Guest Blogger: Annie Rayburn

Paul Craddock and his Holiday Quandary

Hi, everyone. I’m Paul Craddock, a character from Annie Rayburn’s e-book, Bittersweet Obsessions. She sent me over here because I’m in something of a quandary. It’s the first Holiday celebration together for me and my wife, Teriza. I want to get a special present for her, but everything I think of feels clichéd or not quite right. We’ve got our tree up and trimmed. The lights are hung outside, but it’s looking bare underneath that tree. Except for the five presents Teriza has under there for me. Yeah, five. Talk about pressure! Can you help me?
Here are some things you should know about her in order to cater your suggestions toward her tastes. She’s—How should I put this?—rather wealthy but isn’t pretentious about it. She’s quite an accomplished cook and develops her own recipes for various magazines, is currently in her second trimester of pregnancy and her back is starting to ache. Did I mention how awesome her baby bump is?

What’s that? (He looks over his shoulder, then back.) Her cousin, Brekke, says I sound like a wuss. (Shakes his head.) Where was I?

Oh, yeah. A present for Teriza. We’re already doing the Tiki Hut thing this week as a post-Thanksgiving treat, so a tropical vacation is out. I should probably mention that I have a few business interests and some money of my own, so don’t skimp on the suggestions. I might just go for something big.

Whoever comes up with the winning present or inspires her present gets a copy of our love story. If you already own it, then a copy of one of Annie’s backlist. It’s embarrassing how many steamy details Annie included in Bittersweet Obsessions, but that’s her gig, y’know? Sexual tension, erotic romance, definite HEA. She promises “Sizzling romance that tugs at your heart.”

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One woman, three men. Which will trigger her obsession?

Bittersweet Obsessions features Annie Rayburn’s sensual race of Crainesian’s in a story of ancient mating customs turned upside down. To Crainesians, love means one perfect mate. Could testing centuries-old beliefs bring everything they desire?

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Ready? Put on your thinking caps and throw out those ideas in the comments below. It might be something you’re hoping for that you think any woman would love. Go for it. You could be the winner!


Linda Kage said…
Hey, Paul. I'm thinking a spa treatment or back massage...and a little something for the baby. Can pregnant ladies go to a spa. Well, they should be able to!!

What a fun post, Annie. Congrats on your story.
Janet, said…
How about a visit to the Greenbrier Resort in WV. And while there arrange for her to visit the chefs for a private cooking lesson and maybe they will let her prepare one of her special recipes for brunch. then she can end her day in their 5-star rated spa.
Good morning, Linda and Janet. I like the way you ladies think. Yes, Linda, pregnant ladies can go to a spa.
LR said…
Oh, she's pregnant. I missed that the first time. I was going to suggest a giant pina colada. Guess that's out. ;)

How about one of those "Snuggie" things? I could use one myself right now. Brr.
Rula Sinara said…
I can't think of anything right now, but I have to say I love the spelling of Teriza.
Fm Paul to LR: A 'snuggie' might come in handy. Teriza and I live in a stately mansion in Buckhead, an old-money section of Atlanta, GA. It actually snowed here this week!
Annie to Rula: Thanks, love yours too. I don't think I've ever run across the name Rula before. Must add that to my character names list. ;)
Janet's idea is good - I'd add get her a nanny. And a maid. Maybe a sports car. Oh wait, that's what I want...
Ha, Alex! Is that all? Can't give her everything at once, what about birthdays and anniversaries and...

However, I'll put the suggestions in the pot. Thanks!
I'd substitute the nanny for a manny, and throw in some major bling with a loving inscription on it. This was fun, and I wish you the best of luck with your book. Julie
Major bling with a loving inscription...hmmm. Not a bad idea at all, Empty. Not bad at all.
Lydia Kang said…
Just don't get a flat screen TV and say, "But you'll love watching Monday night NFL on this, right?"

Nice meeting you, Annie!
Arlee Bird said…
I'm so lousy at picking out gifts. The most memorable gift I ever gave my mother was an onion chopper. What the heck, get Teriza a fancy onion chopper, maybe adorned with gold and jewels. It's a gift that's guaranteed to bring tears to her eyes and be something she'll always remember.

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Shirley Wells said…
I'm hopeless at choosing gifts but I'd suggest a maid. I mean, she's pregnant, she's busy and everyone needs a maid, right?
I'll keep that in mind, Lydia. Thanks for the tip!
Great sense of humor, Arlee. Cute line about the tears. lol
Pamela Mason said…
Ack! I had the same idea as Shirley.

Well... I suggest a live in nanny to go with the maid.

Fun post Annie!
Thanks, Pam! Glad you stopped by. :)
Carol Kilgore said…
Thanks for blogging with me, Annie. Lots of great suggestions for Paul. He'll have to make a hard decision. Teriza's a lucky woman :)
Talli Roland said…
Wow, lots of great ideas here! How about something homemade, that you put together yourself? I love gifts like that, because they show effort.
Homemade gifts are always great. Thanks, Talli!
Tami Brothers said…
This is great Annie! Love the baby bump thing. I love reading about the character's futures. :)

My hubby gave me a spa day right after I had The Kid. I loved this because I had never had one. Problem was, I needed to have someone take care of the baby for me. I ended up having to split my spa day into two different days and both times I had to cut it short because of the baby or because I didn't realize you shouldn't take baby with you to a spa day. I know, duh...

Anyway, hubby was working full time and building our house. So I suggest you have him give her the spa day for before the baby is born, then give her another one for after AND insist on taking care of baby while she enjoys. Great memory. :)

Hope this helps…

Duly noted. Thanks for the helpful suggestions, Tami!
Hey, Ladies! Annie here. First of all, I'd like to thank you all for dropping by and commenting. I'd also like to thank Carol K for hosting me here Under the Tiki Hut. I always love a trip to the beach!

So, about the drawing...

Paul has decided to give Teriza a huge spa package that she can use throughout the next year. So a copy of Bittersweet Obsessions goes to LINDA KAGE!

He's feeling rather generous and is also putting bling under the tree - a Pandora bracelet with a few charms to commorate their lives together thus far. He'll add to the charms as their life progresses. I think Teriza will love it! I believe EMPTY NESTER INSIDER suggested bling and I can't be outdone by Paul, so I'll throw in another copy of Bittersweet Obsessions!

Congrats! I'll be in touch via e-mail.