Friday's Top Ten

Top ten things about turkeys:

10. Only the males gobble

  9. Females click

  8. "Turkey in the Straw"

  7. Their eggs hatch in 28 days

  6. They have about 3500 feathers at maturity

  5. They are very fast

  4. But not very smart

  3. Wild turkeys sleep in trees

  2. Tryptophan

And the #1 thing about turkeys:

  1. Turkey sandwiches


L.G.Smith said…
Taste great with gravy too. Mmmm, leftovers. :)
Talli Roland said…
Yum yum yum! I do love turkey sandwiches!
Laura Eno said…
And they are the #1 vehicle for stuffing... :D
Hope you have a great weekend!
Manzanita said…
And turkey soup. I got a smaller turkey this year, sent left-overs home with guests and I can go back to my tofu. Hope your turkey day was yummy one.
LR said…
I didn't know they slept in trees. Interesting! :)
A woman after my own heart! I had turkey sandwiches for breakfast this morning.
Linda G. said…
Mmmm. Turkey sandwiches. Can't wait to fix one for lunch later!
Carol Kilgore said…
L.G - Exactly!

Talli - Me, too :)

Laura - Yes, they are. Happy Weekend to you, too.

Manzanita - Very yummy :) Last year we made turkey tortilla soup. Awesome.

LR - I learned the tree thing new, too :)

Alex - Breakfast...LOL! No self-control :)

Linda - Yeah!
Anonymous said…
But stay away from Wild Turkey bourbon. Its a hundred proof and really packs a whallop!
tera said…
We used to have a couple turkeys when I was a kid, until they started killing out chickens...
Now I prefer mine in sandwiches, definitely!
Hope you had a nice Turkey Day!
KarenG said…
Gotta love the tryptophan!
Oh yes, turkey sandwiches - with stuffing and cranberry sauce. YUM! Have a great weekend, Carol.
Carol Kilgore said…
Stephen - Voice of experience?

Tera - Sweet revenge :)

Karen - It's a good thing.

Elspeth - And it's almost lunch time :)
Anonymous said…
I love all of these facts. Now I feel like I know turkeys!

My daughter and I did what I call the "queen" of birds yesterday--a plump all natural roasting chicken. I may be hung for saying this, but we like chicken more than we like turkey. Chicken soup, chicken sandwiches, etc.

I'm just grateful for good food, knowing so many in the world are hungry.

Hope you and yours had a great Thanksgiving Day!
Ann Best, Memoir Author
Tracy Jo said…
Mmmm....turkey. 3500 feathers and those wild and crazy ones live in trees! Learned something new at the Tiki Hut. :-)
Carol Kilgore said…
Ann - Just don't BE a turkey :)
I'm glad your Thanksgiving was good, too.

Tracy Jo - As did I.
Not very smart? I suppose it's because I recently watched a TV show about them . . . but I usually consider them to be reasonably intelligent. :P

Love #1!
Clarissa Draper said…
I was just beginning to find the turkey's amusing when you bring up eating them in sandwiches! However, nothing is more delicious than a turkey dinner with all the fix'ns.
Carol Kilgore said…
Golden Eagle - I found all this information online. I know they're fast and will turn on you if you run after them to get a photo.

Clarissa - A plot twist - LOL!
Donna Hole said…
Hi Carol :) Have a great weekend.

Angela said…
What is a tryptophan?
I knew that chickens sleep in trees if you let them. When my children were small, we bought eggs at a farm, and an alley led to the farm house. At dusk the chickens flew up and looked down on us, and my daughters thought that was scary. But I bet some huge turkeys would have scared them even more!
Carol Kilgore said…
Donna - Hope your weekend is great, too.

Angela - Tryptophan is a chemical in turkey that's supposed to make you sleepy. Research has shown that it really doesn't. I think turkeys in trees might scare me, too. But I'll bet Paco wouldn't be frightened :)
Amen to turkey sandwiches. with Stuffing and cranberry sauce and gravy. Yum. Did not know about wild turkeys sleeping in trees.
Arlee Bird said…
Some interesting facts here. There's not much better that a tasty turkey sandwich on white bread with mayonnaise and sweet pickles--at least that's my blast from childhood past. Had a few turkey sandwiches before the day as we had a sliced turkey breast from Honey-Baked Hams. They were good, but not like the ones I remember my mother making for me when I was a kid.

Happy Holidays!

Enjoy my delightful interview with Susan Kane on
Wrote By Rote Saturday 11/26
Carol Kilgore said…
Melissa - Amazing what you can learn on the Interwebz :)

Arlee - All good except sweet pickles. I'm a dill woman :)
LynNerdKelley said…
Haha! Fun facts about turkeys. I didn't know wild turkeys sleep in trees! Who woulda thunk? A turkey sandwich sounds yummy right now.
Carol Kilgore said…
I didn't know either. Welcome to the Turkey Club :)