Friday's Top Ten

Top ten things to do now that the Mercury Retrograde is over:

10. Go shopping

  9. Get a new hairstyle

  8. Start a new manuscript

  7. Buy a car

  6. Try a new restaurant

  5. Send queries

  4. Start a new job ... notice a trend?

  3. Plant a tree

  2. Indie pub your novel

And the #1 thing to do now that the Mercury retrograde is over:

  1. Buy a Giant Chicken - A short PG13 must read


Isis Rushdan said…
Cool list this week. What kind of car are you going to buy? New or used?
Talli Roland said…
I'm all over that hairstyle thing! :) And what a great title at number 1.
Manzanita said…
Yah, a girl after my own heart. Today's the day. I had a chance to rent the ranch last week but I wouldn't even consider it. It would be trouble. (would involve a contract) Today is also Moon in Leo. Hair cutting time. I always trim my hair when Moon is in Leo.
Linda Kage said…
Ooh! I'll take number silver please!
Summer Ross said…
I do not think I could handle that giant chicken! Funny read though. Thank you for posting
LR said…
Hooray,it's over! I knew I felt somehow relieved.

Going to read chicken now.
Colette Martin said…
Well, Of course I had the read chicken story. Thanks for making me laugh! that story is hysterical!
Carol Kilgore said…
Isis - I hope I'm not buying any car, as we have two and I hate car shopping. But for those who need a car, now's the time.

Talli - Make a hair appointment :)

Manzanita - My hair grows fast, so it gets cut no matter where the moon is.

Linda - And sporty!

Summer - I'm very much a giant chicken person, for whatever that's worth.

LR - Hope you laughed at the chicken.

Colette - I agree!
Maryannwrites said…
Loved the chicken story. Thanks so much for the link and introducing me to another terrific writer.
Summer Ross said…
My grandmother is a rooster person and the more eccentric the better LOL
Elspeth Futcher said…
It's back to school time, so I've already done the shopping and thumbed my nose at Mercury. However, a new (used) car is being considered. And thanks for the link - Giant Chicken stories are always appreciated!
Can I just get giant chicken breasts?
Ha! Loved that picture of the giant chicken at the door!!
Mason Canyon said…
Great list. Now I'm off to learn more about this 'giant chicken.' Have a great weekend.

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Carol Kilgore said…
Y'all aren't going to believe what I just did. I answered all your comments then closed the form and they all went away. Gone. My blonde roots are showing.

I'll try to repeat my "witty words" below.

Maryann - You're welcome. See how witty that is - LOL!

Summer - Good for her! For the record, I have no giant chickens. However, I may or may not have participated in a similar escapade. Perhaps more than once. Just saying.

Elspeth - Good luck with the car. One day giant chickens will be all the rage :)

Alex - OK, I've picked myself off the floor. Short answer: No! But now I'm giggling again.

Elizabeth - Me, too!

Mason - Now we know why they play "The Chicken Dance" at weddings :)
Julie Flanders said…
I cracked up at the chicken story LOL. Thanks for sharing it. :)

Happy weekend!
Rochelle Staab said…
I KNEW there was a reason I was hesitant to start writing this week. Yay! Bye Merc Ret, hello new story. Thank you for the reminder, Carol. I feel a little freer today :)
Unknown said…
I need a new car! I should show my husband your list.
julie fedderson said…
Yes! The retrograde is over! And I need a big metal chicken. Now.
Unknown said…
We are car shopping too. Looks like Monday we'll be making a trip to the dealer. I'm trading in my van for a car-car.
I read the story and my favorite line is "That chicken has a shiv." Next, I will try a new restaurant, but I will stay away from the chicken! Julie
Laura Eno said…
I feakin' LOVE that chicken!!!!! Where can I get one? I need help anyway - it's 7am and I was confused about why so many people had already commented...then I realized I'm a day late...
Ooo, a new hairstyle? I'm with you on 8, 5, and 4. Fun stuff. Good luck starting a new job!
Janet, said…
We've been thinking about trading in our car, didn't know weather had anything to do with it though. :0) Our garden, berries and grapes are finally fizzling out, too, so now I have no excuse to do much needed and neglected housework.
Tami Brothers said…
Still laughing! Thanks for that.


Carol Kilgore said…
Did you guys think I vanished? You can't get rid of me that easily! Life intervened for a little bit yesterday, but all is well :)

Julie - I read that story at night and laughed so hard I almost woke up Live In Handyman. I'm glad you liked it, too.

Rochelle - I feel much freer, too!

Clarissa - Do it!

Julie - I want one, too! Live-In Handyman will get over it one day :)

Donna - Yea! Enjoy your car-car :)

Empty Next - I'm laughing all over again and getting strange looks from the dogs.

Laura - LOL! I have days like that. I haven't done a search, but I'd try Garden Ridge or a nursery. Plant nursery, not chicken nursery :)

Theresa - It's a good time to begin things and sign contracts.

Janet - Now's the time!
Carol Kilgore said…
Tami - Oops, we crossed. Glad you enjoyed :)
Yes! Thank heavens for mercury retrograde ending!! Though it retrogrades so often, if we always paid attention we would never move forward at all! Love your list, I am so eager to start writing my next book...And now I must check out this chicken book!
Oh! I see - I just went to the link and I had read that post by the Bloggess - it was hilarious! I love the picture of the giant chicken at the front door. I think the point I'll take away is that it is time to do something that is just plain mad! And silly. And pointless. Like buying a giant chicken.
Carol Kilgore said…
Melissa - Cluck-cluck...Yes!
Ciara said…
Great list! I need a new car. My mini-van still smells like my 14-year-old's football cleats from last season. :( My husband tells me I'm nuts though. LOL
Carol Kilgore said…
Ciara - Yuk! Febreze :)