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Writing is a funny thing. 

Sometimes it's hahaha funny - like when you're playing with your pen and it goes flying across the room and smacks the dog in the side and he looks at you like what the--? Or you write something that makes you giggle two paragraphs further in the story.

But mostly writing is weird funny because you never know where it's taking you or what you'll find when you arrive or how it will affect you. You might be writing the perfect flawed character only to discover in the middle of the manuscript you're really writing about yourself. Or you start the manuscript writing in third person and when you finish, you're in first. And never realized when you made the change.

Some people think we writers are strange, zoned-out creatures. They could be right :) But I believe we're lucky. Our ability to create characters and have them tell a story is a gift. Don't ever forget that. 

Especially don't forget it when you're staring out the window, deep in the middle of planning a suspenseful scene, and wearing headphones ... and someone touches your shoulder.

The bruising should go away in a week or so.

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Jan Morrison said…
Yep, hilarious. Like finding out you have to change your whole novel from first to third because some voice in your hilarious head is demanding you to. yikes.
Laura Eno said…
I chortled over the bruising statement - thankfully without coffee.
It's the simple thrills in life that make my day...I'M STILL OVER ON THE SIDEBAR!!!
Talli Roland said…
The bruising, ha! Thank goodness I'm in my own when I do the bulk of my writing so I don't punch anyone. :)
LR said…
Sometimes writing is "funny" when you get stuck on one single sentence. Or word.


The good part about being a writer is that one is never bored. : )
Clarissa Draper said…
Thank you for keeping my blog on your sidebar!

I agree with you, the journey of writing is one reason I love it so much. I never know if I will write something funny or touching or sad or ... well, you get the picture. What a wonderful career we have!
Anonymous said…
I can see the difference. Much cleaner. You're an inspiration. Now I have to go forth and clean mine.
Carol Kilgore said…
Jan - My little voice is usually right.

Laura - Whew. Don't want to have to buy you a new keyboard :)

Talli - Lucky you!

LR - So true. I agree about not being bored.

Clarissa - It's all about the journey. I think our career is wonderful, too :)

Stephen - It loads faster, too!
Talei said…
I've been laughing all afternoon and I can't explain it. Things that amuse me in this house.

I'm can you've done some spring/summer cleaning, it looks FAB. Happy writing dear x
Anonymous said…
LOL! Loved this post!
Carol Kilgore said…
Talei - Laughter is wonderful!

Laura - Thanks :)
I agree completely, Carol. Writing *is* funny. Depending on the day, it can be funny-haha or funny-peculiar. The definition of peculiar also changes from day to day.
julie fedderson said…
This made me laugh, because when I was writing my zombie post it was late, I was writing in total darkness in the kitchen because I didn't want to wake anyone. My hubby came in (I swear he snuck in) and said "What are you doing?" I screamed and spun out of the chair, falling on my butt. Which is why surprise works so well for hooligans; makes people incapacitated for a bit. The bruise did go away.
That's why I've told my wife never to sneak up on me!
I do feel fortunate to be a writer and create worlds where our characters live and breath and make bad and good choices. There's nothing like it. And I do understand about the headphones and someone tapping you on the shoulder. ;)

Hey, you won the book from last week's drawing on my blog. Send me your address and I'll pop it in the mail to you. :)
Carol Kilgore said…
Elspeth - It certainly does!

Julie - Ha! The bruising element of surprise :)

Alex - I hope she listens.
Carol Kilgore said…
Kathi - We crossed. How cool. I'll be in touch :)
Carol Fleisher said…
Thanks for keeping my blog on the side bar. I've just started writing. I think it's funny all the wonderful adventures writing can take you on. Ha about the bruise. Funny. :)
Rochelle Staab said…
I laugh out loud when I realize one of my characters is channeling ME. It's amazing how they take on life, how we talk about them like they're real people, how they can take over or disappear at will.

And getting stuck on one word or one sentence? The great time stealer. Kills me! I'm trying to build the muscle that would let me type in XXX and move on. Fix later.

Thanks for the great post, Carol!
Julie said…
Ha ha, the bruising comment cracked me up. Great ending for the post. :D

Thank you for having my blog on the sidebar! I actually need to go through your roll as I know there are tons of great blogs I haven't discovered yet.
Carol Kilgore said…
Carol F - Lots of cool adventures :)

Rochelle - Non writers listening to writers talk must really wonder about us. Especially when a couple of mystery writers get together. I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

Julie - I found some I'd lost track of, too :)
Anonymous said…
I've never been able to finish a manuscript. I lose my momentum somewhere along the way. Then my stepdaughter told me that she always does her first draft in first person. She said it gives her a handle on the story. Do I think this is strange? No, not at all. It makes perfect sense to me.

Carol, you are not looney toons.
Donna Hole said…
"The bruising should go away in a week or so." hahaha :)

Thanks for keeping me on - even though I haven't been by in a month or so. I do try to catch up when I come by.

I'll check out some of your Wednesday guest posts; maybe I have a character or two who would enjoy spending a day under the Tiki Hut. (Clean stuff; I promise)

Have a good week Carol :)

Tara said…
Ugh. I am having an awful time staying in third with my latest WiP. All my others are first!
Carol Kilgore said…
glynisj - LOL...thanks. Some days I wonder. Different things work for different writers.

Donna - A month is nothing. Some I don't ever remember being here or visiting their blogs. But obviously it happened. Long, long ago. Email me if you want to guest - 3 Wednesdays in November are still open.

Tara - Maybe you should switch?
Mason Canyon said…
Great post. Oh I love the part about the bruising. Should we ask where?

Thoughts in Progress
Freelance Editing By Mason
Haha, yes, I was writing this truly horrific scene in a horror short at about 2am and my son woke up and very quietly made his way downstairs to behind my chair. I felt a presence behind me, turned, and he was just standing there. Nearly gave me a heart attack. My yelp nearly gave HIM one!
Haha, yes, I was writing this truly horrific scene in a horror short at about 2am and my son woke up and very quietly made his way downstairs to behind my chair. I felt a presence behind me, turned, and he was just standing there. Nearly gave me a heart attack. My yelp nearly gave HIM one!
Carol Kilgore said…
Mason - No, you shouldn't ask :)

Shannon - LOL...I can imagine!
Hart Johnson said…
We're definitely lucky! And i think that's just right--I know I need to relax enough that the story just comes out instead of forcing it.
Ciara said…
LOL, LOVE it. I've tried everything to get my kids to let me work. Ugh. I need a kid trap door. :)
Anonymous said…
Jen and I BOTH had a wonderful time at the Beach Boys concert! Thank you...

Blog Roll Clean UP: Wow. I started to do this a while back and it was boggling. But I think I'll follow your lead and do it. There are so many Followers who only come in once. I, too, want to keep track of "old friends" but my roll is quite cluttered.

I saw a comment you made somewhere (how's that for being specific; sorry, it's my brain that just doesn't remember!) that you'd gotten into a lot of social media all at once. It really can be boggling.

As for writing: I love how you express this. "A funny thing." You find "You're writing about yourself." I think this is true for most writers. There are those awesome exceptions; I'm thinking of Anne Tyler and Orson Scott Card, though Scott Card did write a semi-autobiographical (still speculative) novel Lost Boys, one of my all time favorites. Yes, writing IS a funny thing. We never know what might flow from our pen--once we make the time to put it in our hand and move it across the page :-)
Ann Best, Author of In the Mirror, A Memoir of Shattered Secrets
Your blog is looking good! I just cleaned up my blog too. I put a bunch of tabs at the top, so now the home page is less cluttered.

For the guest post, so you ask questions or do guests come up with a post?
Carol Kilgore said…
Hart - I love when the story flows. You're right about the relaxing part. The more tense I am, the more the words are forced.

Ciara - Invent it! You'd make a fortune :)

Ann - Mine was, too. Besides the blogs I follow regularly and frequently, I had no idea who was who. Now I'm hoping I can catch up with some I'd lost track of.

Theresa - Guests come up with a post. One of your characters, at the tiki hut, and something about the closest holiday. Two dates are open - Nov. 16 and 30.
Ella said…
Great post; I love your are funny~ Yes, those that love us need to learn to let us be or pain can be inflicted, lol~
Rula Sinara said…
"The bruising should go away..."

That made me laugh out loud! You're too funny.
This is hilarious! I started laughing at the pen and the dog (been there, done that) and really cracked up at the bruising comment. Thank you for this. Beyond the laughing, though, you make such a great point--our love of writing is a gift.
Carol Kilgore said…
Ella - So true about that pain thing.

Rula - Cool :)

Cynthia - It really is. Even when it may not seem like it.