A Mini Report Card

In my life, I've learned that things can change at a moment's notice. I know how to roll with the punches and go with the flow. I'm described as adaptable. I have to be.

But I love structure. I crave structure when it's missing. It doesn't make me feel as if I'm in a rut. It doesn't smother me. It lets me not have to worry about anything else and let go.

So the first two days of this week have been W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L for me.

I think the doggies must have noticed. I haven't had to resort to the dreaded leashes. They've behaved. Only once one day and twice on the other did I have to tell them to be quiet. Monday they played and did the in/out thing for about twenty minutes and that was it. Tuesday was cool, foggy, and drizzly, and they wanted to stay inside except for when it was absolutely necessary.

I missed my writing goal on Monday, but only by a little and not due to the dogs. I'd been expecting some phone calls, and they all came that day. One was long, the others of medium length. Tuesday I exceeded my goal, but not by plan. I was in the zone and didn't realize it was time to make dinner.

Today's a new day. The sun is shining. I'm smiling. Whatever happens, Monday and Tuesday showed me how my writing life can function. It's up to me to see that it works. I think it's more about putting writing first. Maybe the dogs sense that I really mean business.

Look out ... I'm taking charge.


Colette said…
Carol, what a great start to your new year!
Joanne said…
I like structure too, and am a big itinerary-maker to keep my week structured and in order. It's so much easier to move forward with my goals this way. Happy New Year to you, happy writing!
Mason Canyon said…
Wow, you've started the new year with great results. Structure does help in keeping a day going. Good luck with the rest of the week.

Thoughts in Progress
VR Barkowski said…
Fabulous start for 2011! Structure is easy. It's the discipline required to adhere to it that's tough. You seem to have both well in hand. :)
Carol Kilgore said…
Colette - Thanks. I'm determined.

Joanne - Same here. Lists abound.

Mason - Thanks for the good luck wishes. I still need lots of them.

VR - For me, I think they're pretty equal. For most of last year, it was so crazy around here that even thinking about structure was next to impossible. Not to say that the past two days haven't tested my discipline - LOL.
Anonymous said…
When the dogs sense the difference in your attitude, you must be giving off some serious vibes. Love that kinda attitude!
Maryann Miller said…
Glad to hear your new approach to your work day is going well. Mine is, also. I worked on my book for several hours on Monday, and have the rest of this afternoon to focus on it, too.
Laura Eno said…
I think someone tipped the dogs off to your last post...
*whistles innocently*
Carol Kilgore said…
Stephen - I try :)

Maryann - Good for you. It feels SO good.

Laura - Laura Eno, Dog Whistler
I love it!
Show those puppies who's top dog!
Lydia K said…
Structure is good for me, because I function better with it, but I crave unstructured life. That yin yang thing.
Wonderful! May it continue for as long as you wish! I'm a big fan of structure. Without a plan, I tend to fall into my sloth impression.
Terry Odell said…
Looks like a great start, and shows you can be flexible within routine.

Terry's Place
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Helen Ginger said…
It really helps to set priorities. And then stick to them.

I'm not terribly good at that.
Clarissa Draper said…
Oh, I'm so happy your week has started off so great! When that happens for me, I'm on cloud nine, I feel a rush of energy. Keep going, you can do it!
The Happy Whisk said…
Good for you. Great post. Good energy. Just found your blog today, and joined. Wishing you tons of fun writing.
Glynis Jolly said…
Our pets seem to sense things that are never explained. I wish I had that gift. Happy writing to you!
Holly Ruggiero said…
Great report card. It’s so nice when thing just seem to click.
Carol Kilgore said…
Alex - The transformation has been amazing. I hope it continues.

Lydia - A lot of my real life is unstructured, so I like to control what I can that involves me.

Elspeth - Same here. Or I run around like a crazy person trying to accomplish nothing.

Terry - Flexible within routine. I like that :)

Helen - I am bound and determined to finish this monster. Another one is waiting and wanting attention, too.
Carol Kilgore said…
Clarissa - That's how I feel! It's still happening :)

Happy Whisk - I'm glad you found the Tiki Hut! Thanks for following. Stop in anytime.

Glynis - I think we all have it to some extent, but not as much as our furry friends.

Holly - VERY nice :)
The Happy Whisk said…
Thanks for stopping by mine, as well. Blogging is so fun.
LR said…
Awesome post, Carol. It totally reflects how I feel right now, too.

More structure is called for! Otherwise time slides by. Glad you're taking charge. :)
Hart Johnson said…
YAY for routines! I am such a creature of habit, and it makes me horribly grumpy to have to do things much differently (at least very often). I mean sure, i want to make some time for some whimsy, but you're right--if you are in a routine, you don't have to think about THAT, you can let your brain plot novels in your head... Well done on writing goals!

*leaves dog treats*
Carol Kilgore said…
LR - It's definitely a good feeling.

Hart - Yes. Now that I have a writing schedule, other things are falling in place, too. The doggies are wagging their tails.
Lola Sharp said…
Yay! I hope you reach all your writing goals this year. :)

And boy do I relate. My two dogs love to play the in/out game. They had me trained. I think they wanted out to get the treat they got for coming back in. Bastards. So, I'm on to them. Now I'm letting them out on a set schedule. So far so good. (the cat is easier and more conducive to writing)

Happy writing and may your 2011 be joy filled. :)
Carol Burnside said…
It sounds like we are kindred spirits in this. I, too, love structure and make lists for everything. That's coming in handy right now after having sold a story to Red Sage and having a major move across several states looming in the next few weeks along with revisions due to my editor. Yikes! Good for you on taking your writing seriously.
could the phone calls have anything to do with book deals? :D
Carol Kilgore said…
Lola - I hope you reach your goals, too. It's a good thing the doggies are sweet.

Carol - We moved two years ago for the umpteenth time - in the middle of an edit. I know what you're going through. Take care and don't panic.

Joanna - I only wish. One family-related call, one call about a class, and one from an old friend.
I'm with you. I like structure, too. And what's with the dogs lately? My Yorkie, for some reason, has it in her head that she needs three big helpings of treats. And she waits until I'm sitting down and trying to write before she comes and whines at me. Sheesh!

What's your secret on training dogs? I'd love to know.
irishoma said…
What an inspiring attitude. Your enthusiasm is contagious!
Donna V.
Carol Burnside said…
Thanks for the advice. However, I've moved so many times it doesn't phase me anymore. The edits? Now that's another story, but as they're fairly simple, I think I'm okay there too. :)
Carol Burnside said…
Thanks for the advice. However, I've moved so many times it doesn't phase me anymore. The edits? Now that's another story, but as they're fairly simple, I think I'm okay there too. :)
Carol Kilgore said…
Kathi - Maybe the dogs have unionized. I wouldn't put it past them. I have no secrets. We've been through two training sessions, one basic and one advanced. They are better, but we still have issues.

Donna - Thank you. You've made my week :)

Carol - You'll do just fine. It may take a little longer, but find a quiet corner and work for as long as you can at a time.
Madeleine said…
I know that feeling, I guess I've learned it's best not to be too rigid and not to set impossible goals then that way you can always reach and sometimes exceed them. :O)