Mid-Month Motivator

Positive Motivation
You're such a great writer with fantastic ideas. I know you can get your story finished before the noon deadline.

Negative Motivation
The story is due by noon. If you haven't turned it in by then, you'll lose your front-row parking privileges for a month.

Fantasy Motivation
I have two tickets to the Middle Earth Games. Are you ready to write? Oh, may I call you Frodo?

Sci-Fi Motivation
We are proceeding at warp speed. Is your writing keeping up?

Mystery Motivation
We unlocked the room and found the body. Are you the writer or an impersonator? Can you prove it without making us feel stupid?

Romantic Motivation
Clothes flew in every direction. His hands tangled in her hair and the touch of his lips set her heart aflame. Is that smoke? Uh-oh. My computer's on fire. I hope I hit save.

Journalistic Motivation
On Thursday, the Downtown Writers Group met in the back room of the Public Library to discuss motivation. The librarian woke them at closing time.


Gretchen said…
What about chocolate motivation? That would work for me to know I have a sweet reward waiting. I think I'll motivate ahead and take a leftover Valentine Godiva now. And again when I'm finished the chapter. And half way through. Talk about motivation.
Linda Kage said…
LOL!! I love all your motivators. But of course, my favotire is the the romantic movivation.
Jan Morrison said…
Excellent motivators all. I'm of two minds here - one is that when I land a deal I've promised myself a trip with the sweet patootie - but alas not to Middle Earth - probably Cuba....
the other is the shorter term one - finish some edits today - and reward myself with a guilt free evening with SP where we explore the true meaning of the word chocolate!
LR said…
Haha. Love the romantic motivation. Steamy! (or should I say, smoky...)
I love these! Now to figure out that locked room mystery...
ha ha I want an agent/editor motivator Carol where do I get one of those - the easy way?
Carol Kilgore said…
Gretchen - You can never go wrong with chocolate!

Linda - I rather like that one myself :)

Jan - Ah, yes.

LR - Where there's smoke, there's fire.

Elizabeth - Yes. Doing much the same here.

Joanna - I wish I knew. Perhaps we should compare notes.
Joanne said…
These are great. I like the Sci-Fi one, and wish my writing was moving along at warp-speed, pages and pages of amazing narrative filling my files!
These are great! I believe 'use whatever works'. Hmmmm....
Holly Ruggiero said…
Great motivators. The last one made me chuckle.
Carol Kilgore said…
Joanne - Smiling. I'd like that, too.

Elspeth - There ya go.

Holly - Cool :)
VR Barkowski said…
These are terrific! Being insatiably curious, though, the locked room mystery mystery is my favorite. :)
Lola Sharp said…
Bwahaha! I always look forward to stopping by your blog, Carol. It's a guaranteed laugh here...and I do love to laugh. :)

I adore you...and am always motivated to come hang in your tike hut.

N. R. Williams said…
Very funny, now I must ask if it is possible to put all those together into chapter one with loads of humor?
N. R. Williams, fantasy author
Carol, I enjoyed this so much I tweeted the link!
Lydia K said…
Where do you come up with all these clever posts?
Carol Kilgore said…
VR - Figure it out.

Lola - Hang here as long and as often as you like. I love to laugh, too.

Nancy - Not a clue. Give it a try!

Conda - Wow. Thanks, Conda.

Lydia - Shrugs. It's just there.
Helen Ginger said…
I like the Romantic motivation. We smell smoke and worry first about our manuscript!
Hart Johnson said…
Yeah, I think that romantic motivator would send me off to find porn sites... I tend to use a lot of bribery to motivate myself... Sometimes it's fantasy romantic bribery... If you just finish this chapter then Aragorn will come do that thing he does...
Manzanita said…
Love these, Carol..... the romantic one will kill a spontaneous moment faster than anything I know.
Carol Kilgore said…
Helen - We writers are weird.

Hart - Does Aragorn have a friend :)

Manzanita - Laughing!
You're so clever. Love this!