Guest Blogger: Madison J. Edwards

Before we get started, I know Carole was expecting Madison J. Edwards here Under the Tiki Hut, but Madison’s from Canada and its Thanksgiving there, so I came in her place.

Oh, excuse me. Where are my manners? I’m Paulina Sophia Walker. My best friend is Shelby Stewart, and together we run Stewart Investigations. In reality, I run the business. Shelby would be lost without me because she doesn’t know an invoice from a paper hanger.

I manage the office while she works as a Private Investigator, and this year has been awful busy. Normally we’re quieter than mice peein’ in cotton, but Tank¾ he’s Shelby’s ex-boyfriend¾ showed up looking for Harrison Grant and pretty soon we had fireworks.

Harrison apparently murdered some girl in L.A. ¾that would be a great place to holiday¾ what was I talking about…. oh, yeah. Harrison murdered some girl in L.A. and Tank was trying to track him down for questioning. I thought it seemed kinda fishy that Shelby had been hired by Harrison’s daddy to find him as well. When Tank showed up at Shelby’s office, it’s a wonder those two didn’t start fires with the looks they were throwing at each other.

Anyway, where was I? Right, Canadian Thanksgiving. Shelby’s from Canada, and she’s celebrating this week with family from her daddy’s side. She says it’s still warm in Edmonton, where they all live. I’m not sure about that. October… Northern Alberta… close to Eskimo’s… she’s probably colder than my grandma’s feet in bed.

I’m looking forward to our Thanksgiving in November because it’s extra special this year. My cousin is overseas with the military, and we pray every day he returns safe and sound. And Daddy’s cancer scare was just that, a scare, but it made him realize he’s got to start taking care of himself.

I am also thankful to be here, Under the Tiki Hut. Carol has graciously supplied me with a few cabana boys who’ve been waiting on me hand and foot. In fact, here comes Ramon with my rum. Awwww. He also brought me a piece of pumpkin pie. Oh my stars. From the glint in his eye, he has more on his mind than using the whip cream for the dessert.

Girls, let me give you a visual of Ramon and his partner, JoJo. Have you ever seen a man, with stomach muscles so well defined, they bracket his abs and head south where nice girls aren’t supposed to look? Well, I’m not a nice girl…. Mmmm, hmmmm. I think you’re pickin’ up what I’m layin’ down.

After this vacation, Shelby and I are back at work. All my fingers and toes are crossed, praying next year there won’t be any attempted kidnappings, bombs or death threats. One year full of them was enough for me.

This rum is hitting the spot, and the sun feels good on my face. A light breeze has come up from the west, carrying the scent of salt water, and cools my skin. I like watching the waves chase the sandpipers. They make me think of Christmas shoppers, the way they scurry on the beach. In a few minutes, the sun will touch the horizon, and I’m waiting to hear the sizzle when that hot, glowing ball hits the water.

Tssssss… Did you hear it?

Mmmm, that pie was good. Gotta go. Jojo has brought out the coconut oil, and I do believe I’m getting a massage. If you want to know what Shelby and I did last year, check out According to Plan. The nosey author, the one from Canada, Madison J Edwards, showed up at Shelby’s house, and wrote down everything that happened, and then wrote a book about Shelby and Tank.

I don’t mind so much, but she didn’t ask me once what I thought, and I’m Shelby’s best friend. Oh well, I told Shelby I’d be nice, and treat her good. Blah, blah, blah. The things I do for her.

Madison told me, if anyone wants to check out her book, According to Plan, they could visit her website:

Well lah-de-dah. Must be nice to have your own website.

Hey, that gives me an idea. We should create a web page for Stewart Investigations. Maybe that would drum up some more business. But not now, all that can wait until after my vacation.

I’m coming, Jojo darlin’. Such an impatient man. Bye y’all. See you between the pages.

About the author:

From the age of four Madison has been an avid reader. Many fond memories are of walking to the local library, reading everything she could find. In high school she penned quirky stories for English assignments, and often was called upon to read them. No one was spared her caustic wit – not even the dreaded English teacher, Mr. Cooney. She still graduated with her class….

According to Plan is Madison’s debut full length novel. Since contracting her book with Turquoise Morning Press, three steamy, erotic short stories have been released through her publisher’s erotic imprint Sapphire Nights Books, including her ARe Bestseller, The Perfect Secretary.  You can find out more about Madison and her other books at

Buy links:

Note: Madison will be around in the afternoons and evenings to respond to comments. Real life is like that :)  ~Carol


Linda G. said…
Oh, very nice, Madison! I'm definitely pickin' up what you're layin' down. ;)
E.R. King said…
That was a fun interview! Paulina and Shelby sound like a hoot. Thanks for sharing!
Madison said…
Thank you so much for dropping by and getting to know my characters a little better. If you read According to Plan - let me know what you think - good or bad.

Some Things Are Meant To Be Naughty
Paulina has a great sense of humor!
I love lady P.I.s. Too much fun!
Madison said…
I can't believe Polly let that one get by her. She's usually quick to correct you that she goes by 'Polly'. Shelby's going to love that she missed it. *grin*

Jennifer Shirk said…
Ha! That was a cute post! Nice to meet Madison. :-)
Lydia Kang said…
Ha ha, that was fun! It's always nice meeting characters. :)
LR said…
Sounds sizzlin'. :)
Joanne said…
I like this, what a fun way to get an inside look at a book's characters ... (Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving, Madison ... Good food, good company, and good coffee!)
desitheblonde said…
this was great and fun i love the book cover but make sure stay out of the sun no pun attend and then add something to the rum
Tami Brothers said…
This was a lot of fun to read. Makes me want to read the book. Love that snarky attitude.

Great interview. :)

Carol Kilgore said…
Thanks to all of you for commenting.

And thanks to Madison for a great post.
J.L. Campbell said…
Paulina is quite a character! I'll bet she gets up to some interesting stuff between Madison's covers.