Guest Blogger: Annie Rayburn (aka Carol Burnside)

Today's guest blogger Under the Tiki Hut is Annie Rayburn, also known as Carol Burnside. Annie/Carol and I have been bloggie buddies for a little while. She's a great friend and writer. Today she's going to draw from the comments to give away a copy of her new release, Bittersweet Obsessions. So read on to find out what Annie brings when she visits Under the Tiki Hut. Now I have some staring to do, so I'm turning theTiki Hut straight over to Annie Rayburn.

= = = = = = = = = =

I hope your brought your swim suit because it’s time to par-tay here Under the Tiki Hut! Grab a Mai Tai, pull up a chaise, kick off your sandals, and bury your toes in the sand. To start this shindig rockin’, I’ve brought along some friends from my latest release, Bittersweet Obsessions.

Everybody got a cold drink? Good. Gather ‘round. I’ll make a few introductions, let you in on a little gossip, and then y’all can mingle.

The stunning brunette in the black and gold bikini is Teriza. She’s Crainesian, which means her ancestors escaped here from the planet Crainesia before it exploded. What’s that? Yes, they’re telepathic, but don’t worry, they have a strict code against ‘eavesdropping.’ Isn’t her tan pretty? Their honeyed skin looks like warm caramel after being in the sun.

The tall, tan guy with his arm around the pretty redhead, is Deacon. He’s also Crainesian and a landscape architect who’s obviously been working without a shirt. No farmer’s tan on that one. Whew! Where’s a cool breeze when you need one?

Where was I? Oh, yes. The redhead under Deacon’s arm—Carol K, stop staring at his abs and pay attention. I’m talking about the cutie in the turquoise tankini. That’s Sallie, his wife. She’ll stick close because Teriza is here. You see, Teriza and Deacon are life-mates, which means they have a strong physical attraction enhanced by overactive pheromones whenever they’re around each other. My guess is Sallie won’t let Teriza get too close. While Sallie looks demure, she can be a tiger. Yes, sir. I’m envious of her sexy underwear drawer, but not so much that creamy complexion. Bless her heart, I do hope she used sunscreen.

Oh, yum, there’s Paul. He’s the big, rugged looking guy headed this way that looks kinda like that movie star, Clive Owen. Too bad he only has eyes for Teriza. Otherwise, I’d be dropping y’all like a hot potato and rushing over to get that extra pina colada he’s carrying. (sigh) Sure wish that last button would pop off his shirt... Oh, lordy. Did I say that out loud?

I invited a ton of people, including Sela and Jonavon from my short story Insight  and Zeenie and Turk from my novella Phantoms & Fantasies. Klaus, Teriza’s sexual surrogate and a major hottie will show after he downloads his own copies of them on Amazon. Between us, I think he’s just pouting because he wants his own HEA.
Brekke, Teriza’s sexy cousin, promised to put in an appearance later. Last time I saw him, he was hanging around my website and blog waiting to be interviewed. Who knew he was such a publicity hound? So for now, we’re it.

Woo-hoo! Somebody just cranked up Bob Segar’s “Old Time Rock ‘n’ Roll.” That’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout! All right, everybody, choose a character and mingle, ask questions. Let’s make friends.


Marilyn Baron said…

So glad to hear about your new book and all the interesting characters. Carol is my blogging sister on the Petit Fours and Hot Tamales blog and we're all excited about her new release.
Pam Asberry said…
You had me at the words "tiki hut." A beach party? I can't think of a better way to introduce the world to your latest release and all your fabulous characters. Continued success, Annie! Thanks for the interview, Carol!
The tiki hut is the perfect place for a party and these sound like great characters to hang out with! Thanks for the introduction to them. :)
Lydia K said…
I love your imaginations! I'm having a Mai Tai but all my characters are underage, sitting under an umbrella and laughing quietly at us old folks.
Janet, said…
You have quite a few interesting characters in your book. Good luck with its release!
Julie said…
Great post, Annie! I'm so glad to learn about your book, I love discovering new (to me) authors. I'm toasting you with my Mai Tai and wishing you great success!
Tami Brothers said…
I am so there!

You definitely paint a wonderful picture. I can totally see the characters and you are making me want to pull your books up in the to-be read pile. ;-) Thinking I'll do that anyway.

Enjoying the party. Can't wait for Klaus to get here....grin....

Helen Ginger said…
A lot of hot characters. And all gathered under the Tiki Hut. Thanks for the introductions.
Mason Canyon said…
Annie, your throw quite an interesting and intriguing party. Sounds like these are characters that would be fun to get to know. Thanks for the introductions.

Carol, thanks for introducing a 'new-to-me' author and wonderful new characters. It was fun.

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Darcy Crowder said…
I agree, Annie. You throw quite a party! I can't wait to get better aquainted with Paul, Klaus, Brekke, oh, and Tereza too. Congratulations again (raising glass) wishing you all the best success!
Thanks for the introduction to these characters - the tiki hut is certainly a fun place to hang out.
notesfromnadir said…
I really like seeing the word par-tay because it can only mean good times!

Quite a cast of characters you have hanging around your blog today!
Carol Kilgore said…
Hi Everyone - Thanks for stopping in today. I especially want to welcome those of you who are new to the Tiki Hut. Thanks for visiting and commenting. I hope you'll visit again sometime. You're always welcome here.

Mason - I'm glad you had a good time!

Now I'm gonna put on my sunglasses and keep looking at those fab abs. OMG!
Pamela Mason said…
It's so good to see Zeenie & Turk doing so well. And don't Sela and Jonavon look happy? Bet he's not sorry with how things worked out for him!
I've just gotten acquainted with Teriza and Deacon, and I haven't met Paul and ...
My Oh MaiTai--
I'll bet that's Klaus who just got here!
Thanks for inviting me here Carol.
Annie...? Introduce me...?
Now that was amusing!
Hi, Marilyn, Pam and Darcy! Glad y'all could mosy over from You're the BEST!

Oh, hey, I see Klaus made it and Pam is giving him a once over. Sheesh, just looking at him raises the temperature a notch or two. Use sunscreen, Pam! He's a hot one.

Who's that blonde he's talking to? Oh, Tami! I should have known. Hope there's not a catfight brewing. Easy, Pam, he'll share.
Welcome to the party Elizabeth!

Lydia, you keep an eye on those youngsters. I made up a batch of virgin strawberry daiquiri's for them. Enjoy!

Wow, such a crush of people here! I'm going to do a little mingling of my own...
Uh, oh. Tami and Pam turned to get drinks from the Cabana Boy and Pamela Mason zoomed in on Klaus. Clever girl, plying him with alcohol, though he doesn't look the least bit upset about being led in the direction of her private Tiki Hut. Guess she didn't need me to make a formal introduction. Impatient, much?
Thanks for the good wishes, Janet. I guess my characters are a bit older than the ones in your children's books, eh? No matter. You're all grown up. You fit in just fine here.
Ah, there's writer and pet lover, Julie, hanging out with Brekke. Nice to cyber meet you, Julie! I've got three large dogs. Big ol' house babies, all. Makes sense you'd find things to talk about with Brekke. Talk him into getting a dog. He's lonely.
I followed my nose and discovered Eliz/Riley Adams brought a Memphis BBQ spread with her. Fitting, no, considering those mysteries of hers. YUM! You might say this pulled pork sandwich is Finger Lickin'...good! ;) Makes me wantanotherb Mai-Tai. (sings out)Oh, Cabana Boy... Yes, you with the cute hair, six-pac and a full tray, sweetie. Come take a break with Annie. ;) ;)
Oh, my! Cabana Boy is... well, um, I'll be back in a few! Psst! Carol K, keep the drinks flowing and their plates full until I get back.
Randy said…
Hey, boyfriend dumped me for a Botox'd bimbo at the disco last night, and I heard your music from down the beach. Mind if I join in? I'm kinda shy, and I've NEVER met a Crainesian before, so I'm not it safe? I mean, how would they feel about a human like me crashing their party? Those guys look pretty hot--are their womenfolk territorial? Just wondering before I, y'know, accidentally make a move.
Glad you like the 'scenery' Helen Ginger. ggg

And Mason - thanks for stopping by and participating in the fun!
Hey, Elspeth! I sense an aura of mystery surrounding you. ;) Thanks for partying with us.
Good thing Carol K. turned the Tiki Hut over to me today, because she hasn't stopped ogling the guys all day. Now it's Turk she's fixated on.

(sucks in breath) Did you SEE that glare Zeenie just shot her. Whoo! Admire from a distance, Carol K.
Alex, I'm happy you're easily amused. ;) Hope you're having fun.
Carol Kilgore said…
It's getting close to Margarita time. I wonder how those Crainesians handle tequila?
Randy, it sounds like you're better off without him. Shy, you said? Un-huh.

As for Crainesians, they're mostly like us. Er...mostly, though they do mate for life. So to be on the safe side, maybe you'd better make your moves on either Brekke or Klaus, the unattached guys.
Tonya Kinzer said…
Hi Carol and Annie! This is my first visit to the Tiki Hut but you can bet it won't be my last! I fell in love with that cover the first time I saw on the net. So glad I hopped over here from Twitter! Thanks for posting! *scribblin' notes on websites and names*

Love your characters and the interview turned out great with your imagination and the way you included your site links! Love it! Good luck with the release sales! New author and books are always a joy to find, thank you, ladies!
Margs, Carol K? Well, they make a strong wine out of Ramutans, so I think they'll handle tequila just fine. Bring it on!
Another EroRom author! Hey, Tonya!!! I was definitely kissed by the cover gods with Bittersweet Obsessions. I loved it at first sight too. Have a drink and stay awhile. What's your pleasure? Mai Tai, Daiquiri, or Mango Margarita???
Hey, Carol, sorry I'm coming to the party late, work and all, but wow, they all sound really hot! And you know how hot it is here. So I'm burning up just dreaming about these guys.

Okay, I feel for Kraus. I know how it is for a character to never get his own woman/book. So I'm going to mosey over and try to cheer him up. Sorry if I promise you'll write his story next. You can tell him later that I didn't have the writing schedule right if it's not so. :) Just blame it on me! I can handle it!

Do you mind if I bring a couple of wolves to the party? They're kind of possessive though.... :)
Liz Falkner said…
Oh my! The eye candy is delicious tonight! Thanks for inviting me, Annie. I sure would hate to miss this party!!

Where's the bar to order my daiquiri?
Better late than not at all, Terry. Sorry you had to work 1st, and yes, when your 'wolves' are as hot in human form as yours are, they're definitely welcome, possessive or not. Hubba-hubba...
Bar, Liz? Just waive one of the Cabana boys down and place an order. They're VERY accommodating. ;)

The sun is starting to set, but Turk and Jonavon are starting a small bonfire so we can keep partying. Klaus (SO good with his hands according to Teriza.) is busy lighting tiki torches. Handy as well as hunky, what more could a girl want?
Nicole North said…
Sorry I'm late to the party! (We'll call it fashionably late.) But I almost missed all the hot guys. Whew! Talk about nice views all around. Congratulations, Annie, on the book release!
Thanks, Nicole! Enjoy the...views. ;)
Linsey Lanier said…
If the rest of the crew are like Sela and Jonavon, I can't wait to read their stories! Love the party, Annie. Glad there's a bonfire for us latecomers. And the Mai Tais are still flowing. Whoo hoo.
That's right, Linsey! Mai Tai's are a must at a beach party. You know, Sela and Jonavon are here...somewhere. Oh, that must be them behind that sand dune. So close. Maybe we better not disturb them. Drink anyone?
Sandy Elzie said…
Hi Carol,
I'm late to the party...out of office yesterday..., but I just won a download of your book and I'm scrambling to get past a self-imposed deadline before Nationals so I can read it.

I'm so proud of you! Congrats.

Sandy Elzie
LR said…
Just heard Bob Seger's "Turn the Page." No Old Time Rock n Roll unfortunately. ;)

I'm liking all the studs under these tiki huts.
Carol Kilgore said…
"Take those old records off the shelf." Love that song. Who knew summer would bring them all out :)
Talli Roland said…
Popping by a bit late as per usual -- hope there are some Mai Tais still left. Congrats on the book release!
Ah, Sandy, you're sweet. Have fun at Nationals! I think/hope you'll enjoy Bittersweet Obsessions.
LR - that's a good one too, just not as um, party-ish? Looks like some of my characters stuck around even after I nodded off. Such party animals! They even kept the drinks flowing.
Thanks, Talli. Plenty of Mai-Tai's. I just had the Cabana Boys make up a new batch. Deliciously refreshing, aren't they?
I'll draw a winner after midnight tonight and post it in Carol K's new post comments tomorrow. Good luck everyone!
Carol Kilgore said…
Thanks loads for being our Guest Blogger for the week Annie. I think everyone had fun :)
Thanks for having me, Carol! You've got a great group of blogger friends.