Friday's Top Ten

Top ten things that make me laugh:

10. Slapstick

  9. Giggling kids

  8. Funny jokes

  7. My dogs

  6. Unexpected surprise

  5. LOL Cats

  4. Funny movies and videos

  3. Funny things people say

  2. Humor in the comment trail

And the #1 thing that makes me laugh:

  1. Myself when I do something stupid


Your #1 is my #1, too! Where would we be if we couldn't laugh at our own foibles? Laughter is the Best Medicine--who said that?
Laura Eno said…
Dogs and cats are always good for laughs! As for myself, I usually only give me eyerolls.
Hart Johnson said…
I love laughing... Your list mostly makes me laugh, too, though wordplay (and particularly misattributing) are my favorites.
Manzanita said…
Slapstick is out of style but I still belly laugh when Larry, Mo and Curly poke at eyes and bop heads. When I was young and had a list of what I wanted in a man.... humor was #1.

Hey, if you can't laugh at yourself, your life will be miserable.
Linda Kage said…
Laughter makes my daughter laugh. We took her to Home Depot. When she heard laughter a few aisles over, she broke out in the most amused giggle. She'll never let another laugh alone!
Linda G. said…
Love your list! It's a lot like mine. :)
Arlee Bird said…
It's a good attribute to be able to laugh at oneself and the absurdity of much of life. I love to laugh.

Tossing It Out
Talli Roland said…
LOL Cats always make me laugh!

Have a great weekend, Carol!
Carol Kilgore said…
Clara - Don't know who said it. Smart person, though :)

Laura - I laugh at myself on a daily basis.

Hart - I like puns.

Manzanita - I totally agree that a sense of humor is #1.

Alex - Exactly!

Linda K - How cute! I would've laughed with her :)

Linda G - Yup. Sisters :)

Arlee - I think you're right.
LR said…
Your fireman post made me laugh. :)
Gotta go find it and read it again.
I love love love laughing and making others laugh. And I agree with your list.

I want to add that children DO say the funniest things.
Carol Kilgore said…
Talli - Me, too!

LR - That post about firefighters was the Top Ten on Friday, June 17, 2011. I'm glad you still remember it!

Teresa - And they say the most funniest things when we least expect it.
Maryannwrites said…
I agree about how important it is to be able to laugh at ourselves. If we start taking ourselves too seriously, we are in trouble.
Jan Morrison said…
Norman Cousins wrote the book called 'Laughter is the Best Medicine' in 1979. It's pretty durn good.
Laughing is something that sets us apart from all other sentient beings. The human knows that life is short and doesn't end in a party but can also see the larger picture and therefore laugh. The ability to laugh is sanity. Really.
love your friday lists.
Elspeth Futcher said…
I love these Friday lists, Carol!
VR Barkowski said…
Hee hee! Outstanding list, Carol. I giggled just reading it. If there was a #11, I'd probably add "misunderstandings." They often end up hysterically funny in the world of the inarticulate (in other words, my world).
Julie Flanders said…
Love your #1! Great list, and just reading LOL cats makes me chuckle, so funny. :)

Have a great weekend!
Golden Eagle said…
Sometimes comments can be pretty funny! :D

Love #1--same here!
Summer Ross said…
These are great, I like romance comedies best in movies. Thanks for a smile during testing periods at college. Only a few more weeks to go.
Randy said…
When I do something stupid--like the time I walked through a crowd of RWA National attendees at the lobby bar and realized the heels of my pumps were unequal heights. (Oops. Mismatched pair. Same color, though, so I wasn't TOTALLY off.) Let's not discuss the time I was on a blind date and realized I was wearing two LEFT shoes. (How do I DO this?? I swear, there are MORE shoe stories, but I don't wanna shame myself any further!)
Carol Kilgore said…
Maryann - I agree. People who take themselves too seriously need to lighten up.

Jan - Glad you love the Top Tens :) And thanks for clearing up who wrote Laughter is the Best Medicine!

Elspeth - Thank you :)

VR - I see an oops moment or two in your life :)

Julie - I just love them!

Golden Eagle - Sometimes comments make me really laugh out loud. Love them.

Summer - I like romantic comedies, too.

Randy - OMG! I once wore a totally mismatched pair of shoes to work - one brown, one navy, but one left and one right. Had to go to the store as soon as they opened and buy shoes. And I've worn either two left or two right (forget) shoes, too. That obviously didn't match either. Another trip to the shoe store. Sigh. Now I write barefoot :)
Talei said…
I'm with you on #1. I just had a moment of madness, laughed loudly whilst blogging tonight...and a while later... my mother asked me why I laughing...and I couldn't remember.
Lydia Kang said…
I can laugh at myself but it's usually way later, after I've gotten over my embarrassment!
Shirley said…
Children make me laugh. They really do say the cutest things.
Jayne said…
#1 is excellent! You know that "laughing yoga" is all the rage? I've gotta try that... ;)
Ella said…
Great list Carol! I find a lot of the things that make you giggle, do the same for me! Hope you have a fun weekend with lots of laughs~
Connie Keller said…
Giggling kids. Perfect. I can't not giggle with them.
Carol Kilgore said…
Talei - LOL! That's a great one :)

Tami - Thanks.

Lydia - I do so many weird things I rarely get embarrassed anymore.

Shirley - I think they do, too.

Jayne - How cool is that! Sounds wonderful.

Ella - Thanks - and the same to you :)

Connie - Same here :)
Michelle Fayard said…
Thank you for ending the work week on such a bright note!

P.S. I’ve left a response to your comment on Bird’s-eye View at
Anonymous said…
I laugh at myself often. I sometimes walk one way while talking to someone in another direction then almost walk into things.
Carol Kilgore said…
Michelle - "Always leave them laughing." Somebody famous said that.

Stephen - I do walk into things. I'm terrible about not paying attention.
Trish said…
My dogs are constantly making me laugh. Some television shows can really make me laugh too. Like Big Bang theory. (Sheldon for the most part)And the strange and amazing segment on our local radio is always good for a laugh too.
Angela said…
I agree to each one of your points, Carol. Oh, how I would love to chat and giggle with you! Funny how related I feel to you, across the ocean. Cheers from Angela
Carol Kilgore said…
Trish - LOVE Big Bang Theory.

Angela - Same here, Angela.
Unknown said…
It could be why I'm always laughing, because I'm always doing stupid things.
Carol Kilgore said…
Clarissa - Same here.