Guest Blogger: Stephen Tremp

The two settings of my novel BREAKTHROUGH take place in sunny southern California and in frigid Boston during February and March. It’s a tale of two cities. After a long day of chasing bad guys around the world through wormholes, my characters sure could use detour to the Tiki Hut! You know, to relax and chill out. Lay in a hammock. Dig their toes deep into the warm, white sand and drink a few Mai Tais.

Problem is, duty calls and interrupts their dreams. No rest for the weary. And what the heck is a good night’s sleep anyway?

Chase Manhattan, my protagonist of the BREAKTHROUGH Series, was raised in Newport Beach, California and currently resides in nearby Laguna Beach, one city to the south in Orange County. Chase loves the surf and sand.

Excerpt from BREAKTHROUGH:

“Chase drove down Coast Highway with the top down. He was thankful for the blue skies, warm weather, and the women walking in shorts that showed off their tanned legs. He shivered as he thought of the unforgiving cold in Boston. He loved the city and its people, but he was no match for the subfreezing temperatures.”

Chase, a twenty-six year old associate professor of physics at the University of California – Irvine, likes to jog on the beach a few times a week. It’s a great way to stay in shape and clear his mind from chasing bad guys and saving the world. However, it’s also a place of great danger, where an awesomely sexy female assassin plants her seeds of seduction and finds an open door into his life, tears his house apart, and tries to kill him. Yeah, Chase could definitely use a Mai Tai at the Tiki Hut after that deadly encounter.

Not only Chase has an affinity with the sea-green ocean and soft salty sea breezes. My supporting characters would also love to visit the Tiki Hut. Fred Merrill and Nancy Hudgins, two of Chase’s close friends who are helping him, certainly feel so. They were to take an island-hopping vacation, only to have to put it off in order to help Chase save the world.

Nancy chewed on her lower lip. “Hmm.” She shook her head. “I can’t believe we signed on for this.”

“It’s for the greater good,” he said, reaching out and cupping her hands.

“You were officially retired from the business. We were supposed to take a long vacation, island hopping around the South Pacific and drinking Mai Tais.”

“That was until I met Chase.”

At least Fred and Nancy retain their sense of humor through the adventure. Their trademark calling card after a major victory is to email Nicky and his friends a picture of themselves holding Mai Tai’s, waving and smiling wide, standing in front of a life guard tower on Laguna Beach. I think Chase owes Fred and Nancy a one-month stay at the Tiki Hut! What do you think?

My antagonists, Nicholas Fischer, Jr. and his psychotic cohorts, live in Cambridge, Massachusetts and it’s colder than $#@#&#^%% in greater Boston when the story takes place. I’m confident Nicky and his friends would appreciate a stop at the Tiki Hut. But he’d better come incognito and have a wormhole ready for his escape. Otherwise, Chase and Fred might spot him and beat the hell out of him.

Stephen Tremp is the author of the BREAKTHROUGH Series. Check out a synopsis of his next book Opening, coming January 2012!


Excellent review , wonderful to read.

Have a good day,
Who wouldn't want to stay at the Tiki Hut?
Ciara said…
Great review. I love hanging in the Tiki Hut. :)
Isis Rushdan said…
Book sounds great. Glad to see you at the Tiki Hut. It's so much fun.
Liza said…
Fun! Love the Mai Tai photo! We're heading into the cold season in the Boston area now...oh the Tiki Hut sounds good!
Anonymous said…
Thanks Carol for hosting me today! Its been a while since I left the comfort of my own digs. Time to take a walk along the fine white sands, breathe in the ocean air, listen to the birds ,... oh, who am I kidding. Hand me a Mai Tai where's the hammock?
Helen Ginger said…
The Tiki Hut sounds like the perfect place for your crew of characters!
LR said…
Boston is really cold in Feb. Hope it isn't too cold right now.
Morgan Mandel said…
Sounds like Chase does have his hands full, and pretty soon my Illinois weather will be too much like that Boston weather he's complaining about!

Morgan Mandel
Bob Sanchez said…
Hey Steve, I've read Breakthrough, and it's quite an imaginative story.

Here's wishing you a ton of sales.
I love surf and sand, too. Good luck with everything. I'm rooting for you, Stephen. =D
L.G.Smith said…
I think I could use a wormhole to the Tiki Hut right about now too. Surf and sand sounds pretty good.

Best of luck with the novel, Stephen. :)
Anonymous said…
My trilogy ends with the book Escalation and the good guys relaxing in the Riviera after one heckuva an ordeal. Now I'm thinking of thinking of writing in the Tiki Hut somewhere in this scene. I think that would be most fitting.
Leslea said…
When I was a kid, I rode a gussied up pontoon boat around the Caribbean called the ConTiki. What a trip.

Pass the Mai Tais!

Congrats on the new book, Stephen.
VR Barkowski said…
Everyone deserves a sojourn at the Tiki Hut especially if they've had to suffer any part of a Boston winter. Wishing you the best of luck for your grand OPENING in January! :)
Jemi Fraser said…
Tiki Hut? I'm in too! :)
Anonymous said…
VR, long time no see. Grand OPENING! I love it! I didn't think of that, but its so obvious. I'm going to have to use it for my promotion. Thanks!
~Sia McKye~ said…
I'd to be at the Tiki hut too. The chairs would be empty because I'd be in all that lovely water!

Like the way you introduced your characters and the snippets.

Sia McKye's Thoughts...OVER COFFEE
I feel safe and secure under the Tiki Hut.:)

Stephen, you're awesome--your writing too.
Carol Kilgore said…
Lots of new faces - new to me, anyway - visting Stephen here at the beach. Dig your toes in the sand, and make yourselves at home.

Hi Stephen, hope you're having fun.

And hi to everyone I know, too :)
Can't wait for the next 'Breakthrough.' I think your series is a great candidate for one of those cool cable series like FX and USA have.
Dani said…
The Tiki Hut sounds like a good place for me, too. I'll take a Mai Tai! Good write-up, Steve.
Arlee Bird said…
I've said it often--I am a huge fan of the Breakthrough series. If anyone hasn't read the first installment, you must immediately acquire a copy so you'll be ready to continue with the next installment due in January. Go Stephen! Relax at the Tiki Hut while you can cause you're gonna be busy come the first of the year.

A Faraway View
Anonymous said…
Sia, thanks for stopping by. Great to see you again!

J.W. thanks for the encouraging words!

Carol, one of the benefits of hosting people is meeting new visitors.

Susan, I originally wrote BREAKTHROUGH as a screenplay, so I take that as a compliment.

Dani, here, have another. On me.

Arlee, thanks for the promo! And that's good advice. time for another little snooze.
Melissa Bradley said…
A day late, but I'm definitely on board for this adventure. Great post!
Pat Hatt said…
Colder than %$$^#^@ what is that like? Oh wait I think I know up here with my igloos haha, tiki hut would be so nice with stupid winter coming, great guest post.
Pk Hrezo said…
It's such a great character name: Chase Manhattan. I'm with him... I sure wouldn't mind a few mai tais under the tiki hut!!
Mai Tais and the tiki hut... Mmmmm.

Good luck with the Breakthrough!
Anonymous said…
I want to join all of you under the tiki hut.

I just downloaded Stephen's book. I look forward to reading it.
Donna Hole said…
That was pretty fun Steve. Glad I came along for the Mai Tai's.

Hello Carole: Sorry I've been away for so long. I hope you have a great weekend in your new sandals :)

Talli Roland said…
Great to see Stephen under the Tiki Hut. I really enjoyed Breakthrough!
Anonymous said…
Than you Carol for hosting me! Its been a lot of fun and I really needed the break and the drinks. And thanks everyone for stopping by and saying hello!
Southpaw said…
Sorry I'm late to the party, but I loved it and the excepts were great.
Carol Kilgore said…
Glad you had a good time here, Stephen. You're welcome to return anytime.

No worries, Holly. As you can see, I'm running late myself.
Anonymous said…
Enjoyed the guest post.