This One's For You

I have about fifty jillion things to do. So much, in fact, that not only can I not make a list, I can't prioritize what sort of order to put things in on that non-existent list even if I could make it.

For the past week, I've only been able to make a daily list of everything that must be done on that particular day. Some Most days, I had carryovers. Massive fail.

There's nothing I can delegate, nothing I can ignore, nothing I can postpone - although everything writing-related was automatically shifted to January. The writing list is brimful, too; but it is manageable, and I can prioritize and set goals there. I'm looking forward to doing just that in a couple more weeks.

The Tiki Hut has been my beacon of sanity. I can come here and lose myself for a bit visiting you, reading your words, sharing a comment with you on your blogs and responding to your comments here.

Thank you so much for visiting and taking me away from my real life for a few minutes a few times a day. Last week you helped me escape writers cramp, flying dust, a tilted budget, new recipe hell, long lines, and much more.

This week I'll be knee deep in paper and ribbon, Christmas decorations, yapping dogs who don't understand what has happened to their quiet-ish ordered world, cookie dough, and more.

So I'm really happy for your comments here and your posts on your blogs. You keep me in touch with my writing self. And that keeps me grounded. Thank you.

Pat yourselves on the back for a job well done :)

Happy Monday!


BECKY said…
Hi Carol. I SO understand!! It's good to know we can help you! You'll make it...hang in there! I've put off my writerly things until January, too. No sense adding more pressure and guilt onto ourselves, huh?! Have a wonderful week. And hey, stop by my blog. I've been writing about past Christmases, and time flying..
You need my restorative yoga class BAD!
Joanne said…
It's such a busy time of year, I limit my writing to basic, routine things ... blog posts, some editing, itineraries plotting out what to do next, that sort of thing. I've often said that January is my favorite month because it just gets so quiet and leaves lots of room for writing.
If you're knee-deep in cookie dough, I'll gladly help you eat some!
Slamdunk said…
I hope all goes well then Carol.

Fortunately for me, the Mrs. handles all the real wrapping, and I can just get by with gift bags.
Karen Walker said…
Oh Carol, I so get this. Hope you take some time to just breathe.
Carol Kilgore said…
Becky - Every year I think I can do it all. Every year I learn I can't. I need to wise up :)

Melissa - Yes, I do! Are you coming to San Antonio?

Joanne - Totally agree about January!

Alex - Come help bake. It's OK to eat, but you have to make another batch :)

Slamdunk - I think most men don't share in all the decking the halls, but they mostly like the fa-la-la that follows. Unless they like raw cookie dough :)
Ciara said…
I totally know what you mean. We are all here to support you. I'll let Alex eat the cookie dough, though. I'm not planning on putting back on the weight I just lost. :)
I like visiting the Tiki Hut! Great place to hang.
Clarissa Draper said…
I'm sorry your life is so hectic but it means a lot to me (and I'm sure to others that read your blog) that you view us as support. Thank you.

Hope you get more tasks knocked off your list today.
Shirley Wells said…
Chaos reigns here too. I'm too overwhelmed to even think about To Do lists. I wouldn't mind but this happens to me every December.

I can't put writing stuff off because I'm on a deadline that's screaming like a banshee. I'll just have to postpone Christmas. ;)

Good luck with getting it all done!
E.R. King said…
There's lots of love in the writing community. It keeps me grounded, too, which I really need right now. I'm glad your cyber blogging buddies were here to help, Carol.
Linda G. said…
I empathize, and agree completely about the writing blogosphere. May you find a little relaxation amidst the holiday madness. :)
Thank YOU! I'm in a baking frenzy and have the dreaded "shopping isn't finished and it certainly isn't wrapped" monster waving at me. Ug.

Oh, and our furnace quit yesterday. Our year-old furnace. Imagine my mood.
If it's any consolation, you're not alone. Christmas is a hectic time, but it will be over before you know it. HOpefully our schedules will settle down after the first of the year.

FWIW, I also appreciate your support over the last year. You'be been great. Have a blessed holiday.
Anonymous said…
Hi, Carol. I so empathize with you, as everyone else does also. What you describe takes me back to my earlier, younger days with children at home, etc. etc. I have now slowed down where Christmas is concerned. My adult children (which they all are) draw names now for Christmas; and my oldest daughter stepped in and bought the gifts for me to give my daughter-in-law, whose name I drew. And I'm no longer knee deep in Christmas wrappings. I give all of my nine grandchildren money, which they like more than anything else. I know I would have liked this when I was a teenager!

So *I* think you shouldn't worry about anything you ca bump to the new year, and just try to enjoy the baking frenzy, the dogs who don't know what's happened, alal of your favorite Christmas music, etc. etc.!!! :o)

You have been in my blogging life since I first started blogging over a year and a half ago, and I value your friendship. All the best--and great writing success-- to you in the coming new year!!
Ann Best, Author of In the Mirror & Other Memoirs
I know exactly what it feels like - sometimes the blogging world is the only world that makes sense. :)
Sorry things are so hectic, but hopefully they'll calm down soon. Too bad you can't hire a gift wrapping intern! BTW, I finally thanked you for your long overdue award! Hope this cheers you up a little!
Carol Kilgore said…
Karen - Midnight-LOL.

Ciara - Good for you :)

Clarissa - Y'all are my lifeline. Two big tasks checked off today. I'm on a roll!

Shirley - Good luck to you, too. I'm very thankful I don't have a deadline right now. This happens to me every year, too. Or so it seems.

Emily - I so agree about a lot of love.
Southpaw said…
Oh, I so understand that!
Carol Kilgore said…
Linda - I hope so.

Elspeth - Knock on wood our furnace works. And other things. Get it fixed pronto!

Andrea - I consider you a good friend, too, Andrea. I love Christmas, but not especially the chaos that reigns when nothing is done.

Ann - You're so sweet. I treasure your friendship, too. I love all my bloggy friends :)

Bethany Elizabeth - There are times it seems that way. I especially love the camaraderie among bloggers.
Carol Kilgore said…
Julie - I'll come see :) A gift-wrapping intern would be awesome!

Holly - I was afraid some might understand. Sorry you're experiencing the same things :)
~Sia McKye~ said…
I love to pop by and just look at all the lovely sand, sun, and water and wish I could sit in that chair.

Life is crazy everywhere, Carol. All we can do is our best at the given moment. Plus learn when to just stop and breathe. No sense rushing through life so fast we don't enjoy it. I've learned to slow down. Not an easy lesson.

Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you, Ma'am!

Sia McKye's Thoughts...OVER COFFEE
Good luck with it, Carol! I think you and I might be in the same boat right now...we just need to make sure that boat isn't sinking!
Angela said…
My lists are like yours, and though I put the card/letter-writing off (still so much time!), I am getting nervous now! So If you don`t get a card from me, never mind, dear Carol, I am thinking of you and wishing you a happy Christmas time! I also think that blogging and visiting friends is just the thing to to, even if the dough is waiting! take care and don`t overeat!
Jennifer Shirk said…
I know! This has been a hectic few weeks for me too. Hope things calm down for you soon!!
I get a little worried when the mistress of lists is having difficulties--listing. :) But, I know what you mean.

I will tell you what I've been saying to ME, Breathe. We will get it done, we always do.

Vicki Rocho said…
Good luck with that non-existent list. Don't stress too much. You'll get it done eventually.

Merry Christmas!
LR said…
Our family stopped doing xmas presents and it's such a relief for everyone. :) (Little kids excluded of course)

I'll be baking cookies this week, too. Will think of you.

Love the Tiki Hut.
Carol Kilgore said…
Sia - Thanks, Sia. You're sweet. It isn't easy to slow down when so much has to be done.

Elizabeth - So true. Keep an eye on the bail bucket!

Angela - Happy Christmas to you, too! Gotta make time for friends :)

Jennifer - Same to you.

Teresa - The list thing boggled my brain, too. Breathe. Excellent tip!

Vicki - Thanks. Like Teresa said, too...somehow it all gets done. I'm not sure how. Magic elves? Merry Christmas back :)

LR - Cool...we'll be baking together! I'm glad you love the Tiki Hut :)
Linda Kage said…
Yeek, it really is drastic if we're providing your sanity!! But anyway, HUGS!!! You'll somehow get through it. Seems like we always somehow get through the tight squeezes.

Here's wishing you a happy holiday season.
Carol Kilgore said…
Linda - I think I'm barely going to squeeze through this year. It's been a few years since I was wrapping gifts on Christmas Eve, but I might well be again this year. Happy Holiday Season to you, too.
Lydia Kang said…
This month things are so hard to keep on top of. I don't blame you for not being able to get it all done.
irishoma said…
I so understand about putting writing aside this time of year.
Carol Kilgore said…
Lydia - There's just too much without cloning myself. Crazy hectic.

Donna - It's either that or find the Christmas Fairy Godmother :)
Boy, do I understand what you're going through. The holidays are such fun, but chaotic times ten. The itch to write never leaves, but there is so much other stuff to do as the minutes are ticking by. Eeek!
Here's hoping you get everything done while basking in holiday spirit!
Carol Kilgore said…
Cynthia - Do I ever need an infusion of holiday spirit! Got the tree decorated yesterday. Gifts are next. Maybe in a day or two I'll be ho-ho-hoing :)
Julie said…
What a nice and thoughtful post! I can totally understand how you're feeling, and it's so true that sometimes the blogs provide a much needed escape. I hope the week has not been too crazy for you, and you are at least enjoying the holiday preparations a little bit. All the work will be over soon and you can just enjoy! :)
Carol Kilgore said…
I keep telling myself that - LOL. Actually I keep telling myself how fortunate I am to be so busy.