Cheerily, Cheer Up, Cheerio!

Last week I saw my first robin of the year. The colorful bird sat in my neighbor's tree and looked much like this one.

Image by Jamie Chavez/Licensed Under Creative Commons
I would have liked to watch it for a while, but it flew off a few seconds after I walked outside. Since that day I've heard robins singing, but I haven't seen any others.

They're not especially early. This is typically the time of year robins visit us. They don't linger long - just pass through, sing for their supper, and go on their way. But they arrive after most of our winter has passed and let us know spring won't be far behind.

Robins make me smile. They're so pretty, and they sing a happy song - Listen Here.

What about you?

Do you like robins?

When do they visit you?


Tracy Jo said…
Robins are such a sign of spring. I pretty much love all birds and hearing their songs. I probably won't see one until March. Can't wait!
Huntress said…
I like the simple birds like robins, meadow larks, and barn swallows. Yeah, it's kinda cool to see an usual species but simple birds pin me to the here and now.

Robins begin appearing about the last of Feb here in the Midwest but I hear them before I see them.
Huntress said…
'Unusual species'

*smacks forehead*
Joanne said…
No robins here yet, but it's been such an oddly warm winter here in New England, I'm surprised the robins haven't arrived. Today it's supposed to hit 60 degrees, when it should be about 40 degrees colder!
We will probably start seeing them in March. It is pathetic to see us get so excited over our first sighting but hey, this is Canada, any sign of impending warm weather gets us all excited.
Linda G. said…
Haven't seen our first robin of the year yet, but if this (relatively) warm winter continues I expect to soon. Robins stay with us all summer, and are great fun to watch. They're territorial little suckers, and get very possessive about "their" yard.
Slamdunk said…
We enjoy birdwatching and have full feeders waiting to see who visits. No robins yet though.

The youngest and I were at a local nature area and through the warmth of their indoor observation windows, we saw two Downy Woodpeckers. He thought it was great.
Clarissa Draper said…
This is the second robin post I've seen today so far. We must be nearing spring.
LR said…
I just saw a robin this mornin'!

Round as a ball. So cute.
Southpaw said…
I love robins. Mine have all headed south and won't return for a few months. Where I grew up I never saw any robins, so it is such a treat to see them now.
I saw a robin last week - although I'm not altogether sure if they leave here or not.
Ann Best said…
At least I can recognize a robin! And also sparrows - these I remember from my childhood. Signs of spring. Crazy here in Virginia. Temps in the 60s. This isn't the first of February weather. But I'm enjoying it, and hope you're enjoying your day listening to happy bird song :-)
Ann Best, Author of In the Mirror & Other Memoirs
Robins chase me when I mow the lawn because I stir up bugs!
Carol Kilgore said…
Tracy Jo - Today our mockingbirds have been singing up a storm.

Huntress - LOL! I knew what you meant :)

Joanne - We're back in the 70s again today.

Delores - The frozen northland...brrrr!

Linda G - I've watched mockingbirds dive bomb squirrels many times.
I am lucky here in the UK where I live there is a Robin that visits the garden all year round.
I always feed the birds and squirrels that come and they give me tremendous pleasure.

Julie said…
Oh, how cool. I love when the robins return! It's still too early for them to be here, but I can't wait to hear their singing again in the morning. That is one of my favorite things about spring. :)
Carol Kilgore said…
Slamdunk - Great you're teaching your kids about birds :)

Clarissa - Must be!

LR - They are cute. One is singing outside my window right now.

Southpaw - Robins are special here because their stay is so brief.

Elspeth - Next time you see one, ask him :)
Carol Kilgore said…
Ann - We have sun and warmth. And robins :)

Alex - Like the Pied Piper :)

Yvonne - You're fortunate to have robins year-round. We have many squirrels year-round.

Julie - I think everyone likes robins.
Robins are awesome birds. The birds in MO are confused because it's warm here.

It's funny, but here in Santa Fe, you'll see robins the minute you start heading up the mountain, but you don't see them much here at the base of the mountain. And we're at 7500 feet at the BASE of the mountain. I love seeing them because they remind me of New England, where I'm from. We always had a superstition about the first time you see a robin in spring - good luck if it's on the fence or tree, but bad luck if it's on the ground.
Robins arrive here in late spring and stay for the summer. I adore them! I love the way they hop around the yard, tipping their heads to the side as they listen for bugs and such.
I hate to admit it, but I am not much of a bird watcher. I love their music, but couldn't tell you which bird it came from. Your photo is beautiful. Perhaps I need to pay better attention from now on. Take care.
Ciara said…
Birds are so beautiful from a distance, but I so don't like them up close. I think I'm afraid of them, but don't tell anyone.
L.G.Smith said…
I've been seeing robins since mid Colorado. I don't think they usually show up until the end of February. Kind of weird, but there have been large flocks of them in the trees. Don't know what they are finding to eat, as I believe they are mainly insectivores. *shrugs*
Carol Kilgore said…
Teresa - Probably they are here, too. But then they probably remember they're in Texas - LOL.

Melissa - Strange about the altitude. My robin was in a tree. Yea!

Cynthia - They're cute!

Andrea - You're allowed :)

Ciara - Don't watch that old Hitchcock movie "The Birds".

Luanne - I've only seen stray ones here, but I've heard them a lot.
Misha Gericke said…
I don't think we have Robins in South Africa. At least not that I've noticed. :-)
Linda Kage said…
Robins are awesome. I saw my first Oriole last year. I had no idea they were so brilliantly orange. All birds seem to bring a smile to my face.
Carol Kilgore said…
Misha - But I'll bet you have great birds we don't have :)

Linda K - Some place we lived had orioles, I think Tennessee. Kind of orange-y?
Emily R. King said…
I usually only notice robins when my cat is at the window hunting them. The other day, she was so intensely focused she jumped right smack into the glass window. It was quite funny.
Robins are beautiful birds!
I do like robins. :) They're distinctive when you see and hear them. They usually come around here in March/April.
Carol Kilgore said…
Emily - Poor kitty :)

Golden Eagle - Not majestic like an eagle, but quite nice :)
Talli Roland said…
I love robins! Sadly, there aren't many (if any?) around in the UK. I can't remember the last time I saw one.
Janet, said…
I haven't seen the robins yet, but I bet it won't be long either. Our winter has been very mild and I have seen a bird making a nest in the birdhouse on our deck. I hope they don't get too early of a start, though,because I bet we will have a little winter before Feb is over.
glynisj said…
Everywhere I have lived (at least so far), the robins don't appear until the last week of February or the 1st week of March. I do like robins though. I love watching them in the early morning as the dew starts drying up on the lawns.
glynisj said…
Everywhere I have lived (at least so far), the robins don't appear until the last week of February or the 1st week of March. I do like robins though. I love watching them in the early morning as the dew starts drying up on the lawns.
Carol Kilgore said…
Talli - If I see another one before they move out, I'll tell him you said hi :)

Janet - Very mild here, too. I've been wearing shorts already.
Carol Kilgore said…
glynisj - We don't get great flocks of them here.