Help Me Brainstorm

I want to try something different on Wednesdays over the summer. One of the things I've thought about is to invite Guest Bloggers to post. Another is haiku - mine in the post, yours in the comments. Yet another is to have Wednesdays be Character Day - everyone tells something about one of their characters - short, maybe 50 words? 100? This could probably be tweaked in some way to make it more fun.

Anyway, there are 14 Wednesdays in June, July, and August beginning next week, June 1.

I know, I needed more lead time - especially if we go the guest blogger route. That may be a next summer thingie. I've been trying to get to this, and the time slipped away. I have excuses, but no reasons other than family-in-transit still at my house. And a large wine bill. I may or may not be kidding about the wine.

Moving along, I'm now on top of the Summer Project. And trying not to fall off.

If none of the above three ideas appeal to you, what would you like Tiki Wednesdays to be? Speak up! Any and all suggestions are welcome because Under the Tiki Hut is all about you. I'm totally open because I want you to be here :)

This will be a learning experience; but I'm a quick learner, so it shouldn't be too painful.

Speak up. Please. What do you want out of Wednesdays?

Thanks for your help.


Linda Kage said…
Doesn't matter to me. But I'm confident whatever you write will be fine.
Joanne said…
I like the guest blogger idea, but maybe fine tune the focus so that they're all giving their version of the same question or theme?
Carol Kilgore said…
Linda - I'm glad you're confident - LOL.

Joanne - That's a good idea.
Anonymous said…
I like all your ideas. Joanne's is intriguing as well. You could always combine the guest posts with the character idea, or even alternate. Either way, I like your blog and tend to think what ever you decide upon will be the bee's knees. :)
Helen Ginger said…
I like all your ideas. I'm not very good at haikus, though. (Would the plural of haiku have an -es or an -s?)

Put the wine bill under "medical." It's good for your heart, right?
LR said…
I agree with Linda that whatever you write will be entertaining. :)

You could also make Wed. the "southern special" day with southern sayings/drinks/films/places/food/recipes/cowboys etc.

Haikus would be fun too. I like those little things. :)
notesfromnadir said…
I like how you point out the fact that there are 14 Wednesdays! Maybe you can do something historical, like on this date, this event happened? Whatever you decide I'm sure it'll be fun for all of us.
Carol Kilgore said…
Kimberly - The bees knees, eh? Your suggestions are good, too. Thanks.

Helen - Red wine. Dark chocolate. Heart health. The deductions are adding up :)

LR - Hmmm...Southern Special. Maybe Texas Tidbits. I'm going to think hard on that one. Thanks.

Lisa - Ooh, I like that, too. Thanks.
I'm liking the Texas Tidbits idea - I'm woefully ignorant. The haiku idea is also fun; I write very very bad haikus. Seriously. Bad.
Guest bloggers or Character Day sounds good. I'm not so good with haikus.

Seriously? If you wanna do GB's, sign me up. I've got a June 1st release to spread the word about. I bet Marilyn from PFHT would be all over that as well. You might be surprised how fast your calendar would fill on that subject. :)
Not good with poetry, but the other ideas sound great!
Janet, said…
they all sound good to me, too. Or, how about posting a picture and you write a short poem about it and your readers also write a short poem about it in their comments.
Clarissa Draper said…
I'm not a poem person but I love your other ideas and the ones the commenters gave.
Great ideas here--especially guest posters writing on a theme. I hosted one a while back on writing process and it worked out great...everyone has their own way of writing a book, which is what made the posts so interesting.
Holly Ruggiero said…
I'm have no ideas, but I'm looking forward to whatever you come up with.
Lydia K said…
I'm going to be terribly unhelpful and say whatever you post will be great!
Carol Kilgore said…
Elspeth - I write bad haikus, too.

Carol - I'll see the consensus and decide. If it's guest bloggers, I'll be in touch over the weekend.

Alex - It's looking like haiku is kaput.

Janet - A photo prompt could work. Thanks.

Clarissa - You and I could write murder jingles. I wonder if there's a market - LOL.

Elizabeth - I sort of like that, too.

Holly - Thanks.
Whatever floats your boat. We'll follow along. :)
Carol Kilgore said…
Kathi - I hope so!
Jill Kemerer said…
Summer is all about easy-breezy fun. Anything light will be wonderful! (Can I sit in the chairs in your header? Looks like heaven!)
Jan Morrison said…
I like the guest idea and with a solid format - like one question for each one. "How do you do your writing habit?" or "what ten tips would you give readers who are trying to get published?"!
Carol Kilgore said…
Jill - Thanks for stopping by and commenting. And for following. I've not had access to Blogger for two days. And now I'm having to access through a different - very klutzy - browser. I'll get around to adding you to my blogroll and stuff as soon as regular programming is restored :)

Jan - Maybe one question or a choice of questions would be good. Since Blogger has had problems in my neck of the woods, I'm WAY behind.