

JoLynne - Great!

Melissa - Dude only thinks he's sexy.

Golden Eagle - Thanks :)
Shirley Wells said…
Ha. I love these. Brewski is my favourite!

I adore your header picture. I SO want to be there.
Anonymous said…
I smiled all the way through the list! And I LOVE that new header photo. I hope it's a keeper. And thanks for stopping by. I hope YOU have a great weekend, too!
Ann Best, Author of In the Mirror & Other Memoirs
Carol Kilgore said…
Shirley - I'd like to be there, too!

Ann - It's a keeper - at least for a while.
Old Kitty said…
Kirk?!?!?! Kirk is the number one dwarf name!??! LOL!!!

I think I'm liking Stud and all he stands for very much! :-)

:-) Take care
Jan Morrison said…
I like these but may I suggest the following:

Dwayne (suburban dwarf with mullet)
Diesel (male identified female dwarf - cousin of Grumpy)
Herb (wears birkenstocks and keeps a pipe handy)
Carol Kilgore said…
Jan - Too funny! You needed to give me a 'keyboard warning' in case I hadn't swallowed my beverage of the hour :)
LOL! Kirk? SOunds a hero!
Carol Kilgore said…
Old Kitty - Oops, I just saw your post. Apologies. Yeah, Stud - you know where you stand with him :)

Romance Book Haven - Gotta have a Kirk :)