Guest Blogger: L.M. Gonzalez

L.M. Gonzalez is my friend Lupe Gonzalez. She and I are both members of SARA - San Antonio Romance Authors.

Before we get to Lupe's post, I want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving.

I'm thankful for many people and things in my life. And here Under the Tiki Hut, I'm most thankful for all of you who continue to stop in and say hi every once in a while.

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Gloria Amaya never dreamed she would fall in love again. In fact, she felt love had passed her by. For the most part, she was fine with that. She had two grown sons, one in college and her youngest, about to graduate from high school. Content – that’s the feeling she had. And that seemed enough for her.
The only other thing she really wanted was a rose garden. However, she hadn’t inherited her dad’s green thumb. Her friend, Tanya, suggested she contact her husband, Wayne. He owned a lawn and garden service and he could make any flower or plant flourish. Tanya confessed to Gloria that she believed Wayne got more pleasure from digging in the dirt than by being close to her. But, that’s another story.

For some reason, though, Wayne couldn’t make it to Gloria’s house, so he sent another gardener who also had his own lawn and garden service. When Gloria opened the door, she had her smile ready for Wayne. Matt Cerda stood on her porch. The smile froze on her face. Her mouth went dry. He was bronzed by the sun. His muscles strained against the white T-shirt he wore. The jeans showed off his strong legs. His dark hair waved with the slight breeze in the hot summer air.

Gloria closed her eyes and imagined herself on a sunny beach with this man for once forgetting her kids. Hey, they were grown. They could spare her for a few days. He held out his hand and she took it and together they walked up the beach. She felt the sand at her feet and wiggled her toes, heard the whoosh of the water as the soft wind blew over it. She leaned her head on Matt’s shoulder. Could it be possible? Was she really here with a man?

For years, her life had been consumed with kids, school and homework. Now, a whole new world seemed to be opening up to her. A world where she could be a woman again with a man like Matt by her side.

Gloria opened her eyes and she saw Matt. He grinned.

“Are you ready?”

“For what?”

“For a night of dancing and love under the tiki hut?”

Gloria saw her surroundings and she wasn’t standing at her doorway with Matt on her porch. She didn’t have a wilted rose garden to worry about. She saw herself amidst a sandy beach, blue water and a gorgeous man asking her out on a date.



L. M. Gonzalez lives in South Texas with her two sons. She obtained a degree in Business Administration because her dad advised her to "get a trade". However, in 1976 she wrote her first story and has continued writing stories since then. In 2001 she joined Romance Writers of America and her local chapter. This was the year that she decided to pursue publication of her stories. L. M. loves to write stories about Latinas, their lives and their loves, as well as about motherhood and single parenting.



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Joanne said…
Hi Carol and Lupe, Wishing you both a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, with many happy moments around the dinner table :)
I see a trend - women need to get out to the beach more often!
LR said…
I'm laughing at Alex's comment. :)

Great excerpt!

And Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I'm grateful for kind/funny/helpful/interesting writer friends.
Lupe, your book sounds awesome.

Carol, thanks for hosting and Happy Thanksgiving to YOU!!!
Janet, said…
Enjoyed the post. Keep writing! Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.
Nicki Elson said…
Aww, that was the sweetest. Hope they have fun in that tiki hut. So fitting for this blog, eh?

Happy Thanksgiving!
Nezzy said…
Lupe's book sounds like a great read. I'm gatherin' my winter reads right now and this may be my ticket off the cold Ponderosa this winter.

You and your family have a wonderfully blessed and beautiful Thanksgiving sweetie!

BTW: If ya get a chance... place...ya'll come!!!

Woohoo!!! :o)
What a lovely few minutes on a sunny beach - thanks!
Talei said…
I'm liking the sound of gorgeous Matt!

Happy Thanksgiving my friend, here's to you and your fabulous Tiki Hut! * clink clink*
This is a fun read that is a perfect getaway from the winter blues. Carol thanks for hosting Lupe. Wishing you both a very Happy Thanksgiving! Julie
Tracy Jo said…
I really need to visit the beach! Lupe, nice to meet you and just added your book to my list. Happy Thanksgiving to both of you!!
L M Gonzalez said…
Thanks everyone for stopping by and for the comments. I'm enjoying myself here at the Tiki Hut. Now, where did I put my fruity drink with the umbrella? Matt just keeps distracting me...gotta go!
Carol Kilgore said…
Thanks to all of you for stopping by and saying hi to Lupe. Everyone ready to eat tomorrow?
Jo said…
Ah Lupe, that's a wonderful way to spend the day, on the beach with a man! I'd love to read your book. May both you and Carol have a wonderfulThanksgiving. Greetings. Jo (Kenya)
Julie said…
Great to meet you, Lupe. I loved your post and look forward to checking out your blog.

Happy Thanksgiving to you both!!
Stephen Tremp said…
Great to meet you Lupe! Best wishes for you and Too Late to Romance? Have a great holiday everyone!
Medeia Sharif said…
Thanks for introducing me to Lupe and her writing, Carol.

Have a great Thanksgiving!
L M Gonzalez said…
Thanks for your comments. When you read the book, let me know how you liked it! It's great to have met everybody. Thanks, Carol, for inviting me.
Happy Thanksgiving to everybody.
Carol Kilgore said…
Thanks for guest blogging, Lupe. Hope you had fun.

Also hope you and everyone else had a wonderful Thanksgiving.