Friday's Top Ten

The top ten things about umbrellas:

10. You never have one when you need it

  9. Ones that keep you snug and dry are huge and clunky

  8. Ones that might keep one drop of rain off you if there isn't a hint of a breeze fold nicely and fit in your bag

  7. If you hold them to keep the rain off your face, your face hits a lamp post

  6. They need a viewing panel with a wiper

  5. In a wind, they throw out quills like a porcupine

  4. In a sea of drying black umbrellas, does it matter which is yours

  3. Do you really want to be the one with the hot pink and tangerine umbrella

  2. Do real umbrellas only live in tall tropical drinks

And the #1 think about umbrellas:

  1. They're absolutely necessary if you want to be Mary Poppins


Summer Ross said…
lol- love number seven- made me giggle
Laura Eno said…
#7 had me laughing out loud and the answer to #2 is a resounding YES!
Have a great weekend!
Ann Best said…
I love they need a viewing panel with a wiper!

As ever, an awesome list.

Have a wonderful weekend!!
Ann Best, Author @ Long Journey Home
LR said…
A tall tropical drink sounds heavenly.

I have bad luck with umbrellas. I lose 'em, break 'em etc. Probably better off without 'em.
Carol Kilgore said…
Summer - tee-hee

Laura - Make sure Jezebel gets one of those tall tropical drinks.

Ann - Thanks. Hope your weekend is wonderful, too.

LR - Better or wetter...LOL
Maryann Miller said…
I think too many of us can relate to number seven. And one that could be added to the list: When two people share an umbrella, who gets to have the run-off drip on her head?
Linda Kage said…
Yes, I want the crazy hot pink and tangerine unbrella; what better way to find in among all the dull black ones!!!

And I'd sure take on ein a tall tropical drink right about now. TGIF!

Mary Poppins rocks.
Joanne said…
My fave umbrellas are like the ones in your blog header ... beach umbrellas! Bring on summer ...
Ann Best said…
Re: Your comment just now on my post about blogging. I, too, have thought that after the blog tour I have to do for my book when it comes out and the A-Z challenge, I'm going to do 2 days a week also (which is what it seems to have been for a while anyway!). There is just too much to do; I need to get on a schedule (I've never been good with this) as I'm not getting any writing done! And you?...
Lydia K said…
You definitely succeed in putting a smile on this hurried blogger's face.
How true! These days I generally give up on umbrellas (except the ones in my drink) and just run for it.
VR Barkowski said…
Nine of these are spot on, but I lived in Seattle so long, I am *never* without an umbrella.

Have a great [dry] weekend!
Carol Kilgore said…
Maryann - Ah, the dreaded drip. Right.

Linda - OK, I'll let you have the tangerine and hot pink one. I'll take lime green and purple ... with a spoonful of sugar :)

Joanne - I can't wait!

Ann - My current schedule is I spend about 2-1/2 hours a day blogging and 4 to 4-1/2 hours a day writing/editing/researching.

Lydia - Yea! I'm happy to know I'm succeeding.

Jane - Good for you!

VR - Smart woman :)
Kerrie said…
I loved #7 and #1 goes without saying. My problem is I never know where to find mine. Living in a very dry climate, we don't need them very often, so when it does rain, I typically end up umbrellaless.
Terry Odell said…
Always had an umbrella in the car when we lived in Florida. Haven't needed one yet here in the mountains. I assume we'll get rain from time to time. My preference was the kind you could collapse, simply because you could grab it if it looked like it might rain (which, of course, meant it wouldn't).

Terry's Place
Romance with a Twist--of Mystery
Yeah, and why don't they come in a dual, multi-level one that covers the husband AND the short wife?
Clarissa Draper said…
And I want to be Mary Poppins! Love your lists... as always.
Carol Kilgore said…
Kerrie - Mine is in the closet when it should be in the car. And in the car when it should be in the closet.

Terry - Of course. Rain likes to take us by surprise.

Alex - We need one of those at our house.

Clarissa - That makes a few of us :)
Thanks for the kind words.
Talei said…
I love umbrellas! They're perfect for the sun, rain and just for prodding people who get in the way... ;-)

My fav are prob cocktail umbrellas! cheers x
Arlee Bird said…
Are you making fun of my hot pink and tangerine umbrella?

Tossing It Out
Yes, why is it that we never have an umbrella when we need it?

Rather like pens, I feel. I'm sure there is a mountain of them somewhere.
Carol Kilgore said…
Talei - Cheers back! Happy Weekend.

Arlee - Not at all. You better hide it before I steal it :)

Wendy - Exactly!
Mason Canyon said…
Another great list to make me smile. Have a super weekend. Hopefully it'll be hot enough you'll need an umbrella to keep the sun off of you.

Thoughts in Progress
The Happy Whisk said…
Another fun Friday over the Tiki Hut. Love it. Three and One are my favorites.

Happy Weekend.
Carol Kilgore said…
Mason - Cloudy and 70s...or so they say.

Happy Whisk - Keep smiling :)
Jan Morrison said…
How odd. I was just thinking about umbrellas yesterday. It was raining and my son and I were parting at a restaurant and neither of us had umbrellas. And I know why. Because we lived on the west coast of Vancouver Island for two years and we've never wanted an umbrella since. Because it doesn't really rain anywhere like it did there. In Nova Scotia umbrellas are futile anyway - the rain comes sideways and one is always coming across the corpses of murdered umbrellas - the fury of one when given a tool that has only ONE chore and isn't up to it is major.
Colette said…
Ha -- funny! And... if you do carry one around all day, chances are you won't need it.
Talli Roland said…
Speaking of umbrellas! It's pouring rain here in London today and there are umbrellas aplenty everywhere! Great post.
Talli Roland said…
Speaking of umbrellas! It's pouring rain here in London today and there are umbrellas aplenty everywhere! Great post.
Carol Kilgore said…
Jan - I know what you mean...ask it to do one simple thing - LOL.

Colette - Exactly!

Talli - Foggy and drizzly in San Antonio, but I haven't seen an umbrella yet.
Medeia Sharif said…
I need a large, sturdy umbrella. The wind destroys all my purse size umbrellas.

I have a blog award for you.
Carol Kilgore said…
Medeia - Thanks. Same problem here.