Friday's Top Ten

Top ten ways to mangle a murder - or maybe Blogger:

10. Forget the bullets

  9. Show up when the target is on vacation

  8. The police arrive and arrest you for attempted murder

  7. Forget to add the poison

  6. Show up at the wrong location

  5. The intended victim intimidates you

  4. Forget your alibi

  3. Show up without a weapon

  2. Lousy shot

And the #1 way to mangle a murder:

  1. Your intended victim kills you - oops!


notesfromnadir said…
I was finally able to log on after discovering my post from Thursday was missing. YAY BLOGGER!

I like #4 about forgetting your alibi!
Summer Ross said…
Number one is great! LOL
Laura Eno said…
LOL to Blogger. :)
I read this morning about robbers being caught because they left their car keys in the victim's house...could happen with a murder too, I suppose.
I love #1. :D (Wouldn't it be a cool beginning to a story? Where the murdered gets murdered?)
Like the vacation one! Now somebody needs to shoot Blogger.
Ricardo Miñana said…
Hopefully the police catch the murderer before he kills.
a pleasure to go to say hello.
happy weekend.
#6 is kinda scary! The wrong people could die, good one!!!
Carol Kilgore said…
Lisa - I was where?! What a day, right? I'll get around to everyone over the weekend. At least we're all in the same boat.

Summer - Don't let it happen to you :)

Laura - Sure could.

Golden Eagle - Write it!

Alex - Hand me a gun and stand back. Kidding. Maybe :)

Ricardo - Bienvenidos! Thanks for visiting Under the Tiki Hut. Hope to see you again soon.

Words Crafter - Murder with a side of bizarre :)
LR said…
Yeah Blogger seems to have problems quite often. I wish you were all on Wordpress. ;)

Love the list!
Carol Kilgore said…
LR - Now it appears I've lost my header photo and the link to the Animal Rescue Site. Maybe it will reappear later today.
Colette said…
Ahhh, very timely!
Ha! Glad Blogger finally came back up (although I'm missing my Thursday comments still.)

Great list!
Carol Kilgore said…
Colette - Yes. I hope they're all fixed by Monday.

Elizabeth - My Thursday comments are coming back one by one. I don't have them all yet. I'm hoping to visit everyone this afternoon or tomorrow.
irishoma said…
Hi Carol,
I agree with whoever liked #6. Showing up at the wrong location would be a problem--for both parties.
Donna v.
Anonymous said…
I like the twist of the number one way to mangle a murder. Then that person wants revenge on the rest of the group out to get him. Or her. Makes for a great story!
Anonymous said…
I've read or watched some comedies regarding mangled murders. This list reminds me of them.

Have a great weekend.
Carol Kilgore said…
Donna - You bet!

Stephen - Lots of possibilities, for sure.

Medeia - You got what I was aiming for :)
Anonymous said…
No. 1 !!!

What do we do if Blogger dies? Friday the deadly 13th, I spent all day setting up a WordPress blog. I think I'll try to do it, aimed at an audience I'm working on (for my blogger followers too if they want when I get it up and running). Partly because I thought, what would happen if Blogger died? Don't want to lose all my friends! There's Facebook that I'm getting into more and more and so are many Bloggers. and I'm going to make a list with emails, etc. should such a Blogger disaster happen again. One never knows!

But it looks like you're up, we're all up, though there is still one error message on my design page (it's probably just not on mine). Sigh. When you think of so many users out there...

I love to come over here and see your smiling face! Thanks for coming by on what is a pleasant, calm, restful Sunday for me and Jen. I hope for you, too!
Manzanita said…
I just saw the Pink Panther was on TV and your top 10 remind me his antics. I like the show up without a gun... if you have murder on your mind. They all put a smile on my face.
Jayne said…
I'm the one who'd forget to add the poison. ;)
Janet, said…
oops! That wouldn't be very good would it.
Carol Kilgore said…
Ann - The Blogger Fiasco was a bit of a nightmare. I still don't think all my comments are back. I lost some links that I had to reinput. I'm hoping to be on more social media by the end of summer.

Manzanita - LOL...I love Pink Panther. You might have guessed.

Jayne - Same here.

Janet - Not so much :)