Friday's Top Ten

Top ten Texas words:

10. Howdy
In the country, you say howdy to an approaching car by raising one, two, or four fingers from the top of the steering wheel.

  9. Tump
The only way you'll get the dirt outta that pot is tump it over and bang on it.

  8. Alamo
Remember the Alamo!

  7. J'eet
J'eet lunch yet?

  6. Fixin'
No, I'm fixin' to.

  5. Cowboys
Next year.

  4. Spurs
Go, Spurs!

  3. Y'all
Are all y'all coming to the party?

  2. Bluebonnet
Texas State Flower AND ice cream!

And the #1 Texas word:

 1. Enchilada
Texas is a whole nuther world!


Joanne said…
These are great ... I especially like j'eet. It looks so eloquent, in its own Texas way :)
Laura Eno said…
I'd never heard of tump. :)
Enchiladas rule!
Ann Best said…
Tump. Great word. And I love enchiladas! Would Luv to be in Texas!!
Summer Ross said…
I like Tump- LOL Great list
Tara said…
Haha! J'eet. LOL.
Linda Kage said…
How great! I love 'em! Makes me want to read a book with Texan characters!
Carol Kilgore said…
Joanne - Eloquent. LOL.

Laura - Yummm ... enchiladas :)

Ann - Tump all the toys outta that old wagon and let's go find some enchiladas.

Summer - Tump sounds fun, doesn't it!

Tara - Fixin' to :)
Carol Kilgore said…
Linda - Texans are cool :)
Maryann Miller said…
Two of my favorite Texas expressions: "That dog won't hunt" and "I ain't got no dog in that fight." I think Ann Richards was noted for using both on occasion.
Thanks for these Carol; I enjoyed them all.
Helen Ginger said…
Love Ann Richards, Maryann!

Carol, at first I thought, what's tump? Then I realized I've used it before. I use y'all all the time!
Elana Johnson said…
Ha! My favorite is J'eet. I'm going to start saying that to everyone I know.
Carol Kilgore said…
Maryann - I have a couple of favorite expressions, too, but not enough for a whole post. So I decided to stick to single words.

Elspeth - Glad you enjoyed.

Helen - LOL re 'tump'. I lived in the Northeast a lot, so I say 'you guys' as often as 'y'all'. But I'm slowly re-learning :)

Elana - Cool! Beware of strange looks :)
Lydia K said…
I love "j'eet". I think I use that a lot. Does that mean I'm Texan?
Okay, I thought "tump" was an Alabama thing! I've only heard it in AL...never in SC or NC. Too funny that it's in TX!
RaShelle said…
J'eet! ROFL. I love it. Also, enchaladas. I just made some the other day. Fantastic. And still craving more. Thanks, Carol.

BTW, I love the word y'all. I use it all the time. It makes my kids laugh.
Carol Kilgore said…
Lydia - Yay! You're an Official Honorary Texan :)

Elizabeth - Alive and well - LOL.

RaShelle - J'eet those enchiladas all gone? Love the y'all story!
LR said…
Now we just need an audio version with you saying these aloud so we can all practice. ;)

Have a great weekend!
Arlee Bird said…
That is funny. I recall driving on the Texas roads that people in oncoming vehicles (almost always in pick up trucks) would almost always wave when you I'd pass them. There would be those road sign along the highway that said "Drive Friendly". Don't know if it's still like that since I mostly drive on the interstate through Texas now. But it was just something I thought was cool.

Tossing It Out
This so reminds me of my Texas family! And I say "Hey" instead of "Hello" a gift from my Tennessee grandpa. Ain't language a funny thing?
Holly Ruggiero said…
I love j'eet! I hadn't heard that one before.
Carol Kilgore said…
LR - I'm still laughing. Not at your suggestion but because I know just the person who could do all of them total justice!

Arlee - We still "Drive Friendly" and we still wave. And we still drive pickups.

Conda - Language is very cool.

Holly - Remember you heard it here first!
Yep, we got some o' those words here, too.

Fixin'....there's a movie with Fess Parker in it and he's helping his lady friend's children with their homework. He conjugates the verb 'fixin' to'...I'm a' fixin' to, you're a' fixin' to, he's a' fixin' to...

That's gonna be in m' head all weekend!

Fun post!!!
Carol Kilgore said…
Howdy, Alex! J'eet yet? LOL :)

Words Crafter - I love messing with people's heads!
Jan Morrison said…
oh yes! Now my Dad wasn't from Texas - he was from Manitoba which is pretty far from there but he always said to us "J'eet jet?" and we were to reply "No twirly tweet"
Carol Kilgore said…
Jan - I love 'twirly tweet'! Especially since I come from a family of late eaters.
Manzanita said…
Had to check out your ten list. I know most but a few are indigenous only to Texas. I laughed at 1.... they do the same on the 2 mile road up to my ranch. Ha
Carol Kilgore said…
Manzanita - Must be some uprooted Texans up your way :)
Medeia Sharif said…
I didn't figure out j'eet when I first saw it.

Have a great weekend.
Life 101 said…
Re-intarnation. That's when you die and come back as a hillbilly :)
Since I'm a Appalachian American, I feel it's ok to poke fun at my kinfolks.
Carol Kilgore said…
Medeia - Gotta think like a Texan :)

Life 101 - Re-intarnation! I'm still laughing. Good one.